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Re: [u1][ut] Unreal PSX / Rise of JRath

Posted: 26 Oct 2019, 17:57
by yrex
Some additional deathmatch maps for Unreal and UT.

This was supposed to be released on Easter with the E1P2 Full package but due to unfortunate events that struck Leo, it was delayed until now upon him managing to contact me, asking me to release the DM levels seperately in the meantime.


Unreal PSX E1P2 FULL

Posted: 05 Nov 2019, 00:39
by yrex
Leo says:
Moddb Link

Will upload to newbiesftp once I can, for now posting it only here until it's also in my newstuff. EDIT:

For some reason moddb doesn't display my full description.

The Full version of Episode 1 Part 2, all you need now is Episode 1 Part 1
before playing this.
All the fixes/releases since Episode 1 Part LITE are included in this and more...
I'd like to also dedicate the full release to John W. Anderson and David M. Carter, who both passed away during 2018, they will be dearly missed and I realize this is also the first release since their death that features some of their previously "unseen" work.
Read the text files for more info.

The olskool file upsxpack.u has been updated with all the new maps and disabling the tp effect for e1l5mine.

Re: [u1][ut] Unreal PSX / Rise of JRath

Posted: 09 Nov 2019, 05:12
by evilgrins
Does this work in ut99 by any chance?

Re: [u1][ut] Unreal PSX / Rise of JRath

Posted: 09 Nov 2019, 13:30
by medor
evilgrins wrote:Does this work in ut99 by any chance?

all in the tittle
[u1][ut] Unreal PSX / Rise of JRath

Re: [u1][ut] Unreal PSX / Rise of JRath

Posted: 17 Jan 2020, 18:13
by yrex
Updated the E1L5D1 map due to the problem with all the playerstart being disabled, this seems to have been done by Rubie and I overlooked it during all the updates back then. Normally the coop game doesn't check for it, but updated games do the check therefore it was impossible to connect. Also added back a translator message.

Moddb Link


Another thing is, I'm no longer working on UPSX. Leo does so from time to time and needs new mappers.
doesn't matter if skilled much or not, just need to have attention for detail is a requirement and working with low poly content

Leo's e-mail is leo_tck at volny dot cz

Re: [u1][ut] Unreal PSX / Rise of JRath

Posted: 18 Jan 2020, 09:34
by Delacroix
ImplantGun server UT patch release. UT only.
Moddb Link

Made additional critical patch on top of the e1l5d2 one, see the text file for details, it fixes important issues and adds some new translator messages on top of it.
Moddb Link

Re: [u1][ut] Unreal PSX / Rise of JRath

Posted: 21 Jan 2020, 13:15
by Delacroix
As posted by Leo elsewhere:


This is a re-release of Unreal PSX E1P2 as requested by several people.

Moddb Link


Version 1.1 Release of UPSX Episode 1 Part 2.

What's new:
Merged with ImplantGun UT Patch, E1L5D1 patch (re-enabled playerstarts, additional message),
Critical Patch.

DragonCastle test in Extras providing example for ShrinkPlayer usage.
UnPickup (unfinished version by me) and Detector (by codex) in Extras, OU227 only.

DmDragonCastle (partially finished dm map) and UT DMU-DragonCastle version in their respective deathmatch dirs...
EDIT: Cut, decided against the special UT version. If someone wants to make a proper UT DM version,
feel free to do that, I don't have time right now and I'm looking for mappers and people to help out.
Thank you. This might be even my last release given my IRL situation.

contact me at [email protected]

- Leo(T.C.K.)


as posted by Leo elsewhere.

Re: [u1][ut] Unreal PSX / Rise of JRath

Posted: 21 Jan 2020, 19:56
by Mister_Prophet
Thanks for relaying the updates Del :tup:

Re: [u1][ut] Unreal PSX / Rise of JRath

Posted: 30 Jan 2020, 02:11
by Ironword
Just wanted to give a quick thx to Leo & yrex & Delacroix and everyone who made this possible. I just finished (or rather, ran up against the "Cannot find file UPB-E2L1A" message). It was fun! Much appreciated.