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Info, trivia and stuff about the Pawns

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Subject: Info, trivia and stuff about the Pawns

Post Posted: 13 Nov 2011, 00:35

General facts of almost all the Scripted Pawns and Flock Pawns
  • They have incredible resistance from Fall damage (they only lose between 1 and maybe 20 points of health in long falls). There are exceptions, like Predators and Spinners.
  • They're not bothered and not damaged by Biterfish or Bloblets.
  • Attitudes to each other (varies). Bottom-line they're all against YOU. You can easily predict who will win in a battle between monsters, save any circumstances.
  • They're not killed by specific Special Events (mostly in the Unreal maps). This depends to who can use a Trigger (if it's triggered by Players only, Scripted Pawns won't trigger it).
  • They're not affected by earthquake "shaking" effects.
  • They're not stunned unless they're low on health or are being damaged by something big. Being stunned doesn't mean much for the more weak, melee-only creatures like Mantas and Predators, as they'll still bite/whip you. There are other exceptions, plus Skaarj and various other guys can still be stunlocked if attacked with weapons like the Minigun. Certain enemies get stunned after receiving a large dose of damage in a short period of time; on easier difficulties, this dose of damage dealt is progressively lower - on Easy it's almost like every hit stuns the enemy (it is not the "Wuss" status, though).
  • They can move very quickly (generally true for agile enemies) if you hit them with high ROF weapons such as the Minigun from afar. Another reason not to use that shit weapon.
  • Pawns who use hitscan weapons have a specific accuracy which is the same if the player moves or not.
  • Scripted Pawns do have working resistance values.
  • All enemies don't drown as their Underwater time is deactivated (value is either 0 or -1). Lesser Brutes/Brutes/Behemoths are exceptions as they start to drown in the water after 60 seconds. Reason is because Brutes can't swim and they can often fall in water. Nali are the best at drowning but we're mostly talking about enemies (although the Nali still have ScriptedPawn bonuses). Flies, Gasbags and Warlords totally stay away from any water pool when they are attacking you.
  • Most enemies have bigger Mass than you and will damage you if they jump on your head. The Titan will outright kill you in this way but it's close to impossible for that to happen.
  • Enemies give a rat's ass about feigndeaths, and can see invisible players once they realize about your presence. They won't hear players if the Dampener is used (Invisibility + Dampener is a great combo for sneaky kills in Single Player). Voiceboxes have no effect on enemies whatsoever.
  • Enemies under the same team WILL NEVER attack each other, even if the enemies are of different race. This is true for Berserkers too (see Nexus End).
  • The default properties of Scripted/Flock Pawns are for Unreal difficulty. In lower difficulties, movement, damage and combat values are lowered. On Higher difficulties, they obtain a little resistance boost against all attacks.
  • Meaning of attitudes: Follow - supposed to let Scripted Pawn allies to follow the player but it's not developed. Ended up in UT with bots instead; Friendly - won't attack the player. They may help him too and won't be bothered by friendly fire in battle. Hopefully. Same as Follow, basically; Ignore - same as Friendly/Follow but they won't give a shit about you, and will become hostile the second you start annoying them; Threaten - enemies won't attack you but they'll keep their eyes upon you (too much that they stalk you). They'll do a simple attack if you get near, and they'll normally begin assaulting you once you show your hostility; Frenzy - the same as what Skaarj Berserkers do and BEYOND. I think it works; Hate - regular "I kill you" AI style; Fear - same as Hate, but apparently the enemies will already begin retreating; it's used by the Predators, mostly; Nali and Cows don't really count.
  • Skill levels of the enemies depend on the difficulty chosen (0 for easy, 1 for medium, 2 for hard, 3 for unreal). Skill points give generic bonuses that are generally about little boosts for properties such as Health and movement speed; only a few Scripted Pawns have this kind of advantage though, mostly the BOSS ones. Only Mercenary Elites, Krall Elites, Skaarj Lords and Skaarj Berserkers have a bonus skill point by default; these specific monsters (and whoever has bonus skill points) gain “Difficulty power” boosts. What is it? Basically, an enemy in Medium becomes as tough as its own version on Hard or Unreal (depending on how high is set the default skill level). Unreal (3) is the maximum level, and this makes pointless whoever has the bonus skill point (it results in 3+1 = 3).
  • Special "BisBoss" feature gives Boss bonuses to Scripted Pawns. The first bonus makes the pawn ignore "headshots" caused by the Razorjack and the Rifle (not their UT COUNTERPARTS though!), so if a player aims their head he's just wasting time as there's not damage bonus. The second and most known bonus is basically an increase of the enemy health. The health given is: 0.15*SkillLevel*current health of the enemy. EXAMPLE: Titan starts with 1800 HP; on [U] his Skill is 3. 1800*0.15 = 270; 270*3 = 810. 810 + 1800 = 2610. That is! Basically pawns with higher HP will get the bigger HP boost. Lastly, they cannot be gibbed while alive. Titans, Warlords and Queens have this property ON by default.
    NOTE: if the scripted pawn's health is modified due to drawscale changes, the boss buff will be based on said modified health value.
  • Meaning of BRAINS (I'll try my best to explain this shit): None - monsters always try to get near you for a melee attack (Devilfish, Pupae...) and they don't show any other trick aside the fact that they never stop; Reptile - hard to explain, they move toward certain directions on a straight line and will attack you. Also, they'll keep an eye on the spot where they last saw their opponent (Titans, Squids and Tentacles); Mammal - move almost normally, by successfully navigating where pathnodes are placed. They don't do anything complex though (Brutes, Slith, Gasbags...); Human - they do anything that Mammal creatures can't, meaning trying to jump beyond obstacles, find shortcuts to paths, etc... Humans, any adult Skaarj, Mercenaries and Krall have this.
  • The aggressiveness of an enemy apparently means the speed of the reaction. With higher aggressivity, the enemy will attack more often, will turn around faster, will waste less of its time for taunts and other crap, etc. The aggressiveness may change depending on what the enemy is facing and on his own health. Bottom line, if somebody is very aggressive, you need to be more careful, so dodge more and kill faster to KEEP IT UP with the bastard who wants you dead.
  • "Wuss" enemies will be stunned after each hit (shown by a "Hurt" animation) regardless of their health. This will stop them from finishing any of their other animations (pointless unless they're going to attack with melees or shooting). Aside Nali and Cows, "Wuss" enemies are Cave Mantas/Mantas/Giant Mantas and the Predators, by default. In Terraniux you'll find one Wuss Mercenary but that is.
  • Combat Style determines how the enemy is going to fight you. Combat Style near 0 means he's a pussy camper and will try to keep the distance from you at all costs. Combat Style near 1 means he's pretty pissed and will rush upon you with melees (Skaarj Berserkers, for example).
  • All the enemies will receive bigger damage if you aim on the upper part of their "collision height" (yeah) with weapons capable of doing headshots (Razorjack and Rifle).
  • The AI is lol on staircases, and get stuck on various ledges and edges. They become less intelligent than the worst Call of Duty campers when they take cover since they leave themselves vulnerable to fucking everything.
  • Enemies are not affected by the negative effects of tar zones on water speed.
  • Enemies are almost not affected by slippery surfaces.
  • Enemies won't dodge blades, biogel, Eightball grenades and flak shells.
  • Enemies that sometimes look around (turn their heads around, etc...) will increase their radius vision. Don't mistake those animations for simple eye-candy crap.
  • Timed AI stuff depends on the gamespeed.
  • Scripted Pawns are perfectly able to see throughout decorations/pickups/creatures and the darkness. Also, they'll spot you if you illuminate them with Flashlights or Searchlights.
  • Pawns receive a health pre-boost if their Draw Scale is increased. The opposite thing happens if the Draw Scale is decreased. Collision values will be also automatically adjusted. This works only if the Draw Scale of an already placed pawn is modified in the Editor. The math for both Health and Collision values is the same: Health/Collisions of the placed enemy * his current Drawscale / the creature's default drawscale. This is true for ALL PAWNS, not just scripted pawns. Modified health value, on scripted pawns, will be used as a base for the BisBoss=True buffs.
  • Even when they are running, Scripted Pawns have a special protection when confronted with edges in order to not to fall into pits (the same one of the Players when they crouch or walk). To fall from an edge, Scripted Pawns need either to jump or force themselves beyond the line. Or pushed away by anything.
  • Enemies apparently don’t dodge projectiles that are shot from an extremely large distance.
  • TransientSoundVolume and TransientSoundRadius do actually work. The two properties increase the volume and the radius of the Pawn's SOUNDS - this excludes the AmbientSound, which has its own volume/pitch/radius settings. The advantage of the TransientSound properties is that they aren't in byte form (no 0to255 limit), so you can add a value such as 10291021.22 that will lead to their SOUNDS to be heard from kilometres away.

Skaarj Troopers et all
Strong points:
  • Agile like the player: can run at the same speed, jump and dodge and have no weapon shooting limitations.
  • Can feigndeath.
  • They're equipped with an energy shield which I guess it gives a 90%-95% resistance to everything that isn't lethal (i.e. Death trigger). The shield is only a graphical effect: the entire Skaarj body will earn the resistance bonus, so don't waste anything on him until he deactivates the shield. They'll become also heavier and won't be thrown that far by the damage momentum.
  • Use of Shield seems to be pretty much random, but it's activated when the Skaarj realizes that you're locking-on him with an Eightball, or using the Rifle zoom (seriously yeah), or charging the DP. No fucking idea.
  • With hitscan weapons, Troopers have preset accuracy. If you move or not, chances of being hit will be the same.
  • Troopers favor ranged attacks rather than melees. Locking him into melees will never work most of the time as the Skaarj will instead strafe away or even worse, shooting you up-close.
  • They are the most threatening normal enemies of the game. With certain weapons, they are able to dish out a lot of damage with hard-to-avoid projectiles.
  • Unlike bots, you can't halt them from shooting with a continuous Pulse Gun beam.
  • They have infinite ammo (actually, they have the amount of ammo that a single weapon gives but said amount regenerates to the default value after a short while).
  • They suddenly dodge if you're aiming at them with the ASMD and the Rifle.
Weak points:
  • Feigndeath Skaarj can be easily busted, as they use a single death animation (front part of the entire body on the floor). If they feigndeath during combat, you won't hear any death cry.
  • Unlike bots, Skaarj Troopers don't seem to use correctly non-hitscan weapons (Dispersion Pistol, Eightball, Razorjack and Bio Rifle. Mostly). They make practically no effort with them and can be left for last enemies to kill. Rarely, they'll do ASMD combos. Stinger users are the big exceptions.
  • If you go near a shielded Skaarj Trooper, he'll quickly go into melee mode. Works almost always, but good luck trying.
  • Their shields are very visible.
  • The AI is pretty strange when using shields. They can stay all day with it activated and won't give a damn about the little damage they receive. Seems like they react on what direction you're aiming, and possibly on what weapon you're using. Weapons like the Rifle will scare them greatly, but it may be completely random.
  • Unlike bots, they can't pick up anything.
  • Dispersion Pistol users will stop in their tracks very frequently to charge a shot. They're vulnerable in this case.
  • Leave themselves exposed to gunfire if they don't activate the shield.
  • Troopers can damage themselves with their own weapons. Kills won't be yours, of course.

Skaarj Warriors et all
Strong points:
  • Most agile enemy in the game (with the exception of the Warlord, and bots if you count them). They're faster than the player, dodge a lot and are quite fast at shooting. They keep on your toe all the time.
  • Powerful melees.
  • The more they travel, the less longer will be the distance between the shot projectiles. After a certain point, both projectiles will cross paths and the distance between them will increase again, progressively. The direction of the projectiles is shaped as a "X", in other words.
  • On Unreal difficulty, a single Skaarj proj deals 16 points of damage.
  • The efficiency of the Skaarj projectiles increase when the Skaarj is always smaller than the default size; projectiles will become harder to dodge and a duo of them will have high chances of hitting you at the same time.
  • Can feigndeath.
  • Ice Skaarj are immune to Nitrogen.
  • Skaarj with very high mass may become nightmares as they cannot be stopped in their tracks and they may outright kill you in one hit if they land on your head (because the damage become extremely high, even 1000 and beyond).
  • They're able to do vertical lunges.
  • They suddenly dodge (more than Troopers ever do) if you're aiming at them with weapons such as the ASMD and the Rifle.
  • They are more dangerous melee-wise when they're swimming as they use only spin attacks.
  • Skaarj Warriors et all are immune to their own projectiles.
Weak points:
  • They can be easily fooled. Just very, very easily. With stunlock caused by the Minigun, by making them vulnerable by letting them jump from ledges, etc... Unlike Troopers, it's very easy to lock Warriors into melees, especially the large ones - use the secondary fire of the Stinger or the primary fire of the Flak Cannon with this latter trick.
  • Same feigndeath disadvantages of the Troopers.
  • A non-teamed up Skaarj Berserker will attack anybody including other Berserkers, except Pupae if he's not bothered by them.
  • When they're not chasing you, they'll barely hit you with their projectiles in large areas.
  • Leave themselves exposed to gunfire most of the time.
  • You can land successful Dispersion Pistol shots on them if you calculate the spot where they're going to land after dodging. Easy to guess after a few tries.
  • If they are not in alert mode (aka when they are in just standard waiting mode) they'll be noisy when they'll check their fixed Razik claw.
  • Their Spin attack is bugged as it can only deal preset damage (15 or 20 HP? I don't remember). It's forced by the script and modifying the properties won't change that. Same thing happens with the Troopers but their melee attacks are the last thing you need to worry about. Hilariously, this happens on Unreal difficulty only.

Mercenary and Mercenary Elite
Strong points:
  • They have moderate speed and can jump normally.
  • Armed with two weapons: a hitscan machine gun and a rocket launcher. He can instantly switch between them with no warning and the fire modes will be somewhat different when he moves or not.
  • On Unreal difficulty... Machine Gun deals 10 points of damage per hit, Rockets deal 30 points of damage.
  • The MachineGun spray mode (when the Merc shoots it while not moving) can't be practically avoided from close-to-medium distances, unless: you stun him or heavy-stun him with a big gun; you find cover; you're lucky in some way; you stay on a higher or lower ledge from his height position. If you're far from the Merc, you may not be hit; if you're close to him, he'll may get two or more bullets into you, depending if you move or not. It's their best and dumbest way of draining your health to zero.
  • They have a nasty habit of shooting rockets like crazy, even up-close. Worse in small areas (think UMS Prometheus).
  • Their infamous Invulnerability shield. You can set the Mercs to not have it. By default, normal Mercenaries have it but can't use ranged attacks, so they'll just taunt you or melee you if you get too close; Elite ones can also use ranged attacks and that's trouble.
  • The GodMode Shield will negate any kind of damage except Death Triggers; it will also negate any damage momentum except the Spear Toss of the Krall.
  • GodMode Shield lasts 6 (I think) seconds. Always. I don't understand the proper time calculation.
  • The Merc activates the shield when confronted by anything except the Razorjack, BioRifle, Flak Shells and quick loading of the 8Ball grenades. And melee attacks. Against hitscan weapons, he'll activate it randomly like Troopers do with their own defense mechanism.
  • Single units are powerful against loads of other enemies.
  • Their God Mode shield becomes infinite when the Mercenaries enter a Damage Zone (like Lava).
Weak points:
  • Mercenaries can be damaged by their own weapons.
  • They don't use the GodMode Shield if they are swimming.
  • Their ranged attacks become heavily nerfed when they are swimming.
  • Predictable and short-ranged melee attacks.
  • Seems like they get stunned somehow easily. They are very easy to headshot, too.
  • Chatting groups of Mercs will notice you after some seconds, not instantly. They may not even bother you at all.
  • It's the only human-like enemy race that has no dodge movements. All the Mercs can do is sprinting while strafing.
  • While low on health or for other circumstances, the Mercenaries can be stunned and stopped from the GodMode activation (it takes less than one second for them to do that).
  • The moving Machine-Gun shooting almost never hits targets.
  • Machine gun spray is extremely limited in Z-Axis fighting. Stay somewhere above or below the Mercenary - you only have to avoid the rockets, obviously. This style of MachineGun shooting can become unreliable for the Merc if he's bigger than usual.
  • They often taunt in the middle of the battle (and almost always when they’re punching you), even without the Godmode shield ON. Watch out that they can counter with a sudden shield activation.
  • Mercenaries don’t activate their GodMode shield if they are attacked by projectiles shot from an extremely large distance.
  • Their God Mode shield can be brought down with an attack that deals 100 or over HP.

