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Contest Information and Submission Rules

The archive for the 10th Anniversary Speedmapping Contest entries and discussion.

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Subject: Contest Information and Submission Rules

Post Posted: 14 Apr 2011, 18:32

Contest Rules

  1. General objective: The goal is to create a classic Unreal single-player map or short campaign exclusively using stock Unreal assets. Special focus is on achieving compatibility to all current Unreal platforms.

  2. Time frame: The contest begins on April 21st, 2011 and ends on Thursday, June 16th 2011 (time extended by 2 weeks via popular vote). This means that entries are to be finished in 8 weeks. Plan your build accordingly!

  3. Contest eligibility: Only maps created within the contest time frame are eligible for entry. Do not start building the map before April 21st, 2011.

  4. Stock content only: Entries are limited to using stock Unreal packages. They may not utilize custom textures, music, models or UT content. This also applies to any MyLevel content. Music from Return to Na Pali is an exception and may be used.

  5. Cross-platform compatibility: Entries must be compatible with all of the following platforms:

    - Unreal (224v-227g)
    - Unreal Tournament (v436, using the Oldskool mod)

    This means that platform-specific features such as UT guns, 227 emitters etc. may not be used.
    Don't forget to use .:..:'s UT map converter tool! If you use 226/227, copy your map to your UT install and run the converter.
    For detailed information on compatibility, read this thread.

  6. Compilation agreement: Entrants should be willing, if the contest produces a sufficient quality and quantity of work, for their maps to be compiled into a larger map pack or compilation distributed by UnrealSP.Org. This includes further conversion by the staff in order to make the maps compatible with all popular versions of Unreal.

  7. Proper level closure: Entries should have an established end/map exit so that they may be tied into a hub map created for the contest compilation map-pack.

Submission Guidelines

  1. Closing date: The contest closes on Thursday, June 16th 2011 (time extended by 2 weeks via popular vote). All maps should be submitted by 5PM GMT on that date. Maps that arrive significantly late may not be accepted for judging.

  2. Project thread: Each mapper starts a thread containing information about their entry. This can either be done in advance, or when the map is finally completed. "Final" downloads must be made available in the first post of the thread by the close of the contest.

  3. Entry download: You can submit the map any time between now and the submission deadline. If you don't have any means of uploading your map (any free hosting service is probably OK), please let us know in advance by posting in your project thread so that we can make alternative arrangements.

  4. Final entry submission: Please indicate clearly that the download is for the submission version, not a beta. Please also reply to your project thread, if you already have one, to make the judges aware of your submission.

  5. Submission content: Please include in your zip/rar archive:

    - The map(s)
    - A readme
    - Your commentary (please see this thread from the previous contest for information)
    - Any RTNP music packages used in the entry

    If you followed the contest rules correctly, there should not be any custom packages other than RTNP music included with the entry.

Judging and Release

Maps will be assessed by a panel of judges and given a score out of 10, and the map that receives the highest average score will be the winner. A full and detailed assessment against the UnrealSP.Org review schema will not be required; however, the criteria listed on the schema will act as broad determinants of quality. Judges will not be barred from submitting maps to the contest, as their submissions can be assessed by the other judges on the panel.

Contest entries may be compiled into a 10th Anniversary Speedmapping Contest map pack. Maps included in the compilation will be modified using WingedUnicorn's 225 map converter and the Unreal 227 editor to attain maximum compatibility with all versions of Unreal, and to tie them into the compilation hub map.


The winner of the contest will be entitled to claim as many as they like of the following:

  • Web site hosting at UnrealSP.Org with FTP access (a pretty basic package subject to various conditions and limitations)
  • An UnrealSP.Org e-mail address or forwarder
  • A special forum title/rank icon, should they not already have one

List of submissions

Chapel of the Elders by Teridax
Isle of Sharighar by Leo(T.C.K.)
Forest Run by Legendslayer222
The Oll Stone Prologue: The Ibyn Complex by ebd
The Triamid Ruins by Turboman
Inside the Lab by editor Dave
Marooned by Shivaxi
Unnamed entry by TheIronKnuckle
Dawn of the Lost by Master_Unreal
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