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[u1] Mapping outside the box with firetrucks.u

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Subject: [u1] Mapping outside the box with firetrucks.u

Post Posted: 03 Aug 2013, 07:57

This is something I should have posted long ago, since the project has been out for quite a while now; long-time forumer ebd has publically released a standalone version of the firetrucks.u code base used in the currently WIP project "The Chronicles of Weedrow 2".

firetrucks.u (named after an obscure reference God only knows) is an Unreal 227 toolkit which allows mappers to create unprecedented sorts of interaction-, plot- and puzzle-oriented maps. The new actors in the package allow interaction with objects via a Use key, the creation of dialogues (complete with multiple-choice questions and dialogue branches), and even complete point-and-click adventure style gameplay sequences! These key features come along with a slew of very useful utility actors such as a "PostBeginPlayTrigger" which triggers events as the map is loaded, a "CameraEvent" allowing for cutscenes, an "Identitron3000" allowing to change the player's identity, voice etc. on the fly and much, much more. And yet this isn't a fully non-combat mod, as a combat mode with a special, unique HUD can be freely activated via "CombatEvent".

Creator ebd's own list of features:
  • Interact with actors in new and unprecedented ways with UseEventAssociator
  • Have a chat with pawns (or other actors) with the all new DialogueNode class
  • Create complex and powerful puzzle sequences and more with the deterministic finite automata suite (1000% easier than it sounds!)
  • Special extra interactive inventory items and triggers for improved player inventory experience
  • Complete rework of translator into Journal which not only hold old messages but can display images and much more
  • Many new triggers subclasses for triggering in specific ways or performing in certain ways while triggered. Way too much stuff to list here
  • MouseTriggers suite allowed dedicated mappers to create complex point and click adventure game like sequences
  • Some new decoration classes because why not
  • Even more!

The full package (+example map) is ready for consumption and can be downloaded at the UnrealSP forum thread. ebd also went through the trouble of making a detailed documentation of the package which can be found here on UnrealSP webspace.

I can wholeheartedly recommend this little gem to the community, as it allows for really unique and fun gameplay and enables folks to get REALLY creative with their maps. I'd love to play some maps fueled by firetrucks technology... so have a go at it!
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Subject: Re: [u1] Mapping outside the box with firetrucks.u

Post Posted: 03 Aug 2013, 23:39

Just giving a well deserved shout out to ebd, this is truly cool and I hope people use it :tup:

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Subject: Re: [u1] Mapping outside the box with firetrucks.u

Post Posted: 04 Aug 2013, 01:33

Oh, I didn't realise he did documentation as well. That's true dedication. What a champion.
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Subject: Re: [u1] Mapping outside the box with firetrucks.u

Post Posted: 04 Aug 2013, 20:59

I'd love to make some firetrucks maps, though I can't really at the moment... :/
There's a lot of interesting stuff in there though, and I too would recommend it to mappers with a bit of free time and a good imagination. Let yourself go wild!

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Subject: Re: [u1] Mapping outside the box with firetrucks.u

Post Posted: 12 Aug 2013, 00:40

You can. If you believe our projects would benefit the use of FireTrucks or associated stuff, go ahead, SteadZ.
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