Krall and Krall Elites
Strong points:
  • They have moderate speed (lower than Mercs), can jump normally and can do quickly dodge movements.
  • Groups of them may be dangerous.
  • Krall cannot be damaged by their own bolts.
  • Normal Krall bolt deals 15 points of damage. Krall Elite bolt (which is yellow instead of green) deals 19 points of damage. Unreal difficulty of course.
  • Compared to the normal ones, Krall Elites can normally strafe, like Spear Toss more and never go into Legless mode.
  • Krall are able to dodge, but unlike the Skaarj, the time interval between dodge movements is longer. The MinDuckTime is the property which determines the time interval between dodging. Values are 5 for the Elite, 8 for the normal ones (don't understand the proper time calculation). Setting the MinDuckTime to 0 will let the Krall do almost continuous dodging like crazy.
  • Strong melee attacks. Krall have a special ability called Spear Toss (can be toggled off) which consists on heavily damaging the player and throwing him in the air shortly after (harmless but annoying). Krall Elites prefer using this skill most of the time.
  • The Spear Toss is the only attack which is able to throw in the air Mercenaries with the God Mode shield ON.
  • Krall bolts can be rather ASS to avoid up-close since they appear from the tip of the Concussion Staff (more like from the tip of the collision radius); it feels like they fly out faster right after they appear.
  • Surprisingly, Krall can be pretty dangerous against other enemies due to their powerful melee attacks and fast energy bolts.
Weak points:
  • Aside their advantages, Krall never pose a proper threat unless they are buffed in some way. They are too slow, their bolts are easily avoidable from afar, and the normal Krall don't even strafe. Krall Elites may be annoyances but mostly in areas that are not too large.
  • Normal Krall will lose their legs (LeglessKrall mode) if they are hit on the lower part of their bodies with heavy-momentum weapons (ASMD and Eightball primary fires, for example). Doesn't happen always since it's pretty random (80% chance I bet).
  • Legless Krall are more useless than a Biterfish. They're only able to shoot (with shit aim), they're massively slow (you can probably kill them before they even land on the ground) and die from one hit of ANYTHING (jumping on them insta-kills them too).
  • Sleeping status for the Krall heavily lowers their Sightradius and HearingThreshold.
  • Groups of Krall that play dice games are deaf and blind, more than Merc groups. Take advantage of this and surprise them with Eightball Grenades.
  • The Krall AI is sort of fucked up in certain types of Scripted Events. Sometimes, Krall start attacking each other for no reason but for a few seconds.
  • Krall's animations make it clear when he's going to shoot a bolt. Free bolt dodge ahoy.

Lesser Brutes, Brutes and Behemoths
Strong points:
  • They aren't agile, but they'll relentlessly walk (and most probably shooting) toward the player all the time. Dangerous in small environments.
  • Other than the usual walkin'shooting and double shooting fire modes, Brutes can quickly fire two rockets with their Rocket Pistol (left hand only) if the player attempts to rush around them for a quick escape. They will also use it in Berserk mode if they want to shoot you up-close.
  • Rockets deal max 30 points of damage, and Brutes like to spam them. Also, Behemoths' rockets have a bigger and annoying splash radius (that possibly increases depending on the Brute's size???)
  • Property-wise, compared to Lesser Brutes (180 HP, whip damage 14), Brutes have 340 HP, deal 20 points of damage per pistol whip and have a 30% resistance against Exploded attacks (i.e., Eightballs stuff, Dispersion Pistol bolts, etc...). Behemoths have 500 HP, deal 35 points of damage per pistol whip and the 30% resistance against Exploded attacks; lastly, they have a slightly bigger Sight Radius.
  • When they're low on health, Lesser Brutes and Brutes will go into Berserk mode: they'll decide that running to you and whacking your body is a better idea. Lesser Brutes are faster at running than Brutes (depends on difficulty too), while Behemoths NEVER GO into Berserk mode. Berserk running will be used for retreating as well.
  • Brutes (especially Behemoths) are barely stunned and the player will be forced to do long retreats to avoid the flurry of rockets.
  • When patrolling, Brutes will occasionally look around (sight radius is temporarily increased). Sleep animation is for eye-candy only.
Weak points:
  • Brutes will stop shooting once for a while by doing a "charge" (wait) animation - they'll shoot shortly after though, with no start-up as well. They'll also temporarily stop after a bunch of melee attacks. They'll take a breath less times on higher difficulties.
  • "Turret" Brutes are not supposed to move, but this makes them totally vulnerable to any gunfire.
  • Brutes themselves are easily exposed to gunfire, especially when they try taking cover.
  • Their size and slow speed are other factors that make them vulnerable.
  • They can't swim at all (they just sink like a stone), and they'll start to drown after 60 game seconds. They are the only enemy Scripted Pawns that can drown.
  • In Berserk mode, Lesser Brutes and Brutes will waste their time by trying to whack you and will shoot rarely (unless there's an obstacle that forces them into Shooting mode), making them easier to defeat.
  • Brutes can be damaged by their own rockets and splash damage. Expect them to be killed by the splash damage of their own rockets if they shoot right behind a wall.
  • They are very noisy.

Strong points:
  • While only slightly faster than Krall, in large areas Slith may move in random and unexpected positions.
  • Slith projectiles have decent speed, decent or great damage. Slith can shoot them while moving (clearly when he's chasing you). And the aim is great as well.
  • Slith projectiles deal between 20 and 40 points of damage. They will stick to any solid surface for two seconds or so and will hurt you if touched (damage between 9 and 25, it will become progressively weaker).
  • Slith are immune to Corroded damage. You can't kill them with Bio Rifles, and they can swim in slime pools.
  • They can melee while moving.
  • Probably the hardest creatures to fight in water environments. When a Slith decides to swim right toward you, it's only a matter of time before he'll end you up with his claws. Unless you manage to kill him first.
  • By default they have a Mammal Brain, but setting it on Reptile or Human will give more functions to the Slith like opening doors.
  • Slith are somewhat big and it's hard escaping from them in narrow rooms.
  • Overall, they will constantly attack and never do any useless actions.
Weak points:
  • Easy to hit due to large collision values, and most of the time they'll simply move toward you. You can just backtrack and shoot him at the same time, while dodging his acid orbs. And since they're big (collision values are rather high), expect them to be often stuck and being totally vulnerable to ASMD Tazer projectiles.
  • They can't strafe at all; the closest thing is side-stepping (more like side-sliding) after they're hit with low-momentum dealer projectiles (Minigun, Automag and so on).
  • Ground melees are somewhat slow, giving the Stinger Spread Fire a big advantage.
  • For some dumb AI problems, underwater Slith won't do anything like retards even after they have seen you. They'll regain consciousness after they've been stunned for the first time, but it's pretty much a free (and lucky) kill.
  • Slith can't swim above and below directly. Instead they'll slowly do whirlwind-like maneuvers and pointing to the desired height until they've reached your position. Their ranged attack accuracy become terrible as well.
  • With a Toxin Suit, you'll be immune to their acid orbs. Piss easy.
  • With simple splash radius damage, even the one from a non-charged Dispersion bolt (1 damage is just required), you can destroy the slime orbs. One trick is to hit the Slith with a simple DP secondary bolt right after he launched the orb - the orb will disappear if done right. Spamming the DP secondary fire is a good idea anyway. Like, always.
  • Slith do very dumb decisions like wasting their time moving around way too much, or trying to dodge attacks until death by swimming around.
  • On ground, they can be easily stunlocked with rapid fire weapons such as the Minigun.

Gasbags and Giant Gasbags
Strong points:
  • While the Gasbags are pretty slow (you are two times faster than them at running), they are able to do quick dodge movements, to the point that hitting them with hitscan weapons may be the only proper solution for your victory. Without the dodge feature, Gasbags would be dead meat in no time.
  • Strangely, Gasbags move faster if they fly right above the ground; the only explanation is that they're technically "running" on it; plus, their GroundSpeed is way higher than their AirSpeed.
  • Like the Slith, Gasbags gain special functions like opening doors if their AI is set to Reptile or Human.
  • Their projectiles, the Belches, are worth 40 heavy points of damage; and the Gasbags aren't that slow at unleashing them (the accuracy isn't bad, too).
  • Fast melee attacks (only the Skaarj do better; that's saying a lot, but Gasbags' melee damage can be modified without problems...). Also, they have the habit to fly over your head when they punch you. This is extremely useful for Gasbags when they fight other enemies: due to collision problems, they'll never be reached by the opponents' melee attacks. Giant Gasbags do the same, and those big arms do destroy.
  • They're quite silent.
  • The Giant Gasbag has the ability to summon normal Gasbags. A single Giant Gasbag can send MAX two (three too? I think not though) of them in the battlefield. Then she needs to wait that one of his children die in order to summon another one. And so on. Summoning happens randomly (the "Shoot" animation is used, but instead of a belch the normal Gasbag will possibly appear), and there's no warning before it happens. Difficulties don't modify the random factor.
  • Gasbags/GGBs are the only monsters with a Field of View set at 120 (rest of the pawns have it at 90). No idea if this may give them a SightRadius bonus.
  • Roaming Gasbags may decide to GET OUT from the walk-able parts of the map (see Trench).
Weak points:
  • Since Gasbags are slow, you can use non-hitscan weapons that can't be "AI" dodged against them safely (Razorjack is an extremely good choice and can headshot them too).
  • The Belches are slow, have no splash damage at all and they only travel for a short period of time before exploding.
  • The Gasbags usually don't bother dodging projectiles shot up-close, making them much easier to hit. If you learn the timing of their attacks, you can sneak next to them (if possible) and use non-hitscan weapons safely, including the Dispersion Pistol. You still need to aim correctly, of course.
  • When a Gasbag stands still, floating in one place (aka no orders set, no action in course), if you stay far away from it in order to do not let him hear you, you can shoot him a myriad of DP bolts that won't be dodged. If you hide yourself before any of the bolts hit the Gasbag, and wait until all the bolts have done the job, the Gasbag will not only eat all the bolts, but will not even move, as nothing has happened to him. Rinse and repeat for a Gasbag kill without ammo wasting.
  • Gasbags don't like water very much. While they treat it as if it is thin air (can float and dodge normally), Gasbags will eventually fly away from it. If you are underwater, Gasbags will only attack with belches and will never try to catch you with his fists. Of course many factors may change this, if you get too close to the Gasbags, or if the Gasbag can't float away from the water or collision shit, etc...
  • The Giant Gasbags are basically useless. In everything. Possibly the weakest monster you'll ever encounter. Why? These mommies' big size will leave themselves extremely exposed to any kind of gunfire, and the movement speed is still the same of a normal Gasbag, so their dodge movements don't help them at all. Aside being ultra-slow big creatures, with a disappointing amount of health (600 HP, and she's not a BOSS by default), their belches don't receive any enhancement except being graphically larger. The most insulting thing is that she'll attack the Gasbags she summons if these latter wrongly hit their mommy with a belch. When that happens, either enjoy how the little ones crush their boss, or better, help the boss because normal Gasbags know what dodging means and that may be fucking annoying - so focus on them. Lastly, Giant Gasbags are as "heavy" as the children, so using the ASMD Primary fire continuously against her will lead to this big idiot to get stunned again and again until death. Bottom line, they just suck and I heavily suggest to boost the properties of the Giant Gasbags you place in a level. Oh yeah, I forgot to say that Giant Gasbags may fail at summoning their children due to collision bugs.
  • Gasbags are not immune to their own belches.
  • Belches do Burned damage (like Lava); the Asbestos Suit will negate them.

