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Nightmare Tournament

Posted: 20 Jul 2009, 09:18
by zacman
It is the distant future. Liandri Mining has gone bankrupt, and with the removal of the public's ONLY way of satisfying their bloodlust, chaos ensued. After many riots, the NEG was overthrown, and the world was separated into many warring factions. The Skaarj came, seeking easy pickings, but were also drawn into the conflict. By the end, the world was ruled by sever "Warlords" (NOT Skaarj-Just a title for terrans). Several factions existed: The Necris, the Skaarj, the Krall and multiple human groups. Everyn year a bloody hunting contest occurs, where the people of each "Faction" are forced to fight for their lives for the entertainment of the warlords.
(Screenshots Coming ASAP)

Re: Nightmare Tournament

Posted: 20 Jul 2009, 09:37
by Legendslayer222
zacman wrote:It is the distant future. Liandri Mining has gone bankrupt

I tried to warn them. :(

zacman wrote:(Screenshots Coming ASAP)

Yippee! :D

Posted: 27 Jul 2009, 04:01
by zacman
I **MAY** not get this done on time. I had a freaking ENORMOUS BSB hole (Ate HALF the map :O) and NO MATTER WHAT it wouldn't dissapear, so I deleted it and started again :(
Even if I don't finish it on time, I will still release it, don't worry :/

Posted: 27 Jul 2009, 11:19
by Z-enzyme
Export to T3D, Import, move the whole level +16X and +16Y and see what happens.

Posted: 27 Jul 2009, 21:16
by Sarevok
Some little tricks to help with BSP: try semisolids/nonsolids, intersecting and adding again, move the brush 1-2 units away from the wall or floor or whatever surface it might be touching, make the brush into a mover, and always stay on the grid.

Posted: 27 Jul 2009, 21:58
by Hellscrag
More fundamentally: Avoid non-planar, or "bent" surfaces.

Posted: 30 Jul 2009, 02:08
by zacman
Damnit... I got so p*ssed off I hit delete (I lost about 10 maps from TUT this way :P) and I already started again... Ah well...
EDIT: Lol, I even wrote specialised Translator Events for the Contest...
The screen would mock you on every difficulty, basicly saying "What, too scared for Unreal" and on unreal was "Haha, you're dead", and a book with "WHAT?!?! Unreal Difficulty?!?! I bet you listened to that screen! oh man, you are DEAD!!!!