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Pawn patrol woes

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Subject: Pawn patrol woes

Post Posted: 02 Aug 2008, 23:26

From testing patrol points with different types of monsters , it seems pupae , spinner and titan classes cannot properly patrol for some reason. I looked at their code , pupae and titan have patrol specific functions (animations) but spinner doesn't. Still , ScriptedPawn is supposed to handle this.

I found a few possible causes , like physics handling (phys_spider or phys_none at start) , overriden startup state , but nothing conclusive for the titan. Any other pawn , from kralls and brutes to mantas and cows can patrol just fine. It's a mystery !

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Post Posted: 03 Aug 2008, 13:01

On the subject of the Titan, I'd imagine that it's just because they're so huge. Place the patrolpoints / pathnodes as high as possible above the ground (but not so far that they cease to form a followable path) and see if that helps. Also make sure that they are far enough away from the wall that the Titan actor's origin can easily coincide with that of each pathnode / patrolpoint.
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Post Posted: 04 Aug 2008, 05:28

The titan would only goto the first patrol point by himself only, then if you got it off it's path (slightly) and if if came accros a different patrol point it would do the animation, but not move to other points.

I think it has to do with they stomp, throw rocks, like they meant it to not patrol because it does other things that the other bots don't do.

Never thought of the seeing thing, I will try that as well.
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