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Re: [u1][ut] The Oll Stone

Posted: 26 Aug 2012, 05:48
by jaypeezy ... hp?t=33744

Custom step-sound zone actor, may or may not be useful.

Re: [u1][ut] The Oll Stone

Posted: 14 Oct 2012, 05:15
by ebd
So about a week ago something happened with forced me to re-image my windows machine. I had everything related to weedrow2 the code I was developing for it backed up to remote servers. With my music backed up as well, I figured I was only losing the 40GB of saved images from 4chan. If it isn't obvious by now, there was something I forgot.

So what is gone, and what isn't? The rocket gun for one, and those armor models. Lost time on the map but nothing I've posted shots of. I have some older backups though, so the Guardian is alright. I guess putting off animating it paid off, because if I had done so the animations would have been lost anyway!

I promised a 2012 release and I still intend to do what I can to make that happen. There is going to be some major changes though. Once I've got things set up again I'll make a concrete decision regarding the direction of this project.

To be perfectly honest, the project was already in a problematic state with its own code base. Nearly everything good from The Oll Stone's developmental scripts was ported and then improved for weedrow2's code. For what it is worth, this is an opportunity for a firetruck to sweep through The Oll Stone and clean up some of the mess.

Re: [u1][ut] The Oll Stone

Posted: 04 Aug 2013, 00:25
by ebd
A lot has happened since I last posted on this project. Firetrucks saw its release. Other stuff. Whatever. I thought I'd do an annual teaser update.

2012 was a really overrated year anyway. So last night I totally recycled some other old unreleased geometry did a ton of brand new mapping. No promises this time, but if everything Oll is new again, who knows? Something neat just might happen.


Re: [u1][ut] The Oll Stone

Posted: 04 Aug 2013, 01:29
by TheIronKnuckle
These are the sorts of announcements I love to hear :)

Re: [u1][ut] The Oll Stone

Posted: 04 Aug 2013, 17:46
by SteadZ
Good on you ebd! I do hope this project will be completed, but don't feel that you need to rush anything. We can wait ;)