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[ut] Zenith Open Beta is OUT!!

Posted: 06 Nov 2013, 02:58
by Delacroix
Discovered by one of our regulars, TheIronKnuckle, a large single-player campaign for Unreal Tournament, Zenith by FXGaming has been released yesterday.

Zenith, available for download over at ModDB is a 15-mission campaign (not including non-mission levels) for UT taking place long after the establishment of the Grand Tournament by the NEG. As seen on the screenshots, the levels are very varied, ranging from underwater areas, to high-tech bases, to ancient castles. New weapons and even vehicles are all present for your playing enojoyment. Take note though that the file is rather hefty (almost 600 MB packed) so be sure to prepare more HDD space than usual.

Celebrating this amazing release is well justified even moreso given how long and turbulent the development of this expansion was. As FXGaming began their work in 2007 and aborted it twice, the eventual release seemed impossible... and yet the team succeeded in their attempt to bring us a marvellous piece of fresh playable content. This may well be a much needed light of hope for other teams who are struggling to push their developed-for-years projects out the door. If FXGaming made it, all of us can.


A hotfix patch for Zenith has been released today. Those who experienced problems with the campaign should download it impromptu.

Re: [ut] Zenith Open Beta is OUT!!

Posted: 06 Nov 2013, 12:49
by Frieza
Wow, I hadn't heard of it at all but that looks really interesting. I know what I'll be doing tonight :o

Re: [ut] Zenith Open Beta is OUT!!

Posted: 07 Nov 2013, 01:40
by TheIronKnuckle
Oh damn. Have to wait till after exams. Keen to get into it