Mantas, Cave Mantas and Giant Mantas
Strong points:
  • Fast flying creatures. Regular Mantas and Cave Mantas are as fast as the player's GroundSpeed (400). Giant Mantas go even further (500), making them the pawns with the highest AirSpeed in the game.
  • All the types of Mantas can swim underwater normally (their AI strategy will remain the same) and are the pawns with the highest WaterSpeed (300) in the game. Second to them are the Slith (280), then Squids (260) and then Devilfish (250). Humans and pretty much everyone else go at 200.
  • Strategy of the Mantas is simple: rush to player at high speed without giving up and trying to melee him. Sounds stupid but on Unreal difficulty dodging becomes vital if you want to avoid their attacks.
  • Their melee attacks (both types use different animations, but the methods and damage are practically the same) are touch-based. Basically, all the Mantas need to do is touch your collision; they'll initiate an instant melee attack which will hit you with 100% success. Nothing counters this instant melee, and don't get fooled by their tries at melee-ing you (if you notice their animations when they're chasing you).
  • It's hard to spot Mantas if they're flying around for seeking preys. They are already barely visible anyway.
  • Reptile or Human BRAIN will give them special functions like opening doors.
  • After their target is hit, Mantas will retreat for a second or so and will restart the assault. Rinse and repeat, quite confusing when more Mantas are attacking you at the same time. In certain situation they'll manage to do a second quick attack.
  • The health of the following creatures at Hard and Unreal difficulty are: 50 HP for Cave Mantas, 78 HP for normal Mantas, 400 HP for Giant Mantas. Compared to the smaller ones, Giant Mantas have bigger Sight Radius, powerful melee damage (40) and of course the higher movement speed. And they'll never let you breath.
  • Like the Gasbags, roaming Mantas may decide to GET OUT from the walk-able parts of the map.
  • Since the script of the Mantas isn't that great, in some maps the AI will decide to fuck itself up: Mantas will fly high in the sky, above and above. And they'll never return, not even for attacking. Not really an advantage but killing them will be pointless. As I said, this is map-related, and will happen 100% of the time to specific Mantas (see the second map of Deja Vu).
  • Their screams are very similar to the Bird one. At least if one is incoming, you'll hear the sound of flapping wings.
Weak points:
  • Mantas don't strafe so depending on your accuracy expect them to being hit by all your shit you throw at them.
  • Their temporary retreats after successful hits will give you a bit of time to freely counter them before they'll begin again the assault.
  • Cave Mantas (especially these) and Mantas die pretty quickly.
  • They are the only enemies with the "Wuss" status turned ON by default (including the Giant Mantas). Every time they're hit, they'll be stunned and slightly (a tiny bit) slowed down. This will not stop them from using their instant melees, though.
  • Unfortunately for them, Giant Mantas have the downside to be much more exposed to firepower due to their enormous size, and can't fit in many places. Also, they have the same light Mass of the Cave Mantas and Mantas (mostly a lifesaver if anything since Giant Mantas are faster than you).
  • Smaller Mantas do not have many chances at killing stronger enemies like Krall, Mercenaries or Slith. Let alone Skaarj.
  • They are much weaker on Easy and Medium as they have lower health by default: 35 HP for Cave Mantas, 46 HP for normal Mantas, 240 HP for Giant Mantas. These, of course, will depend from the default health of the placed Mantas as set in the editor. Calculation for Mantas' health in Easy and Medium is: Health * 0.6.
  • By default, all the Mantas will ignore you on Easy difficulty.

Strong points:
  • Small and quite relentless, Pupae may be somewhat hard to hit with certain weapons, even worse if the Pupae decide to do lunges all the way to you.
  • The Lunge is their best melee attack. It's a leap: it covers good distances at high speed, can be done one after another, and deals damage. Basically it's great for attacking, great for chasing you, and somehow great for dodging projectile attacks. Watch out.
  • While they can't normally climb walls, in the editor Pupae can be attached on walls and ceilings, for surprise attacks.
  • Hard to find a single Pupae alone.
  • Attitude-wise, Pupae will never attack Warlords, Queens and Skaarj. They'll attack Berserkers if damaged by them. They attack any other Scripted Pawn they touch.
  • Their normal melee attacks aren't much strong but are quick. Two or three Pupae will tear you down up-close in a few seconds, so be sure to never block yourself in a corner.
  • Pupae can often strafe, but not for dodging projectiles.
  • The Sight Radius of the Pupae is as large as the Warlords and Queens - the largest Sight Radius value of all the Scripted Pawns.
  • Given their small collision values, they're able to fit almost everywhere.
Weak points:
  • They die very quickly.
  • Very weak against other Scripted Pawns. Not too much though if more Pupae are attacking a single target.
  • The Lunge covers a preset distance. Increasing the movement speed won't fix the problem - making the lunge not very useful for occasional oversized Pupae.
  • The biggest weakness of the Pupae are enemies placed on a staircase, or over a high ledge or even on a freaking table. Why? Pupae simply won't attack opponents found nearby AND on any place a little higher than theirs. Pupae will just stop in their tracks and will look at you relentlessly, without doing any action. Free kills, basically. If a group of them stares at you in this way, the secondary fire of the Dispersion Pistol will take care of them very easily. There are exceptions though; on a staircase where Pupae can normally walk on it, will not be fully safe for you if you're facing a group of them. Reason being that Pupae will push each other, resulting with one of them jumping right next to you... so be careful. The other exception is that Pupae do normally run on staircases WHEN you are not next to them.
  • They swim very slowly but they really have problems catching you; instead, they'll slowly fall down to the bottom of the water zone.
  • Given their small size, it's possible to jump beyond them or even running over them. Watch out at lunges though.

Strong points:
  • Flying creatures - small, fly at moderate speed, can strafe, are aggressive and attack unexpectedly (mostly if your Sound Volume is close to zero). In various maps of Unreal, they are just spawned out of the blue.
  • Their sting attack deals a preset damage of 15 HP. They were supposed to shoot projectiles but the concept was dropped.
  • Often found in groups.
  • Unlike the Mantas, they do not always move only in the direction of the player. Also, the time interval between attacks is very short. They usually double attack as well.
  • The melee attack works in the same way as the Manta one - it's touch-based and can't be avoided once the Fly triggers the sting.
  • Like the Gasbags and the Mantas, Flies may GET OUT from the walk-able parts of the map. Just not as much.
  • A single Fly will automatically warn nearby buddies about your presence.
Weak points:
  • Power-wise, they are the weakest creatures, sporting only 30 HP. A single Fly can't stand a chance against anybody. Although being able to deal 15 or 30 damage to inexperienced players who are near death still means something.
  • You can hear them coming due to their buzz noises (if the sound volume is low or deactivated, the story is a bit different then).
  • His wings are unlit, so you can perfectly see Flies hiding in the darkness.
  • They have a really low Sight Radius.
  • There's no property which lets you change the Sting damage of the Fly, only the Script sets it at 15. If you want to change the damage value, you need to make a subclass of the Fly and modify the script in order to add your new damage value, or better, making the Sting Damage variable customizable in the property window.
  • Flies are... not very fast. And are easy to hit, especially in large areas.
  • About water, Flies are like Gasbags: once they spot their enemies, Flies will quickly fly away from the water and will never catch the opponent if he decides to go underwater. Unlike the Gasbags though, Flies have no ranged attacks and so they'll just wait until you return on the ground. Instead, stay in the water if you're safe from anything else, don't get too close to the Flies and kill them.
  • Flies ignore other Scripted Pawns, but if instead of flying they are walking on the ground, they'll be unfortunate enough to have patrolling enemies stepping over them. Fight ensues and the Flies will probably die.

Strong points:
  • Due to their dark skin and their low visibility in Hidden/Feigndeath mode, Tentacles may be extremely hard to spot, especially in dark or complex areas (see Soquatre's Temple in Shamuquest).
  • Tentacles go back into their Hidden/Feigndeath status if they won the battle or when they are sure there's no danger around.
  • Tentacles are the creatures with the highest Hearing Threshold value in the game (said value is 10).
  • Attitude-wise, Tentacles will attack any Scripted Pawn that will simply touch them. If it ever happens.
  • Their projectiles deal 12 damage per hit. Tentacles have an average accuracy and shoot continuously the target. They also have a melee attack too.
  • Tentacles are probably the only creatures in the game that obtain an advantage if they are stunned or not. When a Tentacle is being stunned by any projectile when he was shooting its teeth, the Tentacle will quickly shoot another one of its teeth. This, basically, increase their rate of fire to retarded levels, depending on your speed at stunning them after every hit. This explains why Tentacles are able to double or triple shoot their white things. Try using the primary fire of the Stinger on a Tentacle (with loads of health and with his Wuss status turned ON) and see how it easily tears you apart if you don't move. However, the ROF of the secondary fire of the Minigun is incredibly high and won't give the time to the Tentacles for using their tricks (they'll be stun-locked, instead).
  • Tentacles can swim (sort of) on the surface of any Water-type zones.
  • Tentacles are immune to their own projectiles.
  • Their carcasses can be good hats. And they may protect you too.
Weak points:
  • Tentacles are stationary and don't move, so it's all down to your accuracy.
  • Very low health and very low Sight Radius.
  • Their screams are loud and will easily warn the player's attention.
  • If you replay a mappack, you can easily kill them by memorizing their positions (not always).
  • Their projectiles are unlit and can be perfectly seen in the darkness. And overall, they're easily avoidable from afar.
  • If a Tentacle may get in a fight with somebody else (Scripted Pawns - throughout simple contact or friendly fire), they are toast.
  • Tentacles do have a melee attack, but by default, the damage is... zero. What the fuck. Some of the Tentacles in Unreal (mainly in Rrajigar and Nyleve) do deal 10 points of damage though.
  • When they are swimming, they won't attack anybody and will just wander around. They'll attack anything that will bump their collision with either harmless melees or with their teeth, then once the opponent will decide to stay back they'll roam without any reason again.

Strong points:
  • Water-only creature. Their WaterSpeed value is 250, higher than the player and most of the other Scripted Pawns (value is 200). Only the Squids, the Slith and the Mantas swim faster.
  • Devilfish are silent, are quite small and have a dark skin. They blend really well in underwater environments, making them hard to spot and giving them possibilities of a ninja attack.
  • Their melee attacks are touch-based, like the Mantas and Flies - once they touch their opponent, Devilfish will initiate attack. The big difference is that the opponent will not be damaged instantly and will be able to avoid the bites.
  • The damage of their bites should not be underestimated. They'll eat your meat continuously and are able to do double attacks as well.
  • A Devilfish attacks a Scripted Pawn who will accidentally touch it.
  • They may be able to jump in the water again when they are "drowning" in a non-water environment.
  • Devilfish warn nearby buddies about the player's presence.
  • When facing a large Devilfish, it's hard to understand how much close it is from you.
Weak points:
  • Strangely, even if they have a higher Water Speed, Devilfish don't swim as fast as the player (Acceleration may possibly count I guess).
  • They have 70 HP, and will never try to dodge incoming projectiles.
  • Devilfish are screwed if they are attacked from someone who's found outside the water pool. Even worse if the water surface is translucent.
  • Devilfish have a low Sight Radius (almost as low as the one of the Flies and Tentacles).
  • If a Devilfish exits a water zone and lands on the ground... they'll just leap around in the hope of returning into their watery home. Unfortunately for them, they'll be totally exposed to gunfire, and if they don't jump back in the water quickly (after two or three minutes, I guess) they will die.
  • Devilfish have a low mass, so they'll be stopped in their tracks pretty easily by high-momentum projectiles.

Strong points:
  • Water-only creature. Their WaterSpeed value is 260, higher than the Devilfish. Only the Slith and the Mantas swim faster.
  • They have a higher SightRadius than Devilfish.
  • They have a pretty high amount of health, 260 HP.
  • While not as silent as the Devilfish, they'll be able to sneak to your position (if you hear loud sounds of water moving, it's one of them). They are easier to spot though.
  • Squids are the only creatures in the game that attacks by facing the opposite direction. The advantage will be the ability of moving away from the target quickly without turning around, if their melee attack fails to connect or if the target backtracks.
  • The damage of the melee attacks are very high (30-35 HP per hit), and Squids never stop attacking the opponent unless this latter tries to escape. The melee range isn't very short, and the Thrust attack draws the enemy to the Squid's mouth, damaging and blocking the escape of the prey at the same time.
  • When the opponent successfully tries to dodge melee attacks, the Squid will backtrack somewhere and will quickly restart the assault. When it escapes, the Squid will release clouds of black ink (harmless, and gives no problems for the visibility).
  • They may be able to jump in the water again when they are "drowning" in a non-water environment. Unlike the Devilfish, Squids can breath outside water forever.
Weak points:
  • Strangely, even if they have a higher Water Speed, Squids don't swim as fast as the player (Acceleration may possibly count I guess). They're still a bit faster than Devilfish.
  • They never dodge incoming projectiles, and Squids are quite large.
  • The black ink they occasionally release is totally useless. You can perfectly see through the black clouds.
  • Squids are screwed if they are attacked from someone who's found outside the water pool. Even worse if the water surface is translucent.
  • Their retreats done after failing to hit somebody will make them vulnerable for a few seconds.
  • If a Squid exits a water zone and lands on the ground, they'll just leap around (with no animations whatsoever, seriously) in the hope of returning into their watery home. They can't do anything else aside jumping and they'll be totally exposed to gunfire until death. They can breath outside water, though.
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Nali and Nali Priests
Strong points:
  • The four-armed, native creatures of Na Pali, and main allies of the players. Nali who want to call the player for something will make a distinctive warning gesture.
  • Surprisingly, Nali run faster than any other Scripted Pawns except Skaarj, Warlords and Queens. As long as they decide to run and not beg for their lives.
  • Specific Nali will unlock secrets for you (VARIES), so keep them alive.
  • If you're sadistic enough, you can use Nali (the useless ones) as meat shield. Oh my god.
  • There's no difference between Nali and Nali Priests besides the different skin.
  • Nali have the same generic advantages of any Scripted Pawn.
  • After they have done their job of helping the player, or after they have been saved in some way, Nali will eventually teleport away (there's a bug in which they never teleport away unless the gamespeed is temporarily increased).
  • The voice of the Nali is very loud when they pray. In this way you can hear their presence.
  • Crucified Nali ARE DECORATIONS, not proper Nali pawns. Screwing up with them will not give players any penalty. Be sure to gib (yeah gib, not just kill) all the crucified Nali you spot, who the hell knows what happens afterward.
  • Scripted Event-related: the actor MakeNaliFriendly will make Nali friendly to the Players if they were scared of your behavior.
Weak points:
  • Obviously, Nali can't fight for shit, and when they are attacked they will either run or stand in one position and beg for their lives. Enemies give a damn about their preaches (especially Slith) and will kill them.
  • Nali are very tall and have an extremely low amount of health (40 HP).
  • Nali can't swim at all; they'll just drown like somebody in real life - the damage will begin after 6 seconds of Underwater Time.
  • Only Nali can open certain secrets. Let them die and you won't have the prize. Some Nali may trigger penalties if they are killed (happens with the one in Foundry; if he dies, you'll fight a spawned Skaarj Lord in the next few rooms).
  • If you hit/kill a Nali, all other Nali found in the map will be afraid of you. This is not true for the Nali that has been spawned after your hostile act (even if they see the scared Nali). There’s no way to make them friendly again unless the MakeNaliFriendly actor is used in a map in the correct way.
  • Certain Nali will become unintentional assholes and will block your way. See the Super Health area in Ceremonial Chambers.
  • Originally, Nali would be afraid of you even if you would hit yourself with the splash damage of your weapons. This has been fixed in later versions of Unreal and in UT.

