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Re: [227] EarthWepzFoRealz.u

Posted: 15 Feb 2015, 02:56
by xRedStar
it would be cool if the crosshair traveled with the recoil, that would be unique :O

Re: [227] EarthWepzFoRealz.u

Posted: 17 Feb 2015, 00:57
by Shivaxi
xRedStar wrote:it would be cool if the crosshair traveled with the recoil, that would be unique :O

There won't be any crosshair =P unrealistic and encourages iron sights =3

Re: [227] EarthWepzFoRealz.u

Posted: 13 Oct 2017, 00:28
by Shivaxi
heeeyyyy remember this mod that totally vanished? WELP ITS BACK!!

I got inspired again to continue work on this project after a long while (and a hard drive crash which nearly made me lost the project) so I want to release what I have so far.

Version 0.2 Alpha: ...


"button bextra1" is for reloading, same as with infiltration or serpentine mods. Typing "set input r button bextra1" in console will change your R key to reload


2 options in INI and Advanced Options under EarthWepzFoRealz:

bEnableHeadshotDamage = Enables headshot damage between 3 to 4 times for all weapons
bEnableVariableDamage = Enables variable damage scaling based on how close to a creatures center of mass you hit

Current Weapons and Summon Names:

-AK47 Assault Rifle - Summon EarthWepzFoRealz.CS_AK47
-Steyr AUG Assault Rifle - Summon EarthWepzFoRealz.CS_AUG
-AWP Sniper Rifle - Summon EarthWepzFoRealz.CS_AWP
-Benelli M3 Shotgun - Summon EarthWepzFoRealz.CS_BenelliM3
-Famas F1 Assault Rifle - Summon EarthWepzFoRealz.CS_FamasF1
-FiveSeven Pistol - Summon EarthWepzFoRealz.CS_FiveSeven
-M249 Machine Gun - Summon EarthWepzFoRealz.CS_M249
-M4A1 Assault Rifle - Summon EarthWepzFoRealz.CS_M4A1
-Beretta M9 Pistol - Summon EarthWepzFoRealz.K_BerettaM9

Current Working Features:

-Independent bullet hit effects, particles, sounds, and decals, based on material/texture
-Current supported textures include metal, rock, stone, wood, dirt, grass, snow, ice, and glass/lights/windows (this also works for custom textures)
-New blood hit effects and sounds, green blood supported as well
-Bullet trail, water bullet trail, and water hit splash effects and sound effects
-Accurate clip sizes and ammo types for all weapons
-Accurately spawned shellcasings for each weapon
-Muzzle flash effects for first and third person, including visible lighting effect that uses 227 real time lighting
-Muzzle flash variation textures for first person (muzzle flash varies each time fired, based on type of weapon)
-New individual sound effects for pickups and weapons, firing and reloading, shellcasings and various effects
-Firing sounds and bullet hit sounds have an increased range and realistic falloff based on distance, allowing players to hear these sounds at a much more realistic distance
-Accurate and realistic rate of fire for each weapon based on IRL counterpart (rounds per minute in game identical to IRL)
-Realistic damage based on bullet size and speed for base damage, and then based on where a creature is hit, center of mass doing base weapon damage times 1.1 to 0.9, headshots doing 3 to 4 times base damage, and arms and legs doing 0.5 to 0.9 times base damage the further the shot is from center of mass
-Realistic accuracy based on weapons effective firing range.
-Realistic recoil based on weapon's weight, lighter weapons will have more recoil, but a shorter recoil time, where as heavier weapons have less recoil but a longer recoil time
-Iron Sights for all weapons, offsets bullet spawn location directly from center and eye height of player

Current planned features, not yet implemented:

-More weapons....LOTS more weapons
-Upgrades and attachments such as silencers, laser sights, different types of scopes, different magazine sizes, extended and quickdraw mags that can be swapped out on the fly
-Different firing modes for weapons that can be toggled on the fly
-Different ammo types for weapons that support multiple types of ammo, with the ability to swap them on the fly
-Possibly dual wielding for 1 handed weapons like pistols
-More hit effects for other textures not yet supported
-A projectile based version instead of instanthit, giving bullets an actual speed and drop based on their IRL counterpart

Current bugs or issues with this version:

-Third person muzzle flash isn't lined up for all weapons yet
-Third person weapon offset when being held by a player isn't 100% lined up with player's hands yet
-Iron sights on the Beretta M9 is slightly off due to slightly off center rotated mesh
-EarthWepzFoRealz currently relies on CSWeapons227 and Knifee mods, will remove dependencies in later versions
-Ammo pickups and ammo icons have wrong meshes and textures, placeholders for now
-Shell casings still have the bullets in them (lel) will create new models later
-Online if you reload by clicking fire at the end of your clip while in iron sights, you will stay locked in zoom and walk mode until you right click for iron sights again after reload
-Metal bullet holes and rock/stone bullet holes are meant to be alphablend instead of modulated, but currently that causes the decal to be unlit, working on a fix for this in 227J release


metal hit effects ------------------------------------------------------- dirt/grass hit effects

wood hit effects -------------------------------------------------------- rock/stone hit effects

glass hit effects --------------------------------------------------------- ice hit effects

snow hit effects --------------------------------------------------------- shell casing smoke

bullet trail --------------------------------------------------------------- water hit effect

red blood hits ------------------------------------------------------------ green blood hits

glass bullet holes -------------------------------------------------------- dirt bullet holes

metal bullet holes -------------------------------------------------------- wood bullet holes

Re: [227] EarthWepzFoRealz.u [v0.1 Alpha Released!]

Posted: 14 Oct 2017, 06:55
by Dr.Flay
Very impressive.
Hopefully they will be used in maps with EFX zones so the realism sounds awesome.

Re: [227] EarthWepzFoRealz.u [v0.2 Alpha Released!]

Posted: 18 Oct 2017, 02:21
by Shivaxi
made a minor adjustment and fixed an interesting black blood trail issue that is only present in 227i due to the way alphablend on trails works in 227i vs 227j. original link updated

Re: [227] EarthWepzFoRealz.u [v0.2 Alpha Released!]

Posted: 26 Oct 2017, 03:55
by Shivaxi


Version 0.3 Alpha




-Removed all dependencies from other mod files like csweapons and knifee, all compiled into EWFR_CSModels and EWFR_TOModels now
-Added new textures and sound fx
-Added MP5-N
-Added M26 Grenade
----Hold primary fire to pull pin and hold grenade, release to throw. Longer grenade is held, farther you throw it
----Secondary fire to release grenade lever and start cooking the grenade
----Grenade fuse time is between 4 and 5 seconds
----New explosion effects dependent on if on land or in water
----New explosion sound effects based on distance and if in water
----Explosion damage and radius are reduced if in water
----Shrapnel will do damage launched from grenade explosion
-Recalculated damage for all weapons, now properly based on bullet mass, speed, and the kinetic energy it transfers on impact
-Fixed Benelli M3 animation so no longer does unnecessary pump again after inserting shells/reloading
-Inceased weapon fire sound volume to a more realistic level
-Fixed iron sights offset on Beretta M9
-Momentum transferred from bullets now based on the amount of damage dealt per bullet
-Fixed select sound for FiveSeven (played twice by accident)

EDIT: Had to fix a replication issue with the effects for the grenade online, re-uploaded

Re: [227] EarthWepzFoRealz.u [v0.3 Alpha Released!]

Posted: 26 Oct 2017, 19:43
by watcher_of_the_skies
Sweet. Was watcin' you tweakin' the grenade on live.
Hope you'll have more of these lives!

Re: [227] EarthWepzFoRealz.u [v0.3 Alpha Released!]

Posted: 26 Oct 2017, 20:10
by Shivaxi
watcher_of_the_skies wrote:Sweet. Was watcin' you tweakin' the grenade on live.
Hope you'll have more of these lives!

thanks! Yeah I think i definitely will. That was fun for sure