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Version 5.00 [10-11-12]

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Subject: Re: == Version 5.00 [10-11-12] --- Bug Reports & Discussion Thread ==

Post Posted: 15 Oct 2012, 19:17

Finished the open beta last night, and had a blast with Map 16! Close quarter combat is extremely fun, a real change from Map 15. There's a few things I'd like to note:
[spoiler]- Most of the comical goodness was taken out from the campaign. I really liked those, but oh well. There is still a good amount of humor left.
- I am using OpenGL, and noticed that whenever there are shitloads of pupae, the framerate takes a dump on itself. Is this the engine, or is there something I need to edit in my renderer settings?
- I was playing on Easy (call me a noob) and noticed a substantial difficulty spike upon entering the Chizra temple map (I forgot the name!). It was pretty challenging, but I still managed to get through it.
- Another thing about the Chizra map. At the end of the map, you can easily translocate to the other side of the wall and get to the next map without having to destroy the soul generators.
- I finished Map 16 and said "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! It's over!!" I was sad, I wanted more! The journey of epicness has come to a sudden end![/spoiler]

Overall, I loved the whole beta. Really kickass job with the map changes/improvements. I'm looking forward to the future upgrades :)
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Subject: Re: == Version 5.00 [10-11-12] --- Bug Reports & Discussion Thread ==

Post Posted: 17 Oct 2012, 22:08

Done the first few levels. Am I missing something or is the Piddledoper primary fire completely useless for anything other than sniping stuff ridiculously far away? The secondary does like triple the damage and hits instantly as well, it goes through ammo faster but it seems to be more efficient in any situation where an enemy can survive more than a couple of shots. I also had a crash on the Nyleve remake but it only happened once so it might have just been some sort of bad luck.

Other than that though the current changes seem to be a big improvement from what I recall from the last version I played through. While it seems to kind of obsolete the primary the Piddledoper secondary at least means your mainstay weapon isn't a deathtrap in close quarters anymore (in a mod where you are frequently ambushed by lightning-fast melee enemies), and the flare gun is an excellent addition that actually makes me regularly seek out and use flares; not that I avoided them before, but I found them clunky enough that I pretty much only used them as a last resort or if I knew exactly what was ahead, whereas now I use them a bunch in standard situations.
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Subject: Re: == Version 5.00 [10-11-12] --- Bug Reports & Discussion Thread ==

Post Posted: 17 Oct 2012, 22:22

Piddledoper primary isn't that weak compared to the secondary fire. It has splash damage also, which makes it virtually better against Pupae. Obviously it has an extremely good range and doesn't eat much ammo (and on Unreal difficulty the piddledoper runs out really fast if you use the beams too much). So yeah it has its uses.
Flare Gun was already in Demo4.1

Infernal Falls crashed with me too, when I was saving the game. Happened one time though.

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Subject: Re: == Version 5.00 [10-11-12] --- Bug Reports & Discussion Thread ==

Post Posted: 17 Oct 2012, 22:29

This is Open Beta and nothing should be assumed to be final, including gameplay balance. Piddledoper primary has always been a little bit iffy since the beams came into play, but it actually does more damage than the alt for the ammo cost. It's more ammo-efficient even if isn't time-efficient. That said, it might need a bit more of an edge to make it really compete because I find myself using the beams much more often, and at this point, the novelty has long since worn off for me, so it's not just that.

Its main advantages are range, stun-locking enemies, and splash damage, but the latter is also a liability at close range. I may reduce the range of the beams to make them significantly shorter, like shearing off 25% to start.

I'm also thinking up some advantages for the primary in the form of environmental reactions to Piddledoper projectiles that the beams can't replicate, but no concrete ideas on that yet.

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Subject: Re: == Version 5.00 [10-11-12] --- Bug Reports & Discussion Thread ==

Post Posted: 25 Oct 2012, 22:36

Patch should be out tomorrow or Saturday, possibly Sunday if unforseen problems arise tonight. Changes so far (plus three new pawns):

Campaign Changes:

  • Hellcastle (Menu Map)
    • Text labels added to teleporters so you can identify them as you approach. More banners added throughout the castle to point you to them more easily as well.
    • Improved lighting and visuals - lanterns upgraded, decorations added in some locations, etc.
    • Geometric stability improved. Fewer BSP errors and glitches.
  • Frostclaw Access (Map 7)
    • Technical fixes and gameplay modifications.
  • Frostclaw Outpost (Map 8)
    • Gameplay tweaks: should be much more difficult on Unreal and Hard, especially in the upper level. More combat, more item drops, more obliteration.
    • Improved translator messaging to give players a better sense of what needs to happen to complete the level.
    • Added signs to key areas to make locating and identifying them easier.
    • Significantly reduced health for destructible objects, especially ones that have to be destroyed to finish the map.
  • Highlands of Despair (Map 15)
    • Fixed music discrepancy. The map now uses Chrono Wave by Cybernetika. Crater.umx is no longer necessary for the map to function.
  • Other Maps: lots of misc. technical fixes

Other changes:

  • Piddledoper alt fire range halved, primary fire damage slightly boosted.
  • Fixed Hell Gun alt fire bug where bots were unable to damage players.
  • Fixed Pupae issue where piles of them would result in auto-bug-death from Pupae jumping on top of their buddies' heads and causing "stomp" damage. Similarly, other EXUScriptedPawns can only deal stomp damage now if the stomper has more mass than the stomped.
  • Tachyon Driver alt fire now guarantees target will explode into gibs when killed as long as the Tachyon Storm or the blast wave is the last thing to damage it and the target can be gibbed. Just like the primary fire!
  • Ice Queens and Flak Brutes no longer spam-fire repeatedly when they lose visual contact.
  • Turbo Skaarj Berserkers now fire three projectiles per shot (so six total every attack), but have less health and are no longer immune to their own damage type. Flak projectiles used by pawns also have reduced damage, max splash radius, and max sensor radius.
  • Fixed a bunch of MP pawns set to drop Energizer Balls when killed that I forgot to update. All pawns should now drop the proper loot.
  • AdvancedCreatureFactories, HellHoes, and DevilBirds/Sentinels/Watchers can now allow random loot drops that override the pawns' defaults. See code comments in the respective classes (in UED, go to Edit Script and read the green // stuff) to see how they work if you aren't sure.

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Subject: Re: Version 5.00 [10-11-12]

Post Posted: 26 Oct 2012, 14:17

Patch is uploading. Links will be updated in the main info post pretty soon. New discussion thread here:



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