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Xidia and 7 Bullets coop bugs

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Subject: Re: Xidia and 7 Bullets coop bugs

Post Posted: 13 Oct 2016, 17:03

zYnthetic wrote:This thread is basically an effort to avoid public revisions as much as possible by fishing for any bugs I haven't caught yet.


Map Jones-02-Darkness.

1. Invasion of troopers produced by CreatureFactory9 can be paused by observing the spawn point (because bCovert is set to True). While at least one player looks at the spawn point, troopers can't be spawned, and other players inside the room cannot complete the series of kills and leave the room (people who don't know such technical details wouldn't even understand what's going on).

2. Replication of decorations of type Fan2 is often postponed too much, so sometimes you can see sudden appearance of fans in vent shafts (possible cure is setting bAlwaysRelevant to true).

Map Jones-03-Rogue.

This is the first map that uses incorrectly working ParticleSystem_42. Properties of particles are not properly replicated, the number of spawned particles constantly grows and eventually they cause huge framerate drops even on modern computers.

Map Jones-04-Trench.

This is the first map that uses improperly working UAplantspawner. Replication of enormous number of plants from server to clients prevents normal replication of other actors such as projectiles (when you shoot, you sometimes cannot see your projectiles).

Map Jones-05-Trech2.

This maybe a non-issue, but, in my opinion, skipping the trap room by means of teleportation (available after entering the room) doesn't look good. I think, that trap should be reentrant and finding the right way from the room should be mandatory.

Map Jones-05-TemplePart3.

1. I'd recommend to introduce auto-activation of the button in the end of the bridge by timeout (4 - 5 minutes) for a case if some dumb player(s) constantly make the Titan go in a wrong direction and prevent further progress for other players by doing so.

2. The message "You have no reason to take the Broken Shockrifle" should either appear at most once or be addressed only to the instigator of the trigger rather than be broadcasted to all players every time.

3. Destroying SuperShockRifles by means of simulating execution of KillAll is a nonsensical method. In single-player game, the scripted execution of KillAll makes the player lose score, because the scoring system does not distinguish such execution from using KillAll as a cheat command and it assumes that the player is cheating. In network game, successful execution of KillAll in context of an event instigator requires the following things: the instigator must present on the server and must have admin rights. Neither condition is guaranteed to be satisfied in general.

Map Jones-06-Vandora.

The exit becomes open before fight with spiders, and sometimes players end the map without giving others chance to finish that part with spiders.

Map Jones-07-Noork.

The initial part with terrain snipers looks like a sort of fat trolling. You don't need to know the technical stuff in order to figure out that those so called snipers are just dummies, and you, in fact, magically kill yourself by reaching certain areas. In coop game the situation is even more ridiculous, because you can be spawned far from the sniper rifle in a place surrounded by lethal zones.

Map Jones-08-Pirate3.

Whenever you turn the switch that is used to activate the lift, you hear the voice message that states that the lift is activated, regardless of whether it's really activated or not. I found this a bit confusing.

And, again, that triggered KillAll stuff is a nonsense.


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