Cows and Baby Cows
Strong points:
  • They don't attack the players. Normal Cows are the fat ones, Baby Cows are of course the children.
  • Baby Cows are special actors, as they appear in-game when Cows have the BHasBaby set to true (default). Baby Cows will stay near their own mothers if they have BStayClose set to true (default). The wideness of the area in which Cows and Baby Cows will wander can be set in their properties.
  • If you're sadistic enough, you can use Cows as meat shield. Thrilling.
Weak points:
  • They are the most useless Scripted Pawns of the game as they do nothing at all; they fall into environmental stuff, like Flock pawns. You shouldn't really care about them, unless you're interested with the scoreboard and with high scores and so trying not to kill them.
  • They quickly die, although they are annoyed way less by the enemies compared to the Nali (why?).
  • Like Brutes, Cows and Baby Cows sink like a stone. They'll begin drowning after 40 seconds. They're fucked, practically.
  • They may block your way, and the normal Cows are pretty large.
  • If you hit/kill a Cow, all his other nearby buddies who saw the event will be scared of you. And good lord they scream a lot.
  • It's not true that Cows can kill you in one hit if they fall (in some way) on your head. They'll probably hurt you a bit.

Titans and Stone Titans
Strong points:
  • BOSS creature. Be careful.
  • Titans are the creatures with the highest default Health in the game. Their health will be different in all the difficulties due to the BOSS status ON (default): 1800 HP (real default value) for Easy, 2070 HP for Medium, 2340 HP for Hard, 2610 HP for Unreal.
  • Titans/StoneTitans have by default a 30% resistance against Exploded damage (Eightball rockets/grenades, Dispersion Pistol bolts, etc...).
  • Melee-wise, Titans are immensely powerful; the Punch deals 80 points of damage and the Slap deals 85 points of damage (strongest melee attack damage-wise). The momentum of both punch and slap is very high, causing pawns with low Mass (mostly between 0 and 300) to be thrown away; however, if the Titan manages to corner the opponent, he'll punch it relentlessly to death.
  • Always about melees, Titans generally win against everyone, with the possible exception of Warlords if they were already injured in past battles. The only monster that can stand up to a fresh Titan is the Queen.
  • Attitude-wise, Titans will attack any Scripted Pawn they'll bump. And they'll probably win. Oh, and Titans are friendly each other!
  • Titans are immune to their own boulders.
  • The boulders they throw. The damage caused by them is ridiculous: you must be really lucky if you're still alive. These can tear apart a Queen and Warlord in a second if they don't dodge a single big rock. Let's go in order. Titans throw rocks in two ways: the first, is throwing a single, huge rock. It's actually harmless (!!!) but once it makes contact with a solid surface, it will break into smaller rocks that will bounce around. The damage of each rock is high as hell, minimum amount probably being around 40 or 60 (but most of the time it can be either 90 or 100 too); the second and MUCH more dangerous way of attacking is to throw several medium-sized rocks (3-4 of them per throw). These ones do hurt the opponent already and the damage is fatal (500-600 per rock, four of them would mean dealing around 2000-2500 points of damage) and will also break in smaller pieces when they crash onto any solid surface. Titans will randomly switch between these two styles. Bottom-line: avoid everything, never stop moving and spam dodges as much as you can. You get the idea, especially when you're dealing with bouncing stuff that you have no time to check where they fly.
  • The third attack of the Titan is the Earth Quake. The Titan will stomp the ground with his both arms, sending in the air all the pawns found within a certain area. Pawns with lower mass will be thrown away easier; pawns with mass at 500 (and beyond) will be immune to it. Player characters will be also shook. The "throw" effect sends opponents in the air VERTICALLY, and in the direction in which they were previously moving (if they were moving, of course). Thrown pawns will have almost zero control of themselves until they touch ground, making them easy targets for the Titan's boulders. Although, you can use these earthquakes for jumping over normally unreachable platforms...
  • Titans will do Stomps/Earth Quake in battle every time they want, either when they're facing their opponents or if the opponents themselves are hiding in an area that Titans can't reach. Unlucky opponents may be thrown just right in front of the Titans due to Earth Quakes. Yes, it can happen, so be careful.
  • While the Titans aren't able to quickly cover big distances like humans and Skaarj do, they'll be able to slow down nearby opponents with their steps. Every one of their steps will cast a little Earth Quake effect. It's not anything strong like their real Stomps, but some pawns like humans will be constantly annoyed by shakes, and possibly slowed down as well.
  • Titan won't be stunned unless they are almost dead. It is actually possible to normally stun a Titan but you need to deal an incredible amount of damage (800-1000 HP) to them in a few seconds. Forget it.
  • Stone Titans and Titans have identical stats. Only the skins are different. Oh, and the normal Titans do indeed wear some sort of armor.
  • Titans' AI works in the same way if they fall underwater.
  • Titans will outright kill pawns in one hit if they fall over them as set by their Script (the damage will be 1000 HP per HEADSTOMP). Only other Titans, Warlords and Queens may be able to survive. Bad thing is, this way of killing never happens unless you're summoning creatures just for fun.
  • It is possible to attach scripted Events to Stomps and Steps.
Weak points:
  • Titans are the largest creatures in Unreal (slightly bigger than the Queens). Since they lack good mobility, they'll be very easy to hit.
  • Titans use only their left arm to throw rocks. If you're trying to get him stuck somewhere, try to make him expose only his right arm. In this way, the Titan will throw rocks onto a brick wall.
  • Titans get easily stuck in complex shaped areas.
  • The medium-sized rocks that Titans throw can be destroyed with the splash damage of any projectile, including a simple DP secondary bolt. It's hard to do though.
  • Titans usually do taunts in the middle of a battle. This is the best moment for unleashing powerful attacks on them. Their likeness of taunts will make them sometimes lose against Queens. On Unreal difficulty Titans almost never taunt.
  • While the battle AI remains the same, Titans cannot GET OUT from water pools.
  • Titans can't climb ledges that require jumping, and are extremely dumb at avoiding obstacles.

Strong points:
  • BOSS Creature. Be careful.
  • Overall, Warlords are the most agile creatures of the game. Their AirSpeed and GroundSpeed are higher than Player's ones, and they are able to fly. They have a lot of freedom with their general movements.
  • They are able to do long dodges, both on ground and during flying. They are also able to quickly acquire height with a special dodge move.
  • While they don't have the same stamina of Titans and Queens, Warlords have great mobility. Their health values per difficulties are (BOSS status is ON by default): 1100 HP (real default value) on Easy, 1265 HP on Medium, 1430 HP on Hard and 1595 HP on Unreal.
  • Warlords are able to do special stuff such as opening doors.
  • Attitude-wise, Warlords ignore all Scripted Pawns (including Nali and Cows) unless they're being hit by friendly fire. And Warlords aren't monsters you want to piss off unless you're a Titan or a Queen. Hilariously, if Warlords get pissed toward Pupae or any Skaarj that isn't a Berserker, they won't be attacked at all since these latter are scripted to be Friendly to the Warlords, meaning that they'll be killed without even thinking of counterattacking.
  • The melee attack of the Warlord is of the Instant-type. Get too close to him (when he's not flying) and you will be immediately hit by his Strike - no way of dodging it aside staying away from the Warlord at all. They are always ready to melee, as the Strike will take priority (in a very fast way) over everything else. Strikes deal 40 HP per hit and the momentum isn't that high, making them able to attack again the target (in the case of one having lower mass), otherwise they'll simply backtrack and use Missiles. Against heavy creatures, they'll just stick to Melees as the opponent will never be pushed away by the Warlord. Warlords need to finish the Strike animation before doing another instant-hit attack.
  • The Warlords have their own weapon (called Swarmer Missile) which shoots direct hit missiles. While they aren't as fast as the Eightball rockets, Warlords' missiles can be fired at above-average rate of fire (by standing still, while walking or flying) and have a large splash radius. A direct hit deals 60 points of damage on Unreal difficulty. They can be easy to avoid from afar, or even from a short distance if you intelligently move around. Although, Warlords never really stop shooting, and one of his tricks consists of flying right over you and unleashing missiles up-close until you're dead. Accuracy of the Warlord varies (and his projectiles fit almost everywhere), but it's spot on HIGH when they shoot missiles from ground.
  • Warlords never get stunned until they're almost dead. Like the Titans, you need to deal an enormous amount of damage (not as much as the amount required for Titans and Queens) in order to stun them for a half second, but it's not worth it. And the Warlord will probably dodge that big attack if he doesn't lose his cool.
  • Warlords have a special Status (Order) called Mutilating. In this Status, Warlords will stay in one position and will do all of those unused Melee and Eating animations. It's only graphical, but interesting nonetheless. It was going to be used in the removed Nyleve event where a Warlord would mutilate a carcass before flying away after the Player character saw the atrocity.
  • Warlords usually make small but quick, unpredictable movements after being hit by any projectile.
  • If a Warlord is set to teleport away after being defeated he cannot be killed in any way. Not that it matters anyway, it's just a story-wise effect.
Weak points:
  • The size of the Warlord is rather big and narrow areas don't help him. And not his opponents, too.
  • Warlords are generally known to have an ARTIFICIAL IDIOCY rather than an Artificial Intelligence. They make loads of retarded decisions, like standing still in one position and being hit by anything without even dodging (when he should do it normally), retreating like a complete coward and never coming back, or the worse of them all, being stuck flying toward a wall, trying to find a "way" out of his AI mess - and most of the times he fails at it. These terrible AI problems usually turn into a piece of cake an otherwise relentless All-Purpose demon.
  • The missiles are unlit, and alongside their white trails they are fully visible in the darkness.
  • Warlords have a 0% resistance boost against Exploded damage. Does it matter? No.
  • Swimming-wise, Warlords are like Gasbags and Fly, meaning they'll quickly leave the water environment (if they were inside a water zone) once they begin fighting. If Warlords can't fly away from the Water zone, they'll be stuck on the first ceiling they'll touch, and won't be able to do anything except attacking the enemies that bump him.
  • Warlords like to taunt (Laugh or POINT-TO-DEATH) every once in a while, even when they're melee-ing their opponents. On Unreal difficulty, they'll never taunt, except when they're fighting an opponent that they can't interact with.
  • Warlords are damaged by their own rockets.

