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Posted: 03 Jan 2016, 23:12
by jaypeezy
Let's ring in the new year with a dedicated server for all the latest and greatest Excessive Unreal 2: Batshit Insane has to offer.

Server Address:
IP Address:

03/17/2017 After a bit of a delay on things, I've updated the server website, redirect for the server, and have added download sections for the content used on this server. Anything not there yet is provided by the redirect, which is now working after some quick tests. I've let the web developer in me run free!

03/15/2016 This was around for a while but I hoped to have it more... complete, I guess, before announcing it. I'm hosting a website for news, info and (most importantly) downloads the server requires. This will include critical files (such as RMusicPlayer stuff) and any custom maps I release. Enjoy!

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Posted: 03 Jan 2016, 23:59

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Posted: 04 Jan 2016, 01:26
by Buff Skeleton
This is awesome!

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Posted: 04 Jan 2016, 01:51
Recently played it, good as hell, all lags like hell, lmfao, i get like 400 ping.
Also i get like -2438958 score in every map because everything kills me in few seconds. :lol:

Very good server, except of the monster spam, i need to fucking run to pass the map, not fun.
Some maps are able to crash the server, for example The "Infernal Falls", that map can crash the server due to the million AND MILLIONS of pupae since the player can't escape but since i am a professional player i use the best routes to escape.

Maybe i am not a coop player or this is insane... Oh wait, insane, oh, i see. :)

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Posted: 04 Jan 2016, 02:20
by jaypeezy
Hey FXANBSS! Glad you had some fun. The lag is probably the next thing I'll try to work on, since I'm really at my limits looking up how older UT servers dealt with package detection (read: the server's website will have a link to missing, non-downloadable components. Non-Windows users, for now, will likely be out of luck for anything requiring .dll)

The Co-op difficulty. Yeah, actually that's another thing I... guess will just ask about now! I don't know how to turn that off: I want original, offline SP-like gameplay, so no infinitely respawning pawns. Aside from difficulty matters, that seems the easiest way to deal with lag and server demand issues. How do I turn off the coop respawning?

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Posted: 04 Jan 2016, 02:29
LOL, Waffle needs to make "Online Singleplayer Mode" first to decrease crazyness and have a more quiet gameplay instead of getting killed million times by monsters that spawns extremely fast.

Oh yeah i want this mode, because i am getting bored, i just have negative score. :(

EDIT: HALP! I kicked myself! can't wait the next day. :P :(

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Posted: 05 Jan 2016, 00:54
Sorry for second post.

Ok, luckily i got someone that talks my language AND EVEN KNOWS THINGS ABOUT EXU2, IT'S GREAT, IT'S WAS A DREAM FOR ME, NOW IT'S REAL. (It's called ARCHDEMON)

We played all the available maps, the 11 maps in one day! What a real blast!
We Tried to go to the 12th map but it's a copy of the 11th map without monsters. (As i thought at the start, like a moron!)

In all maps we got insane negative score, over 3 million negative score at easy difficulty! Waff needs to fix this, it's f*cking easy difficulty! This isn't supposed to happen!
Fusion Annihilators, Hellstorm Lords and even Psycho Queens at easy difficulty in Frostclaw? Uh?
This is not fair IMO.

If someone wants to battle with the tough dudes, that guy must play in Hard or Unreal difficulty for this crazyness.

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Posted: 05 Jan 2016, 06:21
by jaypeezy
Algien quien puede hablar su idioma? Que bueno!

Hah, that's the dude who first found my server, the same day I established it through NFO. If you run into him again, definitely point him in the direction of this forum, we can always use more conver- I mean, members! :wink:

And don't apologize at all for posting, I need to gauge a sense of who this server is accessible to at the moment. To be honest, I have some ideas of changing what gametypes I host in the near future if I can't resolve certain file-dependency issues. Don't worry, though: I will try as much as possible to keep EXU2 monsters and weaponry involved.

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Posted: 06 Jan 2016, 04:36
by Buff Skeleton
Hahahaha damn, yeah, I think the I forgot to tone down the Frostclaw coop carnage for Easy and Medium difficulty. Though it IS coop, and it's designed with respawning in mind... but point taken on having a more "casual" (is there such a thing in EXU2?) offline-like experience on lower difficulties without the pure balls-to-the-wall hellstorm.

That said, monsters respawn even offline, just not nearly as much, and no minibosses. So even on Easy, you'll run into regular resistance, but easily dispatched.

