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[ut] New EXU2 demo and Residual Decay update

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Subject: [ut] New EXU2 demo and Residual Decay update

Post Posted: 10 Feb 2009, 07:16

Waffnuffly has released the third playable demo of his sanity threatening Unreal Tournament project EXU2: Batshit Insane. Among the sheer magnitude of additions and improvements are a bulk of extra maps, items and monsters, new effects, improved (net)code, an introductory level and a shiny new HUD by UArchitect. Check the new forum thread for more info and download links.
In other news Team Red Nemesis have resolved problems with their web host BeyondUnreal and brought their website up-to-date with fresh Residual Decay news. Beside an expanded Info page there's a couple of renders of the Combat Assault Rifle Mark IV, Jones' new toy, together with the promise of different versions of the rifle - including one designed in Return to Na Pali's spirit - being available in different worlds throughout the campaign. See for yourself here.
Also, in case you have a question for Red Nemesis, they are looking for submissions for their second Residual Decay FAQ session. Make sure to drop by!
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Post Posted: 10 Feb 2009, 14:11

Hooray, thanks for the news sana! YOU HAVE DONE WELL /salute

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Post Posted: 10 Feb 2009, 16:34

well done, Sana! 8) :tup:
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Post Posted: 10 Feb 2009, 19:48

Brilliant start sana, keep up the good work. 8)
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