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[UT] <EXU2> "The Doppelgänger Palace" (Palace of Chizra EXU2 style)

Posted: 21 Aug 2012, 21:45
by UBerserker
standalone new EXU2 conversion

-The Doppelgänger Palace-
-Palace of Chizra by Waffnuffly, sent into an excessive dimension by UBerserker

-early wip

Release Date: CANCELLED

-What is this-
After dreaming about it, I decided to convert this now old, but still big Waffnuffly map for EXU2 gameplay. Just took a break from G59 development until I have a clear view of the incoming EXU2 update. I've not been doing new fresh conversions for a while now (all these past months I've been just fixing stuff for G59 already made in the past year) so I am using this occasion as a training for making EXU2 style gameplay in wide maps such as this one.
The Doppelganger Palace is a standalone conversion, a simple mission without sequels happening in the early years of Hell domination on Na Pali; won't be going too much in depth into it compared to most G59 levels. Since it is no BI and no G59, I had the freedom to make the gameplay a bit different here than the rest of the EXU2 levels, so I decided to change cards a bit.

  • No Translocator, no Piddledoper, no Battle Flares, no Hell Gun. Extremely limited amount of Tachyon Driver ammo.
  • Your mission is to eliminate all the most dangerous enemies, and trying to find a way inside the palace. Bright white lighting seems to be coming out of it...
  • You are equipped with an Armor and three Combat Seeds that can be used as rations. Your weapon is the last model of our "Energy Assault Rifle" prototype. It shoots golden laser bolts at a very high rate of fire that penetrate throughout targets. Secondary fire shoots stronger, green coloured bolts. Lastly, you have a Tachyon Driver, with two charges only.
  • Aside two or three locations, you won't find items. Instead, you will collect Flares, hidden around or dropped by the enemies. These Flares will be used to light up sacrificial shrines (visible and hidden). These shrines will give you a group of selected items (ranging from armours to weapons, from health packs to ammo); obviously, you'll gain information of what items the shrine will spawn, and how many Flares are required to summon them, before the "ritual" is done.
  • Flares aren't unlimited, so you'll be able to activate only a few of the placed shrines. Choose your favorite equipment before entering the palace because once you're inside, you won't be out of it for a while.

Around 25%. Gameplay development will begin once I get new EXU2 beta (already writing down all the concepts and stuff however).

Re: [UT] <EXU2> "The Doppelgänger Palace" (Palace of Chizra EXU2 style)

Posted: 21 Aug 2012, 22:43
by Maxer 64
I was planning on making a EXU2 map pack with custom maps too... With given credit. Wow. This is crazy.

Re: [UT] <EXU2> "The Doppelgänger Palace" (Palace of Chizra EXU2 style)

Posted: 21 Aug 2012, 23:07
by Legendslayer222
I've always wondered what this particular map would feel like in EXU2, and I guess now I'll get to find out. 8)

Is all the water now blood? :twisted:

Re: [UT] <EXU2> "The Doppelgänger Palace" (Palace of Chizra EXU2 style)

Posted: 21 Aug 2012, 23:13
by UBerserker
Outside is all modulated blood (MUCH better than translucent). Inside the palace I can't say anything for now :)
The main feature of this conversion will be the gameplay style, just to keep stuff fresh.

Re: [UT] <EXU2> "The Doppelgänger Palace" (Palace of Chizra EXU2 style)

Posted: 22 Aug 2012, 11:46
by TheIronKnuckle
Palace of Chizra has always been a fav of mine. Keen to see what you do with it :)