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[u1] Chapel of the Elders: Reborn is OUT!! (sort of)

Posted: 12 Apr 2014, 22:28
by Delacroix
The incredibly prolific as of late mapper Teridax, who collaborated with Doublez-Down on the Fifth Vortex project and is currently working on Resurgence: Part 1 with AlCapowned, has just posted a surprise release, a remake of Chapel of the Elders, with a subtitle "Reborn". The map is unfortunately unfinished and seems to be cancelled for the time being, so be wary that you are about to play a beta release. As the author himself states, the concept has "just become too much" for him. As sad as it is, let us rejoice - instead of being cancelled completely, the map was released for all to see what could have been. Thank you, Teridax.

Download is available here.