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UnrealED 1.0 and Jazz3

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Subject: Re: UnrealED 1.0 and Jazz3

Post Posted: 24 Nov 2016, 23:48

I heard Unreal Devs on Facebook Page are working on old Epic Games PC games like Unreal Gold maps convertion from Unreal Engine 1 .unr files(.t3d)to Unreal Engine 4 .uasset/.uproject.When I was using UE3=UDK 2015 maps from jazz jackrabbit 3 maps imported to Unreal Editor 3 had loads of transparent wireframed objects(only)in case of Unreal Engine 4 after importing maps objects were extremely disorted it seems bsp shading textures techniques are different from first unreal engine(not counting unreal engine prototype from MSDOS windows 95 command prompt mode).I heard in 90's of(I'm captain obvious)making character animations required making skeletal mesh for every bone segment.So I'm also wondering what save state files of Jazz Jackrabbit have n64 pc emulator project 64 icons.Also in Unreal Editor 1 I discovered brand new jazz jackrabbit 3d model texture looking more like helli tuexen jazz jackrabbit other character drawings,right?Btw jj3 patches was discontinued 3 years ago by jazz2online user CloverGruff.


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