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A few obscure maps I don't see being hosted and or played

For gameplay advice and broader discussion of single-player Unreal including custom maps, mods and mutations that alter the game.

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Subject: A few obscure maps I don't see being hosted and or played

Post Posted: 18 Aug 2018, 22:50

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Subject: Re: A few obscure maps I don't see being hosted and or played

Post Posted: 22 Aug 2018, 12:28

Played all of them except for the bunjiejump

Atlantis: nothing special, not bad but not good either, no replay value: a "one time" play only.
Ohno and OhYeah : both are a Warlord only fight in a seemingly unfavourable situation in a simple arena with psychedelic colours and a geometry with hampers movement. Could be somewhat interesting to learn how to fight a Warlord but there's cover which gives the Warlord no chance whatsoever : waste of time!
Revenge: I have played this map many many years ago and liked it, still do (in fact I'm sure I wrote about it but can't find anything - and the broken search pagination doesn't help). This is the kind of map where you start expecting some typical Unreal play but soon find out (after say 5 seconds) that something's different (bots are the dangerous enemies). Even though it's nothing exceptional, I classify it as a keeper. (I only played on Medium which was much too easy but if difficulty settings are implemented properly, then it should be very interesting on Unreal (to be tested some other time).
Reign of the Cursed: quite simple but not boring. There is an error in the design allowing a shortcut to reach a certain point only to find out that a door which leads to the ending part isn't open, but no way to return to a previous section to complete the necessary sequence of actions. Still, worth starting up!.

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