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Finally played through NC. One of the best packs I've ever played

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Subject: Finally played through NC. One of the best packs I've ever played

Post Posted: 18 Dec 2012, 00:01

This was my third attempt to play through. (My first started back in 2006)

The reviews on this site sum it up quite well. The story was great, and all the locations felt fleshed out and real. Moreso than any other pack I can remember playing.

Highlight of the pack for me is a toss up between the initial attack on the players village with the following catacombs level, which is an absolutely brilliant introduction; and the galleon level, which was wonderful to explore and defend.

I quite liked the return to the catacombs, but due to rushing the level once the lights turned red, I failed to activate the trigger that unlocks the exit and ended up spending hours trying to work out what to do and avoid being murdered by the skaarj that had evaded my divine bolts and were hiding in the shadows. that was ghey. Similar sort of deal in the prophets palace, and I ruined some cool set pieces there by ghosting around when I couldn't work out what to do next. (that bloody book wedged between the toppled table and bookshelf.... far out)

The moonspire I also found to be lacking in enemies. Those bottom parts were begging for some more interesting enemies to fight. Still fun, but distinct lack of combat imo.

I was suprised to find myself doing a fair bit of alchemy once I'd found the cookbook, which contrasts with both mman and mr prophets reviews. I kept running out of health and mana and there were so many empty vials so i figured why not?

Bloody brilliant map pack all up. Very happy to have finally blasted through it.

One question though, in the second opinion it says with regard to the alchemy system:
If you wish, there is extensive documentation provided outside the game to help you out

I was just wondering what this is referring to?
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Subject: Re: Finally played through NC. One of the best packs I've ever played

Post Posted: 18 Dec 2012, 00:42

The Readme/PDF file I guess?

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Subject: Re: Finally played through NC. One of the best packs I've ever played

Post Posted: 18 Dec 2012, 09:03

I have to agree this pack is brilliant. Story, music, animation & coding surpass by far everything else I've experienced in any other Unreal map pack.

My problem is that spells aren't balanced and only 4 spells are quickly reachable over the quick spell system. So I kept using 5 or 6 spells over and over again. I also used alchemy to get some drinks (mostly mana bottles and health regenerate bottles). I had problems to find my way through prophet's palace and return to catacombs, too. Maps can't compete with story & coding. I don't like narrow lumpy rooms and corridors.

Here a list of spells, weapons and items.


Code: Select all

// AIR
   Summon( "NaliChronicles.NCSpellAirRaincloud" );
   Summon( "NaliChronicles.NCSpellAirStorm" );
   Summon( "NaliChronicles.NCSpellAirWhirlwind" );
   Summon( "NaliChronicles.NCSpellAirLightning" );
   Summon( "NaliChronicles.NCSpellAirLightningMajor" );
   Summon( "NaliChronicles.NCSpellAirThunderCloud" );
   Summon( "NaliChronicles.NCSpellAirCloudShield" );
   Summon( "NaliChronicles.NCSpellAirWindShield" );
   Summon( "NaliChronicles.NCSpellEarthSlow" );
   Summon( "NaliChronicles.NCSpellEarthWorms" );
   Summon( "NaliChronicles.NCSpellEarthBoulder" );
   Summon( "NaliChronicles.NCSpellEarthDeathfruit" );
   Summon( "NaliChronicles.NCSpellEarthMudball" );
   Summon( "NaliChronicles.NCSpellEarthMudstrike" );
   Summon( "NaliChronicles.NCSpellEarthMudSkin" );
   Summon( "NaliChronicles.NCSpellEarthStoneSkin" );
   Summon( "NaliChronicles.NCSpellWaterFreeze" );
   Summon( "NaliChronicles.NCSpellWaterLake" );
   Summon( "NaliChronicles.NCSpellWaterIceshard" );
   Summon( "NaliChronicles.NCSpellWaterIcestrike" );
   Summon( "NaliChronicles.NCSpellWaterSeablast" );
   Summon( "NaliChronicles.NCSpellWaterIceSkin" );
   Summon( "NaliChronicles.NCSpellWaterSeaShield" );
   Summon( "NaliChronicles.NCSpellWaterDripShield" );
   Summon( "NaliChronicles.NCSpellFireBurn" );
   Summon( "NaliChronicles.NCSpellFireFlamegyser" );
   Summon( "NaliChronicles.NCSpellFireMeteorshower" );
   Summon( "NaliChronicles.NCSpellFireFireball" );
   Summon( "NaliChronicles.NCSpellFireFirestrike" );
   Summon( "NaliChronicles.NCSpellFireMeteor" );
   Summon( "NaliChronicles.NCSpellFireFlameShield" );
   Summon( "NaliChronicles.NCSpellFireSmokeShield" );
// Holy
   Summon( "NaliChronicles.NCSpellHolySanctuary" );
   Summon( "NaliChronicles.NCSpellHolyTalk" );
   Summon( "NaliChronicles.NCSpellHolyDevineBolt" );
   Summon( "NaliChronicles.NCSpellHolyBird" );
   Summon( "NaliChronicles.NCSpellHolyChainmail" );
   Summon( "NaliChronicles.NCSpellHolyDevineProtection" );
// Dark
   Summon( "NaliChronicles.NCSpellMystLifedrain" );
   Summon( "NaliChronicles.NCSpellMystSkies" );
   Summon( "NaliChronicles.NCSpellMystFearBolt" );
   Summon( "NaliChronicles.NCSpellMystDragon" );
   Summon( "NaliChronicles.NCSpellMystShadowArmor" );
// Weapons
   Summon( "NaliChronicles.NCKrallStaff" );
   Summon( "NaliChronicles.NCNaliGun" );
   Summon( "NaliChronicles.NCProphetStaff" );
   Summon( "NaliChronicles.NCQuadbow" );
   Summon( "NaliChronicles.NCRazorjack" );
   Summon( "NaliChronicles.NCShockRifle" );
   Summon( "NaliChronicles.NCSkaarjCannon" );
   Summon( "NaliChronicles.NCSkaarjGun" );
   Summon( "NaliChronicles.NCSkaarjRL" );
   Summon( "NaliChronicles.NCSword" );
// items, not complete
   Summon( "NaliChronicles.NCBloodLustBottle" );
   Summon( "NaliChronicles.NCManaBottle" );
   Summon( "NaliChronicles.NCVitalityBottle" );
   Summon( "NaliChronicles.NCCompanionRabbit" );
   Summon( "NaliChronicles.NCSeeds" );
   Summon( "NaliChronicles.NCSkaarjLight" );
   Summon( "NaliChronicles.NCLantern" );
   Summon( "NaliChronicles.NCAlchBook" );
   Summon( "NaliChronicles.NCBoiler" );
   Summon( "NaliChronicles.NCEmptyBottle" );
   Summon( "NaliChronicles.NCDarkWater" );
   Summon( "NaliChronicles.NCDaStookLeaf" );
   Summon( "NaliChronicles.NCFruitEssence" );
   Summon( "NaliChronicles.NCHolyWater" );
   Summon( "NaliChronicles.NCSkaarjHeart" );
   Summon( "NaliChronicles.NCSlithEggs" );
IIRC AirLightningMajor, WaterLake, HolyDevineBolt, HolyDevineProtection. MystLifedrain, MystShadowArmor were the overpowered spells I used at the end of the game. The decapicate Skaarj weapon is overpowered, too.

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