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[usp] New site content temporarily on forums

Legacy news previously posted on UnrealSP.org.
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Subject: [usp] New site content temporarily on forums

Post Posted: 14 May 2013, 00:00

Since UnrealSP's redesign is still being worked on, some content contributors including myself have decided to post reviews and articles temporarily on the forums. They will be added to the main site later on, after the redesign process is complete.

Firstly, the official Unreal novels have been reviewed by yours truly. You can see the reviews here:

Prophet's Power review by Delacroix
Hard Crash review by Delacroix

When the site is updated, these reviews will be found in the Featured Articles section.

* * *

There are more Custom Map Reviews available as well:

Wanderer of Na Pali review by Delacroix
Altar review by Delacroix
The Triamid Ruins review by Teridax
Kaliber review by Delacroix
The Aquaducts review by Delacroix
The Mental Asylum review by UBerserker
Ruins review by Delacroix
Successful Shotdown review by Delacroix

More reviews on the way.

* * *

Yet another matter that needs to be mentioned is that certain download links are either offline or unavailable to certain groups of users. I'm talking about FilePlanet which is being archived and thus more and more links become inactive and GameFront which imposed blockades on certain countries and by doing so made it impossible for many people to download files. There were more turbulences as well and therefore UnrealSP will be updated with new download links where needed - however until that happens, you can check this topic for download links if you can't download a map or pack from the main site.

UPDATE (May 20):

Casey of Klan KAOS has agreed to create a mirror for all maps reviewed on UnrealSP as well as the 8th and 10th anniversary contest entries which essentially means that every file offered by UnrealSP is available on klankaos.com. After the site redesign, this will become our primary download mirror. For now, all the links are available in the thread linked above. Thank you very much, Casey!
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Subject: Re: [usp] New site content temporarily on forums

Post Posted: 17 May 2013, 03:44

Man, I want to review stuff too but I don't know...

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