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[u1] [ut] [u2] [usp] Mapping out of the box continued; Map releases and more!

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Subject: [u1] [ut] [u2] [usp] Mapping out of the box continued; Map releases and more!

Post Posted: 29 Oct 2013, 14:56

Image ebd, coder extraordinaire has once again delivered an awesome piece of content. This time, it's the trashbag, an extension to previously mentioned firetrucks. The package contains a wide variety of decorations and inventory for the mappers to utilize. If there is a way to make your map even more original, it's this.

Image Image Doublez-Down, author of such classics as Return the Heart and Gothic Resurrection, has released another map, this time the Mazon Fortress inspired Falcon Outpost. He also informed that The Fifth Vortex: Ehactora's Story, his largest project yet, has entered the playtesting phase.

Image Unreal II custom SP map offering, while small, is growing rapidly thanks to MakeMeUnreal, author of Project Flora for the first game. The massive project he started recently, Operation 365 has already seen several releases and more are on the way.

Image UBerserker, the mastermind behind Excessive Unreal II: G59, the first custom campaign for Waffnuffly's EXU2, has announced yet another project, this time around set in more... regular environments. Interested? See PHASE TWO announcement thread for details.

Image ividyon has updated our forums with a new style. He continues to improve it and therefore is in need of feedback which can be posted in this forum thread.
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