Skaarj Queens
Strong points:
  • Final BOSS creature. Be careful.
  • Queens are the most versatile creatures in the game. They have impressive stats, powerful attacks and many other functions. Although, the Teleport feature of the Queens needs special actors that have to be added with the Editor.
  • Queens are second only to the Titans in terms of high health. Their health values per difficulties are (BOSS status is ON by default): 1500 HP (real default value) on Easy, 1725 HP on Medium, 1950 HP on Hard and 2175 HP on Unreal.
  • By default, on Easy difficulty, Queens are as fast as a human Player. On higher difficulties, the Ground Speed of the Queens become progressively higher. On Unreal difficulty, Queens are the creatures with the highest Ground Speed of the game aside Predators (value becomes 520). Only the Queen at the end of Unreal has a ridiculously high Ground Speed (800) due to modified properties.
  • Queens jump higher than any other creatures in the game. They really do enormous leaps considering their size.
  • Queens have a 50% resistance against ' damage. Yep, '. Don't know what the hell it is but I'm covering it.
  • Attitude-wise, the Queen will never attack and will never be attacked by Pupae and Skaarj (except Berserkers and Warlords). She'll attack Nali and Skaarj Berserkers if she touch them and will normally ignore the rest of the Scripted Pawns.
  • While Queens sink into water pools like stones, their battle AI will not change and if QueenDests are set they can teleport out of the water zone.
  • The base speed of their projectiles (property value) will progressively become faster on higher difficulties.
  • The fighting style of the Queens is berserk-like. They'll rush toward you, shoot waves of projectiles continuously, will do her best to get near your position by jumping or teleporting and never really stop attacking. Require opponents to move all the damn time. They'll strafe a little after being hit by certain stuff (hitscan projectiles).
  • Queens will make a little shake/earthquake effect (a bit stronger than the Titan's Steps) every time they land from a successful jump, regardless of her Mass. Landings from throws (if you ever set the mass of the Queen to be low and send it away with a Flak shell) don't count.
  • Skaarj Queens shoot waves of projectiles in succession. Each wave consists of eight projectiles that are all shot in a completely unpredictable way (randomized directions, like a super spread fire of some sort). The only methods to avoid them is to: strafe between them - close to impossible unless you stay far away from the Queen - take cover or use Jumpboots if you have them (last battle in Unreal "HINT"). Compared to the Skaarj projectiles, Queen projectiles are faster, even by excluding any boosts given from the proj-speed increase of the Queen herself. The damage per projectile is still of 16 points; in total, one shot wave is worth 128 points of health removed - probably instant death on higher difficulties if the Queen doesn't manage to miss you once. Queens have extremely high accuracy, and they usually hit you always with up-close shooting, and they unleash three, four, five or MORE waves before deciding to do something else. Lastly, these projectiles obtain a momentum boost if they are used by the Queens. The sound that Queens do when they shoot projectiles can be changed in the properties.
  • Queens are immune to their own projectiles BUT not to the Skaarj ones.
  • Melee-wise, the Queens are the strongest fighters in the game. They whack very fast, the momentum won't throw light opponents (including humans) yards away and the damage easily adds up, more than Titans can possibly ever do. Queens are perfectly able to stand up against Titans and can win too. Queen have two types of melee attacks: Claw and Stab. Claws... they use their arms. 50 points of damage per hit, above-average speed, above-average momentum. This is the kind of melee you wish they would only use against you, but no, the choice of melee attack is random. The problem is the Stab attack, where Queens use their pincers to crush you. Compared to the Claw strikes, a Stab deals 80 points of damage, it's faster and the momentum is lower - practically it's way more powerful. Bad news is that they can do Stabs in succession, and two of them can already kill a human Player. The more the Queens will use Stabs, the more they'll probably prove victorious against anybody up-close, including Titans. There's a catch though: Queens may decide to scream instead of rushing to the opponents again to finish them off.
  • Not an advantage, but Human Players that are killed by the Queens will be automatically gibbed.
  • One of the abilities of the Queens is Screaming. Normally, the Scream is harmless - all it does is a LOUD sound (which can be changed in the properties) - but you can attach special Events to it, like with the Titans' Stomps and Steps. Every time a Queen screams, the attached event will be activated.
  • The Queen summons a large Shield (identical to the one of the Skaarj Troopers) to protect a large part of her body. The Queen quickly warns its activation by waving her hands. Once she activates the Shield, the Queen can either wait with it ON, or begin moving again. After the Queen starts moving, the Shield will disappear instantly or after one/two seconds. Unlike the Skaarj Troopers, the Queen will be only protected by the shielded part and her body will be fully vulnerable. The upside is that the Shield works like a barrier: it cannot be destroyed and it will fully protect the Queen from all attacks. The Shield is generally triggered by non-hitscan attacks like the Dispersion Pistol bolts, Eightball ammo or Flak Shells.
  • Teleporting. Queens like it a lot and that give them most of the time the upper hand against anyone, for obvious reasons. One thing though: Queens CANNOT teleport without working QueenDests in a map; if they are not added, Queens will still teleport away, but will not leave their positions. Kind of like getting stuck. If there are QueenDests in a map (after you add them in the editor, you need to rebuild AI paths), the Queens will activate the Teleport system, will leave the position and will pick up a random destination where they'll appear afterwards. Queens always take less than a second to teleport somewhere, no matter how far is the destination. Queens can also do teleports after teleports, making them hard to follow their movements. Opponents should always stay away from the QueenDests, otherwise they'll be probably TELEFRAGGED. Telefrags cannot be survived in any way, not even in God or Fly mode (not true for Ghost mode), so learn where the Queens appear if you don't want to receive an instant game-over.
  • During their teleport "form" (unlit and translucent), Queens cannot be damaged.
  • If you summon Queens in either Walk or Fly mode, you'll be instantly killed (sneaky Telefragging at work!). Use Ghost mode if you want to summon them. You can summon Queens "inside" anybody too for an instant and indirect kill.
  • Obviously, Queens cannot be stunned unless they are almost dead. You need to deal an enormous amount of damage in a few seconds against Queen if you want to normally stun them.
Weak points:
  • Queens are quite large (almost as large as the Titans), so they are very exposed to gunfire, especially when they don't move for whatever reasons.
  • Screams without any attached events are pointless and count as generic but cool Taunts. During a scream, the Queen will not move for 1/2 seconds. On higher difficulties, Queens still scream but with lower frequency. Although, your life will be saved if a Queen decides to scream instead of finishing you off with another melee.
  • Queens cannot teleport without QueenDests, they'll get stuck in one position trying to materialize somewhere else. Unfortunately they cannot be damaged during those moments as the Teleport immunities will be always turned on.
  • Shields aren't scaled up to the Queen's size. Basically, an enormous Queen will be protected by a small shield (the main body/belly will be protected), which is not enough to cover her entire body. When we're talking about a small Queen, then the problem becomes an advantage.
  • Most of the time, Queens use Shields when they are attacked by Dispersion bolts, rockets, etc... anything that isn't hitscan. Since Queens won't move for a while when they are shielded, you can trigger the Shield activation and proceed to freely attack her head with a hitscan weapon like the Rifle. Or freely attacking her entire body with the Flak Cannon if you are nearby enough.
  • In water zones, Queens don't jump. If they can't teleport out, they'll remain underwater forever.
  • Queens are very vulnerable during their giant leaps.

Strong points:
  • Flock Pawn creature. It doesn't attack anyone so it can be ignored.
  • Always flying and they are quite hard to hit due to their above-average Air Speed.
  • Birds can be set to circle around an area, and the wideness of said area can also be set. Otherwise, Birds can be set to fly from Point A to Point B once they spot a Player.
  • If a Player falls from a high height and crash on a Bird, he will still receive "fell" damage.
  • Birds can fly inside Water zones, and never drown.
  • Birds don't need a Master actor to work.
Weak points:
  • Birds are Unlit.
  • If a Bird managed to survive against an attack, he'll lose altitude.
  • Birds cannot attack directly, in any way.

