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Posted: 25 Jan 2015, 23:24
by jaypeezy

Get the map here! (Link)

Just throw this into your 'UnrealTournament/Maps' directory and you should be good to go!

Note: to get this going as co-op, so you can respawn if you die, type this in console:

EDIT: It turns out this didn't work initially, just entering the map+game type. BUT:
If you: Start a new game -> Set to EXU 2 BI 6.0.0 -> Select 'Co-op' -> on any map, press 'Start' -> and THEN enter the following in console:
open exu2-ca-splatteringgrounds-final
You'll be able to respawn. Trust me, it's maybe a little annoying but it's worth it!

This is a map I had made quite a while ago. My interest in EXU2 was recently rekindled when I got a college friend of mine back into the game, and then this mod. When I brought up this map to play last night in some coop, it was in a state far less complete than now - after all, it was made well before v. 6.0.0!

I touched it up, adding new features, play tested it for an hour with her, then touched it up some more and what I was left with was a neat, perhaps casual little arena where you can play with your fair share of flares, weaponry and even the blast bapes from dispensers (they look like wall dispensers, or open crates). And, of course, the SK6 artillery cannon is included, you just have to grab it and survive :twisted: .

The map is pretty sparse and favors gameplay over looks. The interesting feature is you can choose a playstyle: run around and frag till you die, or camp in one of four corners that have their own features. The corners have doors that you can toggle to buy yourself some precious time, if you're low on health/armor/ammo.

Otherwise, I'm not sure to what extent this can be considered a "co-op" map, since there really is no objective. As the name may suggest, the only "goal" is to try and get the rather bland, pristine-looking map as stained with blood/gibs as you can. If anything it's really a sandbox where I got to use a bunch of the new features, like item dispensers and the AdvancedCreatureSpawner, among others. I hope you enjoy playing it as much as I enjoyed playing/making it, and once the next version of EXU2 drops I'll definitely consider buffing this (or a similar map) up to have those awesome cannons 8)

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Posted: 26 Jan 2015, 02:22
by Buff Skeleton
Woah! Outta nowhere! Sounds about right for a CA map: don't look at the visuals, just blow stuff up

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Posted: 26 Jan 2015, 03:48
by jaypeezy
There's still so many friggin' actors I see that I would like to mess around with, especially those turrets once I can see an example of how they are set up. For now though I just wanted to get something out there showcasing some of the latest features. It's nice to be able to play around with flares/guns without having to do summonses all the time, lol.

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Posted: 24 Feb 2015, 22:13
by Gameite2260
If I like the map and I have any free time (school sucks like that), I'll probably do a trailer for it. Buff knows how good my trailers are and I want to make sure I keep my Premiere skills up.

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Posted: 06 Mar 2016, 09:13
by MrLoathsome
Very fun map.
Played it for an hour today on your EXU server.

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Posted: 11 Mar 2016, 01:54
by MrLoathsome
What might the differences be between the EXU2-CA-SplatteringGrounds-Final.unr and
EXU2-CA-SplatteringGrounds-MP-Final.unr files?

I just noticed today after I played on your server some more that I have 2 versions of it.
Of course back on Mar 06 I tossed the non MP version on both my EXU and AKCoop/Ecoop
servers.... :shock: :rolleyes:

I was getting an error about eightleggedfreaks.u being missing, so I tossed that on my
redirect and in serverpackages. That doesn't seem to occur with the version on your server.
Other than that detail, both versions seem to work fine online. (Only way I have tested em...)

Your server seems to be running great. Only thing I noticed with it is that you have the
AutoTeamBalancer mutator or something like that running.
Real sure you don't need that for coop. If it is doing anything, it doesn't need to and olskool
is clobbering it anyway.

*I know I double-posted. Just checking to see if the mods are awake. (And this needed a bump...)

**Edit 2: Disregard the above comment Re: eightleggedfreaks.
I was seeing an error in the log from some player who was trying to connect
using a spider skin at the same time I was testing your map.
Added the package, and now that player is a spider. :rolleyes: