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<EXU2> "G59 - EXPANDED ROUTE Phase 2" v6.01 OUT

Posted: 02 Nov 2012, 16:54
by UBerserker
G-5-9 = Ji-Go-Ku = Hell

<< G59 - EXPANDED ROUTE Phase 2 v6.01 >>

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General notes about G59

FIRST WARNING: this is just an unofficial EXU2 campaign started from my own mind; Waffnuffly and its BATSHIT INSANE campaign have nothing to do with this (more like, G59 happens many centuries later). G59 runs under OPEN BETA v6.00.

SECOND WARNING: I take in consideration that whoever plays this, has already finished the EXU2 BI Campaign, or possibly knows the apocalyptic unknown-made wonders that lies in the EXU.u - meaning weapons, enemies, items, etc. And obviously the high gameplay style. You should better play BATSHIT INSANE which is fucking good because my campaign will have a few spoilers about the original one itself AND MORE (mostly about enemies anyway) and the difficulty will be tough from Map 1. No holy godammned mercy. There will be a heavy use of difficulty filtering - G59 is generally designed to be played on Unreal, but I'm not giving you something that you can't complete: choose Easy, for example, and you'll be fine.

Objective is simple: shoot, kill, clear map. Like in Batshit Insane. You'll revisit maps from RTNP and the Unreal Beta; it's all ultra-heavy conversions basically, but since I know the original maps for years now, my gameplay work will be easier to develop and most of all, better. Mappack is strongly thematic - hell theme is still there, alongside new and known stuff. Every level will bring always something unique from the rest, with mini-puzzles too so at least you won't be stuck killing bastards 100% of the gameplay time. There will be a story.

The Male 3's Bane skin is used to represent the character you play as (story purposes).

A niche project.


-Similar to Batshit Insane, the maps are heavily modified Return to Na Pali / Unreal Beta ones.
-G59 has barely nothing to do with Waffnuffly's EXU2 campaign.
-The general atmosphere tone is definitely different than Batshit insane, so mind that.
-Extremely weird names.
-New items.
-Currently, eight maps plus a short playable intro.
-Generally high difficulty, based on relentless, battle-after-battle style of gameplay.
-New enemies to fight and bosses.
-Various secrets to find with useful stuff. Optional obviously.
-Lots of custom music.
-Anything you know from EXU2.

Songs used

-Artificial Bloodline / Cybernetika (9th album - Solar Nexus)
-Gagarin / Cybernetika (8th album - Colossus)
-Towards The End Of Time / Cybernetika (6th album - Atropos)
-Devoid Of Gravity / Cybernetika (8th album - Colossus)
-Conquest / Cybernetika (6th album - Atropos)
-Metallic Monks / Mark Morgan (Vault Archives)
-Bio-Magnetic Tunnel Transport / Cybernetika (9th album - Solar Nexus)
-Microchip / Cybernetika (4th album - Neural Network Expansion)
-Electron Tracker / Cybernetika (8th album - Colossus)
-Radiation Storm / Mark Morgan (Vault Archives)
-Desert Wind / Mark Morgan (Vault Archives)
-Forged For Battle / Cybernetika (8th album - Colossus)
-First Contact / Cybernetika (4th album - Neural Network Expansion)

EXPANDED ROUTE Phase 2 version 6.01 Notes:

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The Story:

Centuries have passed and Na Pali looks nothing like it was before.

The whole planet is now filled with creatures of every alien kind, swarming over territories and modifying the environments at their own will. They like to be called Demons. And they like to call their planet Hell. Nobody knows how this possibly happened, but going to the past is impossible; so, who cares?

Demons are divided into clans, either of different ranks or Element. Opposing them are the Saints, white beings that come from the skies. Wars between Demons and Saint are usual, but more common are battles between Demon clans for conquering territories.

One of these clans was known under the name of GALGALIM. These blue, Energy-based Demons, with their powerful leader, managed to bring order in the whole Hell. One day though, they disappeared. But the GALGALIM managed to do their job, and the current King of Demons, named BaalBerith, was given responsibility to continue what the Energy entities achieved.

