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EX Dispersion Pistol

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Subject: EX Dispersion Pistol

Post Posted: 06 Jun 2013, 18:05

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set dispersionpistol powerlevel #

With # being 5 onward (0 is lvl1, 1 is lvl2, 2 is lvl3, 3 is lvl4, 4 is lvl5).
The Dispersion Pistol on a level higher than his max one will become some weird-ass powerful and cheaty tool. While the shape of the weapon won't change, the firemodes will.

The secondary fire depends on what level the weapon is (lvl999 is enough to charge an ALLAMMO'ed DP blue bolt). The more the weapon charges, the more it trembles in your hands, generating some hilarious stuff. Will take a while to charge 500+ ammo but the bolt will probably kill your enemy in one hit.

The primary fire doesn't depend from the weapon level, it just needs to be beyond Lvl5.
What it does is using all your ammo to shoot a clusterfuck of multicoloured bolts in one place, all at once. Its power depends, of course, from your ammo count, so setting it on Allammo will shoot something that will 100% kill your enemy/boss in one hit - damage dealt is between 7500 and 7800, depending on the enemy's resistance against "exploded" attacks.

Try it out.

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Subject: Re: EX Dispersion Pistol

Post Posted: 07 Jun 2013, 00:55


I'm sorry.

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Subject: Re: EX Dispersion Pistol

Post Posted: 08 Jun 2013, 04:20

hahaha golden stuff
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