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Mirror for Contest Entries by Leo(T.C.K.)

Posted: 18 Jun 2011, 00:54
by Delacroix
Hello, y'all.

Leo(T.C.K.), after a failed attempt to download two of the 8th anniversary contest entries (files were deleted), has come to a conclusion that a permanent mirror to preserve all these maps should be provided, for both 8th and 10th anniversary entries.

This mirror is provided here, at UnrealTexture. ... othermaps/

The USP8contest folder contains all of the 8th anniversary contest entries, whereas USP10contest contains all of the just-closed 10th annivesary contest entries. As an extra, three more archives are present, namely both Unreal Grief chapters by LengendSlayer222 and SP-exploring1 by Diamond.

Enjoy thanks to The Archivist, Leo(T.C.K.) as it is his doing, not mine.