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[u1] [ut] [usp] Japanese rarities unearthed! Influx of new reviews!

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Subject: [u1] [ut] [usp] Japanese rarities unearthed! Influx of new reviews!

Post Posted: 15 Nov 2013, 01:23

Image Image Now this is something I'd like to be able to report more often! As it turns out, Japanese mapper TA20, responsible for Crazy For Fight, has released not one but three installments in the series. The one available everywhere turns out to actually be part 2 of an entire trilogy. With the first part preserved in the Wayback Machine and the third provided to me by the author himself, thanks to the efforts of yours truly, now you have the chance to play the complete series.

Image More reviews are now available for your reading pleasure! These can be found in the forums, in General Gameplay section and are listed below:

Small campaigns:

- Crazy For Fight II by Tatsuyuki - reviewed by Delacroix
- Crazy For Fight III by Tatsuyuki - reviewed by Delacroix
- Hard Crash by Silver-Serpent - reviewed by Mman
- The Keep by }TCP{AngLoiD - reviewed by Delacroix
- Lapetus & Outpost 5 by }TCP{AngLoiD - reviewed by Delacroix

Single maps:

- The Bunker by Dakha - reviewed by UBerserker
- Crazy For Fight by Tatsuyuki - reviewed by Delacroix
- Infestation by Justin "DOMiNiON" Saunders - reviewed by Delacroix
- Priest Saviour by Michael "Condor" Eber - reviewed by Delacroix
- Ruins by Geno.Cide - reviewed by Mman

Also, there have been two re-reviews of existing content:

- ShamuQuest II by Jean "El Chicoverde" Rochefort - reviewed by Delacroix as a pack which it is as opposed to individual map-by-map reviews by Hellscrag
- Unreal Zero by Bill "Spentron" Spencer - reviewed by Delacroix in entriety as opposed to the review of Mr. Prophet which concerned only the final level from the set.

Enjoy... and stay tuned, those reviews will keep coming.
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