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Re: DIABOLIS - 24/7 EXU2 v6.00 Server

Posted: 12 Mar 2016, 03:26
by Gameite2260
I just played on your server for a bit by myself. I agree with FXAN, there are way too many respawning enemies. I feel the whole concept of respawning enemies is a bad concept for any game, but when you have so many enemies respawning so quickly that it makes it impossible to gain any ground, it just becomes totally unplayable. I imagine they'd be more managable with other players, since you could have one guy watching your back for enemies that are attacking from where you've come, but it was not a good idea to make a mod with a small playerbase, rely on having lots of players.

Beyond that there were also a few bugs that made it harder. The inventory system on the server is totally bugged: It took away my Translator at some point (around when I found the Party Mix Flare for the first time), then when I selected something else it refused to use the flares. And I have to say, the fact that consumnables don't respawn when you die makes them pretty pointless. One death and they're gone forever. It would be nice if there was a way to have them respawn but only be pickupable once per life, if that's even possible.

I think it's great that you're making a multiplayer server, and if it gets off the ground EXU2 could become a bigger name than anyone anticipated. But there are some issues that still need to be ironed out.

Re: DIABOLIS - 24/7 EXU2 v6.00 Server

Posted: 12 Mar 2016, 04:33
Nah, Waff can put the Online Singleplayer Mode as a option, i like to be kicked in the ass all the time, though i feel the game much easier now, you can't kill everything of the map because it respawns very fast, the key is that you need to run, strategically, it's not very fun because it happens in almost every maps. :P

Ok, this are the maps which i think are a easy work.
EXU2-BI00-Menu (no monsters xd)
EXU2-BI01-Damnation (ez)
EXU2-BI02-InfernalFalls (fucking pupae spam in harder difficulties, spam shit)
EXU2-BI03-Shitstorm (you can actually skip the entire map, do not tell waff about this xd)
EXU2-BI05-CursedPassage (Spam shit everywhere)
EXU2-BI06-Gauntlet (You can skip part of this map too, translocator bugs, yuss)
EXU2-BI09-BitterBridge (Spam hell blast, ez)
EXU2-BI10-TheDoomhouse (what a boring map, but you don't actually need to run like crazy.)
EXU2-BI11-Corruption (Try to not get touch by the archbitch)

Hard work:
EXU2-BI04-SoulStorage (FUCKING RUUNNN, SPAM FLARES, RECONNECT TO HAVE THE FLARES BACK THEN SPAM EVERYWHEREEEEEE ALL THE TIME AND GET 100000 score, try this trick in shitstorm too (Unreal difficulty), u get tons of score, lmao)
EXU2-BI07-FrostclawAccess (run strategically.)
EXU2-BI08-FrostclawOutpost (FUCKING RUN, PICK SHIELDBELT, USE TRANSLOCATOR TO DO THINGS FAST, WHAT A HEADACHE, if u are not enough fast, psycho queen barriers will kick ur ass)

So the key, it's skills bro
get a gaming mouse and keyboard, practice, calculate (6 hyper waves to kill a bigass gasbag) and u are enough prepared for the coop madness.

Note: Soul Storage is the hardest map ever.

Changes that i want about EXU2:
- Decrease the score loss when dying in easier difficulties
- Do not lose score if you die when playing singleplayer. It's just to see how many score the player got while playing, i need to calcule the score + 10000 or 50000 when i'm dead.
- Decrease the spawning frequency for easier difficulties (Co-op)
Who thinks the same?

Re: (Now known as) - 24/7 EXU2 v6.00 Server

Posted: 15 Mar 2016, 03:16
by jaypeezy
Hey guys!

Sorry for being such a ghost lately. I think a recent post on the "Off Topic" board was very nail-on-the-head about things (pressing responsibilities cutting into everyone's time these days), so I certainly get the sense as well that it's easy to THINK the scene here is dead but I know, am quite confident really that people are still around, still churning out awesome stuff, and that the Unreal scene is not dead at all!

SO... there's a website for the server now. In the future I'm probably going to find a cheaper solution, a static site to be certain, but I rather like the option I'm using at the moment and now there's a way to get files the server uses in the form of two archives. I made these archives based exactly on what the server uses at the moment, and tried it on a clean installation of UT 99 Game of the Year edition... worked just fine, and hardly had to wait downloading files! Probably won't be needed for most of the people here, but with the site address in the server name I hope it helps some new-comers become assimilated to Excessive Unreal...

Re: (Now known as) - 24/7 EXU2 v6.00 Server

Posted: 15 Mar 2016, 22:30
Sorry if i'm not playing it but it's because of the school.
Don't worry, i will play again when you put the 15th map (Next update) or something else (probably right now), i want to kick some archbitch ass.
Uhm, the fighters and bombers seems to be the only tough prey right now in Shitstorm Unreal difficulty.

Re: (Now known as) - 24/7 EXU2 v6.00 Server

Posted: 17 Mar 2016, 00:48
by UBerserker
So ye I played on the server yesterday two times, first time alone doing Damnation and then getting shitted on Infernal Falls in the 2nd valley.
Then I played with FXANBSS and another guy named ARCHDEMON (Gameite??) later. The CA map is really nice but waaaaaaay too easy (it's like 10x easier than Damnation lmao, it should spawn harder monsters in bigger quantities).

Then we went to play a bunch of maps, namely Cursed Passage (this got cleared in no-time), Gauntlet (lmao impossible), Frostclaw Access (sorta we made it), Frostclaw itself (disaster), BitterBridge (EASY, and for some reason a Waff message pops up and says the map is bugged for coop) and lastly Doomhouse (I stopped there because it was too late).

I suppose the server is in US, I had as usual LAG which is "heh" but Friendly Fire must really be turned off. Half the time I killed somebody I didn't even see.
We need G59 maps in fam! Probably when I'm done with the new patch.

Re: (Now known as) - 24/7 EXU2 v6.00 Server

Posted: 17 Mar 2016, 00:55
by jaypeezy
Hey UB, yeah the server is located in NY or near there. The friendly fire irks me some as well, I'm sure Waff's aware of it and that should be resolved by the next patch (though I wonder if there might be some cheap mutator out there in the lost universe of old UT mutators that already fixes this... don't know if I'm ready to lose several hours of my life to find out :lol: ).

Yeah, in hindsight SplatteringGrounds is a bit tame. I'm working on something else, a map that I intend to make more challenging and include the newer entities like the A.S.S. (never gets old) and the turrets too, if you can believe it. I'll post some screenies soon...

Re: (Now known as) - 24/7 EXU2 v6.00 Server

Posted: 17 Mar 2016, 01:13
by Buff Skeleton
FriendlyFireScale should already be a variable you can configure on the server, no? In EXU.ini? Under [EXU2BI.EXU2Game]. I can't remember now if this was released in the last patch or not.

1.0 is the default, meaning full damage from friendlies. I can't really imagine EXU coop without this - makes the fights far funnier when there's a massive fuckup \o/ But set lower to reduce or 0.0 to disable.

Re: (Now known as) - 24/7 EXU2 v6.00 Server

Posted: 18 Mar 2016, 01:58
by jaypeezy
WOW tonight at 11:00 - dumb guy has a dumb. Yep it's there, it's been set to 0 (was 1.0 before).
I will agree as frustrating as it is there's something very... thematic about friendly fire in EXU. Like you said, in a lot of ways death is a given in that game so why wouldn't that include killing your friends accidentally? :B

Re: (Now known as) - 24/7 EXU2 v6.00 Server

Posted: 18 Mar 2016, 18:11
Why not 0.1? I want to kill players, so if a player has 600, then it will turn to 6000 because of the friendly fire = a few hyper waves and then dead!
The player has a lot of ammo, so it will not be a problem at all to kill ur friend by doing "Player vs Player". (Unless it has fucking powerful armor. Ultimate belt = 100000 charge, archdemon and fighter proof, just a idea, the LRPC can't even kill you in one shot with that friendly fire thing.)
What about decrease the team kill score loss and get + score by killing teammates? XD jk
BTW, add G59 to the server, i want to kick tonatiuh's ass with my cheap, insta-kill, pentapowered screamer missile launcher, and also use the Mamonis, which is the best power-up in G59, sadly buggy in SP when saving games, hey but this is multiplayer, don't worry.

Oh, last thing, this is batshit insane, anything needs to happens, even kill ur friend.

P.S: Remove the god damn little black window when you join the server, monsters kills you before you kill that window, oh seriously.

Re: (Now known as) - 24/7 EXU2 v6.00 Server

Posted: 18 Mar 2016, 18:15
by UBerserker
Sin Pillars are removed in co-op.

Re: (Now known as) - 24/7 EXU2 v6.00 Server

Posted: 24 Mar 2016, 00:56
by Gameite2260
@UBerserker: No, ARCHDEMON is not me. My username is usually Abaddon.

And it looks like I made it to ninth place on the website's top ten. That's funny because those 10 people are probably the only players we have! I'll be on tonight to protect my title.

Re: (Now known as) - 24/7 EXU2 v6.00 Server

Posted: 27 Oct 2016, 02:33
by jaypeezy
Hey! I'd like to show you guys something I've been working on. It's a leaderboard with very basic searching features; you can search by player name/map name/monster fragged, and you'll get the latest 1,000 entries. Leaderboard

I've been working on this for a few weeks now and I like where it is at the moment, progress-wide. I'm using a variety of web frameworks/technologies to make it, and all in all it was very instructive to put together. It's actually just a front-end app querying an API (which I also wrote) that gets rows from a database, and I've also put together an automation process for getting logged events and inserting to the DB (maybe you remember this post?).

Anyway, hope you find it amusing or inspiring - maybe even inspiration to get on the server and get your name on the leaderboard? :tup: