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Can someone furnish Nali Chronicles alchemy recipes?

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Skaarj Warrior Skaarj Warrior
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Subject: Can someone furnish Nali Chronicles alchemy recipes?

Post Posted: 14 Jun 2017, 09:47

I've got an unfortunate NC malfunction. In my inventory, all of the "book" items--diary, logbook, and now my recently acquired alchemy book--open only to the first "page", and then when I try to go up or down, they instantly crash the game. I can only press the activate-inventory key to toggle the book off; that's it. I repeat: trying to shuffle through entries gives me about a half-second look at the next entry or potion recipe, and then the game crashes. And, once again, this happens with all three of the "book" inventory items.

This is not a deal-breaker for the game itself, as the items in the diary and logbook are also displayed separately in the HUD when you first run across them. Therefore I take care to read them at that time, and to remember anything really important such as game hints.

The real bummer here is the alchemy book. I have access only to the recipes on the first page--the health and the mana. But its obvious that there are a lot more available; I've now picked up various ingredients such as Skaarj heart of power which at this point are useless to me because I can't look up the recipes that use them.

I'm not asking for help to fix the problem. Unless it's a really fast, one-minute, for-sure fix, I'd rather not deal with it. Fixing this kind of issue almost always takes hours away from the gaming itself. So I can live with the issue. But can anyone give me the recipes for the other potions? I'd be very grateful.

Skaarj Warrior Skaarj Warrior
Posts: 83
Joined: 12 Mar 2016, 20:17

Subject: Re: Can someone furnish Nali Chronicles alchemy recipes?

Post Posted: 20 Jun 2017, 01:03

With no replies I was about to bump this when my install got corrupted at Demon City. So reinstalled Nali Chronicles into a new clean install of UT, and without any other mods, lo and behold I no longer had the book-reading crash bug. I had to begin the campaign again and play through from scratch, but this time I could read the alchemy book when I got it. However, just in case it happens again, or to anyone else, wrote out the potion recipes myself. Here they are (health and mana not included because they're in the manual):

vial: 3 leaves, 5 fruit, 5 holy water, 2 heart
bottle: 6 leaves, 8 fruit, 8 holy water, 2 heart

Bloodlust health (though why you'd want this I don't know)
vial: 3 leaf, 4 fruit, 3 heart, 4 cursed water
bottle: 5 leaf, 7 fruit, 5 heart, 8 cursed water

Temporarily increase magic skill
vial: 3 leaf, 5 eggs, 2 heart, 5 cursed water
bottle: 5 leaf, 8 eggs, 4 heart, 8 cursed water

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