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CANNED "Prey-rebooot" stuff

Posted: 03 Sep 2017, 11:29
by watcher_of_the_skies
Let me show you guys somethin' I've been workin' on.

Remember Prey from '98?
I'm sure you do. Legend has that is ran on a heavily modified Unreal engine.
Story time over. I'm just too lazy to type.

Grab the teaser.
We had a few more workin' maps. Let me know if you guys are interested in seen 'em.

(Be sure to have MUSIC and SOUND on.) ...

Let me know if any of you is interested in codin' a few weapons for me.
I've got sprites, so the weapons should look like the ones imported from doom.
Some kind of a sheet-mesh.

Re: CANNED "Prey-rebooot" stuff

Posted: 29 Sep 2017, 23:18
by GamesHarder
It would be nice to see more! My friend. :D

Re: CANNED "Prey-rebooot" stuff

Posted: 01 Oct 2017, 08:54
by watcher_of_the_skies
Well, there's a few map ready but without pickups and enemies. It's a bit blank like that.