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Re: [ut] Residual Decay

Posted: 01 Oct 2011, 01:50
by Mister_Prophet
As stated on the Dead Cell Development update in the Red Nemesis public section, what's bad for Dead Cell is good for Jones. But even Jones may have to wait a bit. My situation is difficult at the moment.

Re: [ut] Residual Decay

Posted: 10 Dec 2011, 05:37
by Maxer 64
TheIronKnuckle wrote:
Leo(T.C.K.) wrote:Release the cuts after Residual Decay is released. :D


Mister_Prophet wrote:Dunno about that.

Dude, why not? I love cut content and deleted scenes. just look at how much discussion the unreal betas have generated :lol:

Cut content: It's popular stuff

I was always into deleted scenes, cut content and stuff like that.

Re: [ut] Residual Decay

Posted: 17 Aug 2019, 10:03
by jammer64
Has anything moved even a little? :)