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Posted: 28 Jul 2009, 18:56
by Hellscrag
I've come to this post after the other one. I'm very, very sorry to hear that, jackrabbit, and I quite understand why you would want to take a break. Good luck with the mapping.

Posted: 28 Jul 2009, 19:22
by UBerserker
Dellkat has been always one of the nicest people in the community.

Posted: 28 Jul 2009, 20:08
by salsaSkaarj
jackrabbit wrote:I am sorry to report that my contest map will not be submitted due to the death of a friend. He was an active Unreal player who I played online with many times and was an active member in my VOIP Teamspeak server. I will be taking a solid break from Unreal, UnrealED and the Unreal community until I feel fit to return.

There is never a good time in life for something like this to happen.
You have take a decision concerning the priorities at this time and nobody can (I didn't say anyone did) criticise that. Hope things get back to normal soon.

Good luck

Posted: 28 Jul 2009, 22:31
by Darkon
Very sorry to hear that, Jackrabbit. Take your time to focus on the important things in life... rest may come later.

Posted: 31 Jul 2009, 19:38
by Mister_Prophet
Um, stupid question?

Contest ends Sunday, right?

Posted: 31 Jul 2009, 19:43
by Legendslayer222
Mister_Prophet wrote:Um, stupid question?

Contest ends Sunday, right?

Yep. The race is on!! :twisted:

Posted: 31 Jul 2009, 20:11
by Hellscrag
Mister_Prophet wrote:Um, stupid question?

Contest ends Sunday, right?

Yes. See "Submission, Judging & Prizes":

Posted: 01 Aug 2009, 17:39
by Legendslayer222
24 hours, 20 minutes & counting.

Eep! I hope everyone gets done in time!!! :o

Posted: 01 Aug 2009, 17:41
by Hellscrag
Legendslayer222 wrote:24 hours, 20 minutes & counting.

Eep! I hope everyone gets done in time!!! :o

It's actually 25 hours, 20 minutes. Daylight Saving Time!

Posted: 01 Aug 2009, 23:12
by Legendslayer222
YAAAAAAAAA so many maps not done yet should be done by now might miss deadline worried contest will end with only three entries hurry up hurry up hurry up less than a day to go tension building can't wait to play levels levels might not be done in less than day good maps not entered potential winners might miss out my map will be judged bet it'll loose oh well wanna play maps maps nearly done 90% instead of 99% so near yet so far only three definite entries don't know why people say build time: 6 weeks in read me because that is obvious hurry up hurry hurry hurry UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

EDIT: uh... now I'm reading that I think my only good advice is to ignore me. I'll give you 10 points if you can decipher it.

Posted: 02 Aug 2009, 02:43
by Kaka
Well, this time I won't be able to make the map on time, not much left but I still won't make it till 5. If Scrag graceously;p gives us a little bit more time ( like til Sunday evening) I will finish it, if not I'll release it later next week with all features I intended at the very start :tup:

Posted: 02 Aug 2009, 03:38
by Buff Skeleton
Yeah, I'm in sorta the same boat. 10PM GMT would probably be best for us in the states who have 5PM GMT end up at noon EST as opposed to 5PM EST, but I think I might make it anyway.

Posted: 02 Aug 2009, 03:47
by Mister_Prophet
It'll be close for me as well. :B

Posted: 02 Aug 2009, 10:58
by Z-enzyme
It'd be cool if Hells gave you some more time. I want you in!! (nope, theres no hidden meaning of that sentence... Or maybe. :P)


qtit wrote:It'd be cool if Hells gave you some more time. I want you in!!

Shit, what kind of conditional is that...?? :?

Posted: 02 Aug 2009, 11:25
by Mister_Prophet
Reeeeeeeeeel close. I might have to drop some stuff to make it.