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WhirlWindWabbit's Maps

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Subject: WhirlWindWabbit's Maps

Post Posted: 09 Aug 2017, 04:40

I'm not sure if there are plans for a topic in MOTW about maps created by WhirlWindWabbit, but I couldn't wait to create this thread (this can be moved to the MOTW later if a thread is in fact started).

First of all, I have to admit that I have been lagging behind on playing custom maps for a very long time now. For many years, I have been replaying all the old classics only (Shrakitha, OneDay, Hexephet, ShamuQuest, Illhaven etc), as well as the larger releases like XidiaGold, ONP, and of course Deja Vu (since I was part of it). However, Many of the medium sized packs like Zephon and Last Escape from Na Pali have never been played by me until now. Unfortunately, that means I don't think I have played any of WWW's maps. I am happy to say I have now remedied that!

In particular, I was impressed with Last Escape from Na Pali, and feel it deserves a higher score for the review on the legacy web site. I am a sucker for mine maps (dig and dug are some of my favorite maps of Unreal), and WWW's first map in Last Escape from Na Pali: "Collapsed Mines", is among the best I have played! There are a few "noob" issues, such as problems with rooms connecting (especially evident in the caves near the start), but the detail is really well done for the most part. I especially like some of the grand rooms, and all the broken pieces of the mine. Gameplay was also done well enough, with a good difficulty balance - except for maybe the Troopers with the ASMDs. All the Brute fights in the large, open hallways were actually kind of fun. Above all, I really enjoyed the sheer length of this level! It just keeps going and going. The Temple maps in this pack also had nice detail, although the puzzles were a bit frustrating at times. My biggest complaint was the lightning that kills both the Nali AND yourself if you are too close. Most people will be following that Nali closely and be unexpectedly killed (it wouldn't be difficult to modify the lightning to kill the Nali only).

As for Zephon, I really enjoyed WWW's map near the end. I am also a sucker for the Skaarj base theme, and he managed it well. The gameplay was nothing spectacular, but some of the hallways and corridors were awe-inspiring. Zephon as a whole was decent, but some of the maps in the middle of the pack were really lacking. WWW's map was definitely one of the highlights. I always quit playing Zephon after the first few maps for some reason, but this time I was happy I to complete it and see WWW's map near the end.

I will definitely get around to playing Ascension, but right now I am putting it off because of the 227 requirement. At the moment, I am sticking with maps that work in UT99. Later on, I will dive in to a bunch of maps that are 227-only (like Unreal Forgotten). WhirlWindWabbit, if you are reading this - great job so far on your maps, and I'm sorry I didn't play them before! Keep mapping!
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