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[ut] Unreal: Battle for Na Pali shelved

Posted: 20 Jan 2008, 12:09
by Hellscrag
In the words of the official press release:
Team UnrealSP is sorry to announce an indefinite halt to the development of Unreal: Battle for Na Pali. The project has been put 'On Hold' until further notice.
The principal problem is one of capacity. The Unreal Single Player community is too small to sustain as many major projects as are currently being developed. Making any real progress with the mod has been a struggle from day one with so many key members of the team being spread too thinly over multiple projects.
A lot of good work has been done on BfNP, but there is a tremendous amount still to be done, not just in mapping terms but also in areas such as modelling and coding.
In order to give BfNP a fighting chance of returning in the future, two of this community's major projects are consolidating their workforce. Of those members of Team UnrealSP currently unattached to other projects, many will be joining Team Red Nemesis to help complete work on Residual Decay. After RD has finally seen release, we will appraise whether there is sufficient life left in the Unreal Single Player community to resume work on and, hopefully, complete Unreal: Battle for Na Pali.
On behalf of the team, I would like to thank the Unreal Single Player community for the support it has given this project to date. The work already completed on BfNP will be kept in a safe place in the hope that it will some day be put to good use.
In the mean time, please throw your support behind the other projects currently in development, and let's keep this community alive and well.

Posted: 20 Jan 2008, 13:13
by UB_
It's pretty safe waiting for TCO and RD firstly (and possibly any other big projects out here). Then the forces will join.

Posted: 20 Jan 2008, 14:02
by zagabar
I'm kinda sorry to hear this. :( I hope that this will be completed in the future. Anyway, a great thanks to everybode who have been helping with this project. When this is being worked with again I might join as a coder. I haven't been coding unreal before, but I have programmed alot and been scripting other games. So until things start to move again I might have learned some and if I can be some help I would gladly do it.

Posted: 20 Jan 2008, 14:55
by Hellscrag
Welcome to the forums zagabar. Thanks for the message.

If you're still around when the time comes then let us know if you're still interested in coding.

Posted: 20 Jan 2008, 15:01
by wael
contact mr.prophet about coding, i think RD could use another coder. THe faster RD gets done the more chances BfNP has to be revived.

Posted: 20 Jan 2008, 16:41
by Jblade
Sorry to hear this, however it seems like a solid plan. I wish I had the strength to shelve my projects which are taking too long (The Duke Nukem community is pretty much the same as the UnrealSP one - tiny and everybody is spread out too thinly)

I hope it works out for everyone well - I think it may pull out and even if the community is short I'm sure there will be plenty of people willing to play a good SP mod whenever it comes out.

Posted: 20 Jan 2008, 17:26
by Jethro
Sounds like kind of good-bye to me :(
I'm really sorry to hear the project is put on hold, because, AFAIK, none of projects that gained this status before were ever resumed.
Waste of BfNP would be great loss, hope it'll be finished eventually.
And GL to Residual Decay!

Posted: 20 Jan 2008, 17:41
by Ghost
Jethro wrote:Sounds like kind of good-bye to me :(
I'm really sorry to hear the project is put on hold, because, AFAIK, none of projects that gained this status before were ever resumed.

Yeah I was thinking the same thing :|

Posted: 20 Jan 2008, 18:58
by jackrabbit
well, this fourm topic could either make/kill the project depending on whether outside mappers, scripters, etc... will contribute their time and efforts after the released RD and TCO projects. I am willing to contribute any of my skills for the project (I can map and script somewhat). I'm sure by the time these 2 are released, I will build up enough momentum to maybe fill out a join application with a test map to the team. I don't know much about BFNP, but I know Hellscrag and pretty much how he likes to setup his team -> "Deja Vu style". I think this project will most likely have some critical changes, but I really doubt its dead for good.

Posted: 20 Jan 2008, 19:07
by Hellscrag
jj - There's really nothing "Deja Vu style" about the way Team UnrealSP has worked on BfNP. That's really irrelevant, though: the offer of possible future help is appreciated.

One thing's for sure: If BfNP is ever revived, its mappers, modellers etc will need to work much more efficiently than they have done for the 4-5 years since BfNP was announced.

Posted: 20 Jan 2008, 21:30
by zbreaker
Sorry to hear this...but I kinda had an inkling it would come to pass. My thanks to the team for some truly impressive work to date and I can only hope things will pull together in time :tup:

Posted: 20 Jan 2008, 23:46
by zagabar
Thanks for the welcome, Hellscrag. To tell the truth, I have been checking the BFNP-site for about 2 years now, but I have never registered because I didn't have anything important to say. :P Probably I will be around at that time too (maybe not if it's like 40 years away) and I will see what I can to then.

I don't think I could be of much help now, since I havent coded a thing in unreal. I am familiar with the style of the script though. Seems very C/C++-ish which I think is the most comfortable one to code in.

Does anyone know some basic tutorials for unreal scripting or so, so I can get started?

Posted: 21 Jan 2008, 01:40
by ividyon
I recommend CHiMERiC. :)

I actually think that shelving the project is a good idea (as long as it's just POST-PONING and not CANCELLING the whole thing), and I hope that members of the RD team will pay back for the help they get now by helping to develop BFNP later on!

Posted: 21 Jan 2008, 01:50
by redeye
Seeing as how I am excluded in the SP community by default, I don't know any of the "inside" talks and workings of any team.
But, just how far did you get on it all, 10% 50% ?

all maps, no code yet?
all textures, no maps?
all code with basic BSP's?
or several all perfctly done maps ready to go? or 5,6, 7 maps to go?

or is it because of too stiff of standards of perfection.
I been playing some old games, and I must say all the imperfections to me go un-noticed while playing.
sure some cool areas or fights we all want, but trying to make a quake4 looks in a game with tough code or no meshes can be unrealistic.

Posted: 21 Jan 2008, 07:50
by Scytale
Before the forum change I had access to the private forum of BfNP, and I already saw this coming for quite a while. It's a shame though :(

I hope someday work on the project will begin again. You guys really have some wonderful ideas and storylines for BfNP. :tup: Good luck to everyone on their new projects!