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[ut] 7 Bullets Speedrun: Deadline April 30

Posted: 12 Apr 2008, 10:04
by zYnthetic
You read that right. Just over two weeks to submit your entries for the 7 Bullets Speedrun Challenge that was issued in late January. If you've been considering entering the contest this is now or never. Simply play 7 Bullets from start to finish. You can read up on the contest details for rules and prize info and view entries from other players in the original announcement thread here.

Posted: 12 Apr 2008, 10:32
by zYnthetic
I really do hate to pimp a project I'm involved with on a news site that I have access to but when it's a case like this I'm usually the first to know.
I really like the new news system :D

Posted: 12 Apr 2008, 10:37
by Mister_Prophet

Posted: 12 Apr 2008, 23:14
by Hellscrag
zYnthetic wrote:I really like the new news system :D

So do I. I must archive some of the news, though, as it's as vulnerable to failure as the rest of the forum database.

Nice work w/ the postage. :tup: