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Posted: 25 Jan 2015, 11:07
I made a small mod that currently adds some Monsters.

New Enemies:
  • SunBarrelSlith: Holy crap it hurts!
  • SunBarrelSlithMP: Drops a Sun Barrel on death.

Last Update: 30th April 2016. (SO OLD OMG)
Download here.

How to spawn my monsters?
Ok, do this:

Code: Select all

-- Summon FXBPawn.FXB(insert pawn name here) --
It will look like this:
-- Summon FXBPawn.FXBSunBarrelSlith --

You can put it in your MonsterSpawn for botmatches!

Re: EXU2: Little Mods

Posted: 25 Jan 2015, 15:08
by Buff Skeleton
Well hot damn

Re: EXU2: Little Mods

Posted: 25 Jan 2015, 17:06
by UBerserker
This owns.

Re: FXANBSS' Stuff

Posted: 01 Feb 2016, 17:38
I finally updated this topic.

Now the SunBarrelSlith is a copy of the Steel Slith but bigger and slow at throwing barrels like a BarrelSlith! Instead of being a n00b made monster.

Ok, here are some images of this badass:

My next idea is the Chaos Barrel Slith, i will make two types, one that fires the barrel and the second that fires the sphere, that means that is rare to see a barrel and a sphere at same time, more when they crash each other to make that crazy power.

Re: FXANBSS' Stuff

Posted: 01 Feb 2016, 23:21
by evilgrins
Summoning is so passé... I'll just re-edit one of these 2 and put your monsters in the mix for them:

That's really what they're for... Monster-Testing!

Re: FXANBSS' Stuff

Posted: 01 Feb 2016, 23:44
You can put the monsters in some kind of monster spawning mutator, no need to have a map.
EXU2 has always crazy monsters and doesn't fit with the normal Unreal monsters because of the insane HP and attack power.

This Sun Barrel Slith has 9500 HP and does something like millions of damage.

EDIT: Now it has 11000 of HP BWAHAHAHA