All nice, right?

All of a sudden, parts of Hell were swallowed by something which looked like a moving black cloud composed of organic beings. Demons defined them as Shadows; Saints suffered immensly by this invasion.

Chaos ensued again; Demons fighting other Demons to conquer more territories possible, escaping from the walking black hole. The strongests managed to survive, but will the greatest Demon clans be able to stop the blackness?

In the meanwhile, a human survivor was still running amok throughout the wastelands. Humans are definitely not liked by the Hell population, so he's doing one HELL of a job by staying alive... but great timing! He finds himself in the middle of this chaos, but he can exploit the nervousism of the Demons to make it through, and finding what's going on around the planet. Which position will he take? Driving the Hell into a neverending abyss, or actually managing to fix up things?

But seeing corpses that look like him, High Lords that seem indifferent to anything and weird messages, then there's something even more darker hiding around...



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The Story:

The Hell Survivor managed to survive against thousands of monsters of all kinds. Deities and devils fallen against his power as the human goes forward... without a proper destination.

Obsessed by the amount of carcasses he finds along the way, he wants to know what is going on and how the other clans are going to survive against a virtually indestructible threat coming from the darkness.

Setting foot inside an enormous ship of the Hyper clan, he discovers that there's more than just simple Demons.



EXPANDED ROUTE Phase 2 Progress:

G59 v6.01 OUT! Coop fix and gameplay patch.

Preview Shots:

The Story:

The Hell Survivor is blessed with the power of the Saints. He has gone throughout thousands of Shadow creatures and managed to make it alive under the eyes of the unknown Shadow God. For the first time he survived, unlike all the old himselfs who saw the Exusia's Mausoleum as their last destination.

The next obstacle is Hell's most horrendeus secret - a race of Demons, but different Demons.
Isolated from the rest of the monsters, during the centuries these beings lured members of other clans to the gateways of their unseen homeplace to only turn them into part of their army.

The strategy has worked. The Magatsu is now a large, autonomous group; while artificial, they have their own culture and objectives. Their main ones are to destroy the king of the Demons, Baalberith, center of the world they live in, and to rule the universe alongside the "deities" they pray for, the Shadows, by turning it into a Nirvana of sorts.

Re: [UT] <EXU2> "G59 - DEFAULT ROUTE" (Incoming!)

Posted: 02 Nov 2012, 20:31
by UBerserker
Okay, new thread.

Uploading the file now to Mediafire, it's around 161 MB. I'll post the link when my clock reaches midnight. It was actually planned to be released in late Saturday because I didn't want to clash my release with Nali Weapons 3 (supposed to be released today). NW3 currently is still not out so I moved the G59 release earlier.

Re: [UT] <EXU2> "G59 - DEFAULT ROUTE" RELEASED [released]

Posted: 03 Nov 2012, 00:02
by UBerserker
Prepare to die

If you have files from the old versions delete them.

Re: [UT] <EXU2> "G59 - DEFAULT ROUTE" RELEASED [released]

Posted: 03 Nov 2012, 01:59
by Buff Skeleton
This is so much more fun than the Demo 4 version, holy crap. Half way through the second map on Hard right now and it's been pretty good balance-wise.

Re: [UT] <EXU2> "G59 - DEFAULT ROUTE" RELEASED [released]

Posted: 03 Nov 2012, 04:15
by Buff Skeleton
OK, Map 3 was a total blast. WAY better than the earlier version. Though why is there so much Piddledoper ammo? I used none of it. I was low on Hell Gun ammo and Hyper Cells more often, and especially low on armor and left behind a lot of Shitgun ammo too. Instead of Doper drops, I recommend some rarer armor drops to compensate for all the respawning enemies. Also, I never thought I'd need to use the Tachyon Driver to kill Bio pawns, but holy shit few times I definitely did. You really played the Shit and Bio pawns to their strengths. It's amazing. I actually had times with so much shit foam it was hard to see the enemies coming at me :lol: But fortunately I could just hose everything down with the ROF-boosted EnergyAR \o/

Other misc things: elevator buttons are wonky. I'd recommend you wire each button to a dispatcher with an initial (short) delay of like 0.5 seconds after playing the beep sound, THEN trigger the mover (which moves instantly) and set all the non-critical movers to TriggerToggle. Also, some of your triggers need a ReTriggerDelay of at least 0.25 or so, which prevents them from getting instantly retriggered. Some doors also need subtractions in the walls they slide into. Some door frame textures seemed poorly chosen, but the SG Tech look is otherwise quite a bit better than the old crypt stuff. Oh, and you can translocate through the vent grates at the end of the map, which I think lets you skip the boss fight. I didn't try until I killed the boss, though, so I'm not sure. And you've still got that one normal CreatureFactory from RTNP which spawns a regular, non-EXU Skaarj. The gibs make it most obvious.

Gonna tackle Map 4 for real tomorrow. I almost shat myself the first time the Ultrabag-like boss in Map 1 barfed out a billion doomfusion balls, too.

[Edit] Ended up finishing the level. The puzzle shit at the end seemed weird and unncessary. I also wound up killing everything with Pentapower. The final boss died in under 5 seconds of sustained Pentapowered Clusterfucker flak bomblets. I left tons of ammo behind. Also, the music REALLY was fucked up in this map; it switched from Hayashi's Journey (really, it should just stay with this for the rest of the map once it begins IMO; Close Your Eyes is just not good boss music) to Close Your Eyes rather abruptly with no warning, and then abruptly back to the start music. And at one point, BACK to Close Your Eyes and then again back to the start music, a few minutes after the battle was already over.

I'm also not sure what to think about that big blue shield because it seems to only allow enemies to nail me with splash damage from meteors. I died almost instantly the first time I played, because every titan went after me at once. After that, somehow, I killed the Archdemon without any of the titans noticing, then I took them out one by one with the Tachyon Driver until none were left. Just as I was finishing, the portal started spawning ground units, which I dispatched with the RFPC and Clusterfucker quite easily, and once the Gasbags started, the Clusterfucker rockets had no trouble at all at tearing them to shreds. I burned lots of Clusterfucker ammo but otherwise my other guns remained unused. I can't even imagine how easy the portal would be to lock down with a Pentapowered Biohazard flare.

I think this map could benefit a LOT from 1) more enemies, 2) more attack vectors (i.e. enemies attacking from all sides), 3) more cover (i.e. rocks and caves and even little Demon utility buildings and stuff you can hide in or go through or just use as a shield against incoming fire), and 4) fewer high-HP targets at the start, but more normal-strength enemies. This would make it more fun I think since you wouldn't just stand in one spot spamming Pentapowered weapons; enemies attacking from all sides would force you to keep moving, but all the cover would give you plenty of opportunity to corral enemies to certain areas and shoot them in groups or manage a stream of single enemies one-at-a-time from a secure vantage point, which will shift constantly since you have to keep moving to avoid fire since cover is only good from some directions. Right now it's just too open and too straightforward: you hide in the middle and kill the titans, then spawncamp the portal until it runs out of enemies. Enemies stopped spawning like right after my Pentapower shut off.

Re: [UT] <EXU2> "G59 - DEFAULT ROUTE" RELEASED [released]

Posted: 03 Nov 2012, 10:19
by UBerserker
Map 4 portal battle was never supposed to be much hard. I guess I didn't calculate right the Pentapower energy for Hard difficulty because it should run out before the boss is out. That whole event has been extremely confusing to make.
I tried to remove the PentaPower and the map became impossible. Also the older version had actually more monsters appearing but I don't know, they began on raping all on me and not even the PentaPower was enough to kill them all. Just let you know that in Unreal difficulty you get to fight Warlords too after the Gasbags.

And when you fight that boss for too much time (without the pentapower), oh well good luck. You almost need the entire UltraBelt/FrostArmor power. This was the reason why I made the Portal battle easier to stand a chance against the boss and his summoning army.

And no I'm not going to replace Close Your Eyes in any future version :p
Also clearly not adding more artificial buildings in there, I don't want to ruin the theme of the map, not to mention I don't want the player to get any real cover except that shield which barely covers Archdemon firepowers.

If anything I'll try again if it's possible balancing the whole thing without the use of PentaPowers. Should make a huge difference already.

Re: [UT] <EXU2> "G59 - DEFAULT ROUTE" RELEASED [released]

Posted: 07 Nov 2012, 09:48
by UBerserker
ExR Phase 1 promo shot added!

Re: [UT] <EXU2> "G59 - DEFAULT ROUTE" v1.10 OUT [released]

Posted: 06 Dec 2012, 12:08
by UBerserker
version 1.10 out
Main post updated with change log.

Re: [UT] <EXU2> "G59 - DEFAULT ROUTE" v1.10 OUT [released]

Posted: 19 Jan 2013, 01:09
by UBerserker
MAIN POST updated

and WOOT! That was faster than I expected! I'm playtesting the whole thing right now and in the next week (probably during Friday) I'll be able to release the first expansion pack. Old maps are also slightly updated, and various bosses will finally have health bars.

Re: [UT] <EXU2> "G59 - EXPANDED ROUTE Phase 1" v1.00 OUT [released]

Posted: 24 Jan 2013, 21:16
by UBerserker
it's out people IT'S OUT
Remember to get the EXU2 5.03 patch first. Used FileFactory this time because Mediafire hates 200MB+ files. I'll get a new mirror asap.

Now enjoy! Two very long maps and two short ones. It's definitely different than the first maps and stay more on the atmosphere-side, but you still shoot a fucking lot. Be careful that the new maps can be extremely tough on Unreal, so people who choose that difficulty are warned.
There's probably more I can do with these maps so give feedback! One of them is still my personal favourite ;)

Note that of course Map 1 to 4 are all updated, and I don't really suggest loading a save from Map 4.

Re: [UT] <EXU2> "G59 - EXPANDED ROUTE Phase 1" v1.00 OUT [released]

Posted: 30 Jan 2013, 06:58
by Delacroix
UBerserker wrote:Used FileFactory this time because Mediafire hates 200MB+ files. I'll get a new mirror asap.

You did. Maybe that one tiny little fact that FileFactory is non-resumable and it easily breaks download midway and makes it its personal mission to make the overall download process difficult. I wanted to make a dropbox mirror for you, but guess what: I CANNOT. I can't even grab the damn file, let alone mirror it.

Re: [UT] <EXU2> "G59 - EXPANDED ROUTE Phase 1" v1.00 OUT [released]

Posted: 30 Jan 2013, 11:02
by UBerserker

Re: [UT] <EXU2> "G59 - EXPANDED ROUTE Phase 1" v1.00 OUT [released]

Posted: 30 Jan 2013, 11:37
by Delacroix
Excellent. Expect my mirror in a couple hours when I can use my internet as intended again. ;)

Re: [UT] <EXU2> "G59 - EXPANDED ROUTE Phase 1" v1.00 OUT [released]

Posted: 04 Feb 2013, 03:55
by Buff Skeleton
OK, I've got some initial feedback.

G59 seems harder than before, but not in a good way. There is nowhere near enough armor in the maps, except for the first which felt good. But the second? Basically no armor, extremely low visibility, and tons of pretty-much-instagib monsters (this map makes me consider entirely rebalancing Shadow Creatures across the board). I played on Hard, too, which is what I played G59 on before. While it felt difficult last time, I wasn't constantly dying (except for the second map, which appears unchanged; that map has always been a mix of easy and extremely hard) and quickloading. Playing on Hard should be a challenge, not an exercise in frustration.

I got a small way into Map 3, where the big giant Shit Brute is behind a door in that overhead walkway between the two big open areas. Neon Lights is by far my favorite G59 map of the four I've played and when it's good, is some of the most fun I've had in EXU2 period, Batshit Insane included. But now, even this map is overkill due to the high enemy respawn rate, low minimum spawn radius, and a serious lack of armor and health. I'm never low on ammo, but I have:

- No armor
- No flares
- No armor seeds or magic armor seeds to help me out when things get bad
- Barely any combat seeds, which I'm afraid to use since they are so uncommon
- A small amount of Firestorm Generator charge left over from Map 2

I shouldn't constantly be under 300 health with no armor and no means of quickly correcting the situation if I find myself overwhelmed and about to die, UNLESS you give me an absolute crapton of health pickups all over the place to compensate. All I have is a shitload of ammo for my guns, but no protection against surprises (which happen frequently when enemies spawn within 200 units behind me without making a sound... come oh man, give your cameras a DemonExplo effect, not SilentDemonExplo). I was having a blast in Neon Lights until my armor vanished, which was pretty much as soon as I got through the first area (which, also, has way too many enemies all able to concentrate their fire on one location all at the same time. Remove some of these or break up their numbers by having different waves spawn in or something).

I don't think I can continue playing until you patch up the gameplay at this point, because there's just nowhere near enough stuff to make getting through these intense combat maps doable without spamming quicksave and quickload. I want enemies to drop armor (even if it's just Thighpads and Turbo Helms), a little more health, and a little less ammo. I want to find seeds, and especially flares. Right now I've only managed to find 1 Munitions Flare, like 6 Nuclear Flares, and 1 Clustershock flare. Need waaaaaaay more stuff than that, especially Hellfire Flares which were pretty much designed to kill everything around you in an emergency. Or at least Demon Saturation Flares, which are like emergency backup hellblasts for when you don't have time to switch to the Hell Gun. If even the maps I'm familiar with are this hard (on the same difficulty I played as before, which isn't even the highest!) then I can only imagine how overkill the newer maps are, and I doubt I'd be able to get through them.

You can do what you want with Unreal difficulty, as people playing at that level know what they're getting into. But on Hard, it shouldn't be so punishing that I can't stay alive for more than a minute after quickloading! :)

Also: the Demon Skaarj corpses in Map 2 around the Firestorm Generator appear to be CreatureCarcasses, not EXU variants. They explode into red, non-kickable gibs. I also had way, way more Hell Gun ammo in that map than necessary since I mostly used the Firestorm Generator to kill Shadow Creatures. For the Big Shadow Creatures, they often took me by surprise and killed me before I had a chance to retaliate due to their speed and extremely high damage. I used up both the Armor Seeds I found within minutes due to these encounters.

I think I'm gonna have to rebalance Shadow Creatures across the board and make them behave much differently, because their stats right now make them not very fun to fight against. But that's not your fault as much as mine at the moment, though if there's ANOTHER Shadow map in G59... ugh. Map 2 is currently my least favorite G59 map, and it's also really long, so hopefully we can think of something to spruce it up.

Re: [UT] <EXU2> "G59 - EXPANDED ROUTE Phase 1" v1.00 OUT [released]

Posted: 04 Feb 2013, 11:33
by UBerserker
Lol, just to warn you now, ALL the new maps are literally Map 2 and Map 3 on crack minus respawning enemies throughout cameras (Map 5 is a Hyper/Demon nightmare, Map 6 is a short romp against Shadows but you'll find a Firestorm Generator, Map 7 lol, Map 8 has Shadows again but this one is easy and ultra short and you have a Firestorm Generator).
It's funny though because I actually made Map 3 much easier by putting load of ammo (do not be afraid of using the Tachyon and the RFPC once you find those!). Shadows just became stronger once you gave a 512 melee power to the Big Shadow Creatures, they also appear randomly in Map 2 like the boss.

I may concentrate on Hard then. Looks like Health is the major issue there, mostly because certain pickups are also not in your clear sight at first.

I think I really should put out some gameplay videos, though I need somebody to reminds me once again how