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SZ-TerraHD: New Texture Pack!

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Subject: SZ-TerraHD: New Texture Pack!

Post Posted: 19 Apr 2018, 17:19

Disclaimer: Map featured above is not included in this release; Created only to show what the textures look like when you apply them to your terrain.

SZ-TerraHD is a texture pack of 22 "Terrain" textures at 1024 resolution. Included also are several detail/macro textures.

All images are of my own creation, photo-sourced from my own sources, styling is influenced mainly by the terrain textures seen in the mod "Operation: Na Pali".

Preview pics of the textures in the below spoiler box:
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You are of course free to use these for any project you wish, be it Unreal-related or no.

Included in the zip file is the "SZ-TerraHD.utx" and also individual .png files of all the textures (barr the detail/macro).


Additional mirror thanks to medor:

(My first actual content release, yay!)


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