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Posted: 06 Jan 2016, 06:01
by jaypeezy
Is there some place in one of the mutators/gametypes where I can control the respawn frequency? I can't imagine it being impossible to write a simple mutator to hard-code that frequency, or reduce it.

For what it's worth, difficulty/playability isn't really my main concern (but it is A concern), its more the fact that more intensity of gameplay probably effects the server performance, I'd like to keep server demands as svelte as possible for best performance.

Re: DIABOLIS - 24/7 EXU2 v6.00 Server

Posted: 06 Jan 2016, 17:37
by Buff Skeleton
There isn't without just going in and modifying the freq for existing actors (Watchers and Sentinels mainly), but building in a gametype GlobalRespawnFreq modifier function might be worthwhile.

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Posted: 06 Jan 2016, 19:31
Oh, we aren't playing seriously that day in frostclaw (Easy difficulty), we died a lot but sometimes we just wanted to explode a hyper grenade in the face. :P

We spammed a lot of them all around the map.

About difficulties, really, i can't feel the difference, except of the Pupae Meteors of Infernal Falls (Hard/Unreal,Co-op only).
In SP i can't almost feel the difference since i am the quickload/quicksave guy, i just lost like 1000 armor or a few ammo when finishing the map, what if i don't save? Maybe there i can find differences in the gameplay. (I only have played Easy and Unreal in the SP campaign.)

So i think that you would modify difficulties and look like this. (From easier to harder, SP and Co-op.) (lol ignore this crappy idea.)
- Easy: Lets kick some ass! (Very Low frequency.)
- Medium: I want a little challenge. (Low frequency.)
- Hard: I want some challenge man! (Between Low and Normal frequency.)
- Unreal: I want challenge man! (Normal frequency)
- Easy Co-op: Oh yeah, this actually harder than the Unreal difficulty (Maybe), play with more players then you lazy! (High frequency + a few Minibosses.)
- Medium Co-op: Damn, this is hard! (Higher frequency + a few Minibosses.)
- Hard Co-op: Holy f*ck it hurts! (Very High frequency + some Minibosses.)
- Unreal Co-op: WHAT THE HELL (Extreme frequency + Minibosses.)
- Nightmare Co-op: This difficulty doesn't exist, anyway. :P (Nightmare Frequency + tons of Minibosses even bosses. lmfao.)

For Soul Storage, it's pretty hard on easy, i tried to get to the end of map but monsters spawned and killed me with my 750 armor all the time, i recommend to low it.

Yesterday i played Infernal Falls at Unreal Co-op difficulty, i tried to get positive score but slowly i am starting to have negative, i explored every place, KILLED every pupae which spawns from these meteors, i was hours playing there, joltstones helped me with pupaes, i have also used the Co-op only Energy Assault Rifle on them, in the huge blood pool, there were hundreds without framerate drop! Killed all them! Got a lot of score but then killed by the tough dudes from these hell hoes, killing smaller guys does help, they drop stuff and armor but do not keep killing all the time there! The big boys can spawn and kill you in few secs!

Next time i will choose Hard if there is a difference.

P.S: Tachyon chargers in 16th map in Co-op? it would be cool!

EDIT: We tried frostclaw in easy again, somehow, we got positive score, until i exploded a hyper grenade in my face accidentally at the end of the map, it should be easier IMO, how about the harder difficulties?
We completed frostclaw in mid-hour, very fast! Until the big dudes spawned. :P

EDIT 2: Got a LRPC!
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Posted: 26 Feb 2016, 09:52
by MrLoathsome

If you want your EXU server to show up in the CoopServers tab for those who
have oldskool installed it is easy.

I created a new gametype class that I called EXUCG2.coopgame2
*afCore told me how to set that up....

Here is the entire source:

Code: Select all

//ECoopGame in Coop tab
class coopgame2 extends Exu2CoopGame2;


Just use EXUCG2 as the gametype on your server, and it will show up in the CoopServers Tab.

*Edit: Did you get the rmusicplayer stuff working right?

Re: DIABOLIS - 24/7 EXU2 v6.00 Server

Posted: 26 Feb 2016, 15:28
Loathsome, your version is old, in the v6.00 of EXU2 there isn't a EXUCoopGame2.
The new which is used is the EXU2CoopGame which is in EXU2Game in Singleplayer2. (Waff hates classes that ends in numbers.)

Re: DIABOLIS - 24/7 EXU2 v6.00 Server

Posted: 26 Feb 2016, 22:47
by MrLoathsome
Well then, just change the reference to EXUCoopGame2 to be EXU2CoopGame.

It will still work.