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[usp] [ut] Nali Chronicles: review updated

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Subject: [usp] [ut] Nali Chronicles: review updated

Post Posted: 27 Sep 2008, 20:05

In light of Mister Prophet's recent Second Opinion, MMAN has updated his original review of the pack with an addendum. The updated review page now also includes a link to download an updated version of the thirteenth level, Cerberus Castle, that fixes a texturing bug.
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Post Posted: 27 Sep 2008, 23:57

Yay, it's up. I think everything has been covered now.

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Post Posted: 29 Sep 2008, 16:06

is that an official bugfix actually..?
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Post Posted: 29 Sep 2008, 16:30

Darkon wrote:is that an official bugfix actually..?

Unofficial, since it's not made by the team itself (unless Fashahhh was one of them). It works perfectly anyway.

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