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[u1] Unreal: Forgotten updated

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Subject: [u1] Unreal: Forgotten updated

Post Posted: 13 Jun 2010, 20:36

Sinistral's ambitious campaign Forgotten has received an update that brings it to version 1.2. The new release fixes many problems encountered by players, such as better snow effects and full co-op support. You can find it on Sinistral's website and comment in the UnrealSP thread. Hellscrag's favourable review of the pack can be found here.
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Subject: Re: [usp] [u1] Unreal: Forgotten updated

Post Posted: 14 Jun 2010, 04:28

Sweet \o/

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Subject: Re: [usp] [u1] Unreal: Forgotten updated

Post Posted: 14 Jun 2010, 07:04

Cool. I didn't expect a release this soon, but I hope I provided some assistance with my small bug reports to make the pack stand out more than the previous version.

I will replay the new release asap (downloading now :) ) This means I will have beaten "Forgotten" twice in the same week \o/

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Subject: Re: [u1] Unreal: Forgotten updated

Post Posted: 12 Jul 2010, 11:38

Nice, this one seems to be a nice candidate to add to my custom map (coop) server. Especially now it has been updated. I've downloaded it already and I'll keep it on ly mind to play / test / implement it.

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