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[usp] [u1] Liberation of Na Pali re-reviewed

Posted: 18 Feb 2008, 22:28
by Hellscrag
Mister Prophet has tackled another old map, this time choosing to re-review Liberation of Na Pali by Steve 'Roswell' Farrow. You can find the updated review in the usual place or by clicking here.

Posted: 18 Feb 2008, 22:55
by zbreaker
Nice review Proph :tup: . Actually a pretty good score for an aged map using the new schema. Remember this one fairly said the scripting and cool use of movers really made it all the better.

Posted: 18 Feb 2008, 23:03
by Darkon
wow.. never knew it would make it so high.. should play it again i guess.. :)

Posted: 18 Feb 2008, 23:46
by Mister_Prophet
The visuals really aged badly, and some other elements are a little bit behind the current norm. But, technically, there's still a lot of great things done with this one. The ability of the author to utilize the few assets available to such a degree (in ways that are arguably even better than more recent packs) is something that stands out even today.

I also feel that this map has some truly intriguing uses for movers. Easily an influential map with ideas that were still relevant enough to be reinvented in packs like Xidia, ONP, ect.

I only wish that it was challenging to play.

Posted: 18 Feb 2008, 23:57
by UBerserker
Liberation. This level gave me horrible memories regarding its latest parts. I thought it was another map, but the review made me remember about it.

The build was confusing as hell. Too large, too many bad choosen textures! :o
As the gameplay, it was original stuff here. Best beginning ever with crashing, bombs, falling shuttle. Win.

Good review too.

Posted: 19 Feb 2008, 06:05
by jackrabbit
I like the spaceship ending the most, The first time I played this map, I remained at the control panel and saw the lights go out and was thinking "What in the hell is going on!?" I loved that battle with the skaarjwarrior at the end. A truly great ending.

Posted: 19 Feb 2008, 06:20
by TheIronKnuckle
Prophs review is good, but i find the screen shots he chose aren't as good as zynthetics choices. Sure, the new screenies are more interesting, but the old screen shots really showed just how big the reviewer meant when he said "BIG!".
Why do the old screens get deleted when a map pack is re-reviewed?

Posted: 19 Feb 2008, 07:11
by Mister_Prophet
I actually took a ton of pix during my initial play through, but since I had too many in my folder already...they didn't save. I asked Scrag if he wanted to simply use the old ones, but he felt they were outdated. So I reloaded some of my old saves and took some. They weren't nearly as interesting as the ones I had previously set up (actions sequences and such) but I figured the review would use a mix of new and old.

To be honest, this is one of those packs where screenshots fail at doing the map justice anyway.

Posted: 19 Feb 2008, 19:10
by Buff Skeleton
This map is a lot of fun on Nightmare Easy until the Skaarj start showing up in numbers greater than 2. I ended up summoning a Hell Gun to blast the fuckers when I couldn't get past the room full of Skaarj Assassins and a Behemoth with only 12 health. :P Still a fun map, though.

Posted: 19 Feb 2008, 19:24
by StalwartUK
Cool review of one of my personal favourites though I don't agree so much on the visuals. I've always thought of this one of the better levels made. It really gives you a sense of place and boy when I first played it the dam near the start blew me way. It was HUGE!

As for the texturing it never bothered me. I think the author used them to represent a generic tech base more than anything esle. Anyway if he had used something like the Skaarj textures instead he would've been much more limited. I really liked how he used the reddish DecayedS textures near the end. I don't remember them being used anywhere esle.

I also prefered the older screenshots. They were much more imperessive and really showed that it was a great level worth playing.

Overall great review. You summed up everyhing excellently. :tup:

By the way this was the first custom SP I ever played and got me hooked on playing/creating SP maps. Still it is one of my major inspirations to this day.

Also on the subject of the map has anyone ever had problems completing it? I think you had to get a Nali to open the final door or something but I've never had any luck, always had to ghost through to finish. I really need to play through this again sometime.

Posted: 19 Feb 2008, 20:15
by Mister_Prophet
Yeah there's a Nali at the very end that you need to get you to the shuttle. When I played, no harm ever came to him so I never had a problem finishing the level. It didn't occur to me to mention it in the review, but I suppose if he gets killed or hurt by the player...they may not be able to finish the map.

Posted: 19 Feb 2008, 20:40
by Semfry
I recall there being a door where it appears the Nali will open it, but there's actually a small switch nearby that's very easy to miss, I may be thinking of the part where you actually rescue the Nali though.

Posted: 19 Feb 2008, 20:43
by jackrabbit
yeah, I personally believe that if your going to use nali paths, don't use it for something that is essential to end the map. Rather, use it for secrets and extras... If you are going to use a nali follow path in your map, make sure that there is a "secondary" option available for the player.

Posted: 19 Feb 2008, 22:26
by Darkon
jackrabbit wrote:yeah, I personally believe that if your going to use nali paths, don't use it for something that is essential to end the map. Rather, use it for secrets and extras... If you are going to use a nali follow path in your map, make sure that there is a "secondary" option available for the player.

...I remember something about a W3 map where you get killed if you're right behind the nali that you're following.. :P

Posted: 19 Feb 2008, 23:16
by Turboman
nice review, although i happen to agree with StalwartUK on afew points ;)

Somehow despite the low build quality and somewhat shamefully ugly visuals (the to-be-molten scrap vehicle for example ) i managed to forgive this map alot for these as this map must have been the most progressive and innovative map of its time, not only in the scripted sequences does it stand out but i found the use of odd design amazing, next to the brilliant use of soundpitch to bring very atmospheric sound effects to the place...

ah i'm probably just sentimental to these old classics ;)