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[UT] "Standy-By" menu map guide

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Subject: [UT] "Standy-By" menu map guide

Post Posted: 08 Jul 2016, 04:43

This was created solely to serve as a bumper or intro buffer for streams to have something running that shows things are about to begin. As such I'm posting here rather than Presentation since I won't be offering a download since I think it's pretty vain (my logos, my map) and the music adds 47mb to the file size. I think some info on the techniques could be useful though so I'll post a few here and answer any questions I can.
older video

For better or worse, it's the same exact thing I did for the Seven Bullets menu map, so you can take a look there for details.
The main show is an attach mover set in permanent rotation above the intended view target.
A SpectatorCamera is added, rotated to face the view target and set at the desired height/distance.
If your target is going to be a logo, a Panel is placed there and rotated to face the SpectatorCamera. You might be able to use a brush but I find compared to meshes, texture resolution is not as good on bsp no matter the quality property. I'm only using 1024 textures and there is very little noticeable aliasing. Resize the panel using DrawScale, change the style as you see fit (Masked, Translucent, Modu) and attach it to the mover.
Setting the game type to UTIntro should get everything going.
Since the camera is essentially glued to the attach mover it ends up getting rotated perfectly around the view target. Panels behave the same and this gives the impression of the camera being in tidal lock with them; or that the panels are static hud elements until a world object moves over it.

You could probably do some more interesting things using the same concept. An attach mover on a complex path. Moving a modulated panel with a single white dot towards the camera to create an opening aperture effect. Attach movers were one of my favorite scripting tools and their usefulness I think is frequently overlooked.

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Subject: Re: [UT] "Standy-By" menu map

Post Posted: 08 Jul 2016, 07:27

Also, if someone knows how to get animation to work on decos that would be a help. Using knives with Nali meshes and AnimRate doesn't do anything. I've even tried creating a subclass with a loopanim function like Flag1 uses without any luck. It's not a deal breaker but I'd like my Nails to loop their anims without having to use actual pawns and have them habuji'ing everything up.
Actually, I figured it out. Should have used the loopanim from Nali, not flag. If anyone else is curious about animating pawn meshes on decos, just subclass them, set bStatic=False, and use the playanim/loopanim line from that pawns script in this

Code: Select all

function PostBeginPlay()
   LoopAnim('Pray', 0.2 + 0.1 * FRand());

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