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[usp] [u1] [ut] UnrealSP.Org Speedmapping Contest

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Subject: [usp] [u1] [ut] UnrealSP.Org Speedmapping Contest

Post Posted: 15 Jun 2009, 18:52

As a celebration of the site's 8th anniversary, UnrealSP.Org is pleased to announce the launch of a new speedmapping contest! Starting from Sunday 21st June, which is the official anniversary of the launch of this site back in 2001, contestants will have six weeks in which to build a playable single player map for Unreal or UT. A prize has yet to be decided, but it is the taking part that counts! If you would like to take part in the contest or would simply like to know more about it, check out the 8th Anniversary Speedmapping Contest section here on the UnrealSP.Org forums.
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