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Test.unr - a tool for mappers or scripters or whomever

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Subject: Test.unr - a tool for mappers or scripters or whomever

Post Posted: 15 Dec 2007, 02:23

I put this small test room together since it was ultimately more useful than a giant 8192x8192x8192 cube. It's still pretty much just a cube, but more useful. It doesn't have too many features other than unit grid markers (with a color-coded key on one wall), but if anyone wants more features, I'll add some--or you can add some yourself.

Download: http://www.filefactory.com/file/bb463c/ (63kb)

Just thought I'd throw this out there since it's been useful for testing splash damage ranges, creatures, effects, and other things in the past.


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Post Posted: 15 Dec 2007, 10:08

Wow... strange map but it looks definitely useful. /me downloads for my UEd experimenting! :D :tup: Thanks, Waff.

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Post Posted: 15 Dec 2007, 14:23

it's a totally good idea! good for testing of course

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