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futuristic sniping weapon for 227?

Posted: 08 Sep 2017, 07:40
by Ironword
There are various realistic, modern-type sniping weapons for Unreal; rifles from Serpentine and Infiltration 2.7 immediately come to mind, and there are a few others IIRC. But as far as I can tell after perusing the mods available at OldUnreal, there aren't any futuristic sniping weapons on par with those available in UT such as NeoCairo's Blue Asp, Night Edge's Cytek Laser Rifle, or the (unfortunately buggy) Nali Weapons 3 IRPR.

So I'm just wondering if I'm missing something. Anyone know of a decent futuristic sniping arm that will work in Unreal 227i? Looking for something serious like the Cytek Rifle, not joke weapons that shoot bunny-darts or celery-and-egg-beaters etc.

And I don't want to appear too picky, but I'd very much prefer a weapon with its own model, not one of those goshawful mutators where the author just put a shiny skin on one of the standard weapons.

Re: futuristic sniping weapon for 227?

Posted: 08 Sep 2017, 09:19
by watcher_of_the_skies
Visit this Unreal server:

You'll find a load of Sniper rifles there.

Re: futuristic sniping weapon for 227?

Posted: 09 Sep 2017, 02:25
by Ironword
Thx for the link. Unfortunately, their stuff mostly doesn't work client-side for SP. The 5-rifle package SP_NSAv5 is utterly unresponsive--the two potential summon strings given in the INI don't work; even if I wanted to load the mutator (and I don't, because I just want to summon the weapons), it doesn't work--shows up in the mutator list but does nothing when I load it. To look up summoning strings in case the INI ones are wrong, I tried WOTGreal, but it doesn't see actors in the U; UnrealEd crashes when I load it; and in the console, Obj list class/inside produces no results whatsoever. So I'm at a loss here.

The site had two other potentially useful offerings in the basic "Assualt" mod, but the realistic rifle did a ridiculously low amount of damage per shot--about the same as the dispersion pistol--so is useless; and the zooming "supershockrifle", which got me excited at first, had to be tossed out because it does NO DAMAGE AT ALL. That's right, zilch. It does bounce the target back, but aside from giving them a shove it doesn't hurt them. And there's no way to configure it--no ini file or anything, just the U.

Any other suggestions would be welcome.

EDIT, 02 Oct 2017: OK, it's been ca. three weeks with no further responses, so I guess what I'm looking for doesn't exist. Thx to Watcher for the college try.