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Astro-Lora by Rarsonic - tracker file search

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Subject: Astro-Lora by Rarsonic - tracker file search

Post Posted: 26 Oct 2013, 17:47


Now here's the deal: as Rarsonic has kindly provided me the rest of his tracks available on SoundCloud in their original tracked formats, Astro-Lora was lost. Kajgue may have it, but due to his situation he does not have access to his computer for now.

And so, I ask of you, forumers: maybe Rarsonic provided that track to you as well in its original form? If so, I'd appreciate if that file was provided.

Thank you in advance.
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Subject: Re: Astro-Lora by Rarsonic - tracker file search

Post Posted: 26 Oct 2013, 18:50

Kajgue sent me a few module files when I used to be in contact with him, but those reside on my crashed laptop harddrive...

Though I don't think he sent me that particular one.
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