Nali Rabbits
Strong points:
  • Flock Pawn creature. It doesn't attack anyone so it can be ignored (even though you'll probably kill it. Why not?).
  • Nali Rabbits are quite fast (they have the same Ground Speed of the Players).
  • Nali Rabbits sometimes leap. They always leap away if they are touched by something dangerous.
  • You can set the wideness of the area where Nali Rabbits will wander around.
  • Nali Rabbits don't need a Master actor to work.
Weak points:
  • Nali Rabbits cannot attack IN ANY WAY.
  • Even if they have 100 HP, Nali Rabbits will be killed in one hit by anything - minor splash damage, crush, water. Yeah, water. They'll be always gibbed.

Strong points:
  • Flock Pawn creature. Horseflies cannot attack and cannot be hit (by default) so they can be ignored.
  • In the editor, HorseFlySwarms need to be added instead of the single Horseflies. A HorseFlySwarm will spawn a group of Horseflies (number of Horseflies and wandering radius can be set in the Swarm properties) when Players approach the area where it is located.
  • Horseflies wander around crazily and ignore water zones.
  • By default, Horseflies can pass through projectiles, decorations and pawns.
  • By default, Horseflies cannot be killed.
  • Groups of Horseflies follow Players and wander around them. They tend to be rather annoying in this way.
Weak points:
  • Horseflies do not attack IN ANY WAY other than annoying Players.

Strong points:
  • One of the two Flock Pawn creatures that can attack the Players.
  • In the editor, BiterFishSchools need to be added instead of the single Biterfish. A BiterFishSchool will spawn a group of Biterfish (number of Biterfish, wander radius, Aggressiveness and Color) when Players approach the water zone where it is located (translucent water texture is required as well).
  • Biterfish are pretty slow at swimming but choose random destinations. They always move together.
  • When a BiterFishSchool is set to be Aggressive, then its Biterfish will attack you. Otherwise they'll be harmless.
  • Aggressive Biterfish can be recognized when they'll swim right toward the Player, together. They deal 1-2 points of damage per hit, and can do multiple attacks as well. The danger depends from the size of the group. After hitting the target, Biterfish will retreat for a while and afterward they'll attack again. Biterfish need just to touch you to deal damage - if you randomly touch an aggressive Biterfish (even in Playersonly), you'll be injured.
  • Biterfish are barely visible and like to hide.
  • Biterfish totally ignore Scripted Pawns. They cannot attack them as well, since Biterfish, by default, are set to not pass through Scripted Pawns. If the Actor Collision is deactivated, they'll hurt Scripted Pawns, but only if they pass through them (which they don't instead, since they only go after the Players).
  • Biterfish have a 90% resistance against Exploded damage. Doesn't help them much anyway.
  • The FishColor variable does not have much use, but it will randomize the skin color of each Fish (if it's at 0 I guess they'll be all pink).
  • If they are accidentally flopping on a solid surface, Biterfish may be able to jump back in water before they die.
  • Biterfish are completely silent.
Weak points:
  • Since they are all grouped together, you can easily destroy them with explosive weapons such as the Dispersion Pistol and the Eightball. They only have 5 HP each.
  • If they are accidentally flopping on a solid surface, Biterfish may die if they don't return in the water quickly. After two or three minutes without water, they'll die.
  • Of course, they cannot attack opponents found outside water zones.
  • You can easily escape from Biterfish. And the Non-Aggressive groups are totally harmless.

Strong points:
  • One of the two Flock Pawn creatures that can attack the Players.
  • Bloblets are liquid creatures and pass through pawns, pickups and decorations. They move all together.
  • The attack of the Bloblets isn't touch-based, but the Bloblets themselves trigger the attack. The damage dealt is low and it's Corroded based, but the Bloblets do attack relentlessly once they approached the opponent.
  • Bloblets are immune to Corroded damage and has a 25% resistance against Exploded damage. It's almost impossible to kill them with projectiles unable to do splash damage.
  • Bloblets are able to climb over small walls and can go underwater as well.
  • Bloblets only attack the Players. They ignore Scripted Pawns and can't attack them IN ANY WAY.
  • They are rather fast and have over 100 HP.
  • Players can be damaged by the temporary slime pool left by dead Bloblets.
  • Bloblets fit almost everywhere due to their extremely low collision values.
Weak points:
  • The attack of the Bloblets is extremely easy to avoid. You can just run over them and they won't be able to catch you in time. And the damage they deal isn't even that high.
  • With a Toxin Suit, you are immune to the Bloblet attacks.
  • Bloblets are not very heavy and can be pushed away with powerful explosive weapons.
  • A group of Bloblets need a ParentBlob in order to properly work in-game.
  • Bloblets are constantly noisy.
  • Extremely rare in the Unreal world.

Strong points:
  • Pack hunters similar to Velociraptors. Extremely fast and aggressive, they prefer to attack in groups.
  • Predators run toward the opponents at extremely fast speed and never stop. They have the highest GroundSpeed (525) in the whole game and force Players to never accidentally corner himself somewhere and to use many dodges as possible.
  • Predators are able to do very rapid dodge movements. They are really good at it, dodging at the right moments and consecutively as well.
  • Predators can swim faster than Players.
  • Predators attack opponents by biting. Each bite deals 5 points of damage and Predators are capable of multi-attacking, not to mention they'll generally come in groups. They can bite underwater too. You can quickly die if you don't escape.
  • Attitude-wise, Predators hate everyone on sight. Many Scripted Pawns (with the exception of the bosses and Gasbags) don't manage to survive against an entire group of them. Predators will be counterattacked once they start to bite their targets at least once, so don't expect battles between them and flying creatures (except Flies).
  • If the entire group is still alive and if you encounter a lone Predator, it will run to his buddies and he'll return with some, ready to attack. Predators are set to cover areas of specific wideness (can be set in the properties) and are set to attack within a certain distance in said area (can also be set in the properties). Once Predators go beyond their "home", they'll stop attacking and retreat. Sometimes, Predators will not retreat (happens all the time if they fall in a water zone when chasing the opponents); Predators left alone will rush to you until they are dead. I do not have any idea how to explain this since the Predator code is so confusing that I don't know what the fuck I'm reading.
  • Predators are able to jump over small ledges and will easily find the way to your position if it is normally reachable.
  • When you're fighting big groups of Predators, the game will LAG. No joke. And what the fuck is that BDebugLog variable all about?
Weak points:
  • Predators have "Wuss" mode ON by default, so they'll be stunned by any projectile. Not really a disadvantage of them though, since they only use Melee attacks.
  • Sometimes, Predators that approach edges will barely move, giving Players the time to retailate. Although Predators can still dodge very well, and after a while they'll decide to jump down and continue the chase.
  • If you don't move into their territories and try to deal with less Predators possible, you'll make it untouched, since the bulk of the group will never leave home all together.
  • Predators that decide to retreat give you more time to hit them without problems.
  • Predators have a very low mass and can stopped by the secondary fire of the CAR. They have the same health of human Players.
  • It's easy to hear Predators as they scream all the damn time like crybabies.
  • Unlike the rest of the Scripted Pawns, falling from high heights will injure the Predator.

Strong points:
  • Sneaky Spider creature adept at melee and ranged attacks. Generally, they are not found alone.
  • They have a rather dark skin, making them not very visible.
  • Spinners move at moderate speed, can intelligently strafe and can jump over obstacles.
  • The Spinners' Bite deals 20 points of damage, and they can attack continuously and quickly, killing opponents very easily.
  • Attitude-wise, Spinners will ignore Scripted Pawns unless they have been accidentally hit by friendly fire.
  • From their backs, Spinners launch acid orbs. Acid orbs fly with an arc-like trajectory, deal 30 points of damage and have a wide splash radius, so wide that you'll never feel safe even if you take cover. The rate of fire isn't high but Spinners have a quite impressive accuracy, and since they are usually in groups, they'll tear down very easily opponents that don't care about their safety. Acid orbs deal Corroded damage.
  • Spinners are immune to their own projectiles.
  • Spinners are able to attack when they are swimming, but they are less aggressive.
  • Spinners are rather small. They are hard to hit, especially when they are moving. And mobility-wise, Spinners don't disappoint.
  • Spinners are often silent and can hit you by surprise.
Weak points:
  • The mass of the Spinners isn't very high. Rockets and grenades can send them flying away, letting you escape.
  • If you're cornered, you can try to jump over Spinners to escape.
  • With the Toxin Suit, you'll be immune to their acid orbs.
  • Unlike the rest of the Scripted Pawns, falling from high heights will injure the Spinner.
  • