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[ut] [ut3] Catching up on the news

Legacy news previously posted on UnrealSP.org.
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Subject: [ut] [ut3] Catching up on the news

Post Posted: 15 Aug 2009, 19:12

Wow, I almost abandoned my position, didn't I? Time to get back on track with a hard, quick summary of the latest happenings.
- The UnrealSP 8th Anniversary Speedmapping Contest is now in the judging phase! Even though many quit the competition, there's a solid amount of content waiting to be played.
- A single player campaign named Tre - Last Life has been announced for Unreal Tournament 3 and promises to have a lot of custom content. Exciting!
- zacman announced Tactics UT, an Unreal Tournament pack based on Operation: Na Pali code and featuring Feralidragon's Nali Weapons II X arsenal. Tactical!
- The Speedmapping Contest spawned ISV Dragonfly, a full scale Unreal Tournament campaign with some intriguing scripting by Qtit the Brave. Check the contest entry for the playable intro!
- Mister_Prophet's Dead Cell didn't make it in time for the contest deadline, but will instead be available as a full release soon. Melee weaponry ahoy!
- Creavion is back in the game with the announcement of a collaboration with Feralidragon and editor Dave named Vandora's Secret Passage that seems to be focused on a classic Unreal style with Aztec influences. Yeah!
- The first episode of GTD-Carthage's insider-tastic personal project The Man From A.H.R.G. has entered the beta testing stage. We're in for an interesting take on Anime internet culture in near future!
Unreal's upcoming map horizon is unusually crowded. Go for it, everyone! Crank out those maps!
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Subject: Re: [ut] [ut3] Catching up on the news

Post Posted: 17 Aug 2009, 11:32

sana wrote:...
Unreal's upcoming map horizon is unusually crowded. Go for it, everyone! Crank out those maps!

Yes, who would have thought so many new maps (and packs) would still come to life after all the premature terminations (some temporary) of Upcoming Maps.

I can't say I'm complaining :tup:

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Post Posted: 17 Aug 2009, 13:58

From my point I can only say: As long others are mapping for unreal sp, I am also interested (if I am interested in sp mapping as like now). If I would be the only one here, I would loose interest, even if I would get "OMFG, leetness" posts without end. It would be no fun to do it alone.

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