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[usp] [u1] Four new reviews!

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Post Posted: 11 May 2010, 22:43

I found the time to (re)play the 3 SP maps which were reviewed.

Expert Visuals
I had played this already a couple of years ago and at that time I was frustrated by the difficulty. Now I find there are only 2 difficulties in the map: the minute Skaarj (I guess everyone will have problems with those) and the semi-invisible Skaarj in the last arena.

If it weren't for those two parts (and the surplus of health everywhere) this would actually be a quite good map considering its age, even though I am not fond of the darkness in the last arena.
I especially liked the arena with the Skaarj shooting from all 360° and the (in)famous flie spawning center. The minute Skaarj are too difficult to hit for me, even with the DP and the splash damage. These Skaarj should be slowed down or their number limited to 2 at a time.
Oh, and the last arena contains too many dead moments.
Still, notwithstanding my mostly negative criticism, I has that little something which makes is memorable in a positive kind of way.

Rajal Castle
Short but real fun (ah what the heck, why bother to avoid the Titan when you can DP it). Nicely staged battles but a bit too easy, even the Skaarj warriors can easily be taken out from distance with the automag with little danger of coming into their line of fire.
This is actually a nice map for a novice player to practice one on one fights against some standard Unreal enemies.

Skaarj City
I have a feeling I bypassed large sections of this map. I was never swarmed by any Skaarj, in fact I encountered maximum 10 in total. The Skaarj in the library can de taken out or severely weakened from the upper ledges and pose little threat. And I can't really remember much of the rest expect for a dark maze without enemies (I reitterate: I don't like extreme darkness), then a long time looking looking for buttons and then without realising it, ending the map.

The library section could be good if the Skaarj would have access to the upper ledge but the rest of the map doesn't show any sense of purpose - it's just wandering around until (in my case) the loading screen appears, maybe pure luck but I don't feel the urge to replay this in the near future.

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Post Posted: 11 May 2010, 22:56

salsaSkaarj wrote:and the semi-invisible Skaarj in the last arena.

I thought the only way that battle could be remotely challenging is wasting all of your ammo before it begins. I used the DP and the RazorJack.

salsaSkaarj wrote:(ah what the heck, why bother to avoid the Titan when you can DP it).

Because fighting Titans is really boring and pointless. He weirdly managed to fall in the pool and I set Slomo 25 to make things faster.

salsaSkaarj wrote:I have a feeling I bypassed large sections of this map.

Heh, you didn't. It is that short, and that easy.
The 10 SkaarjWarriors in the first area appear only on [U]. The hard part is to avoid and dispose of the first two that you meet on the ledge as you pass through the door. Falling down directly has never been a reliable choice for me every time I tried.


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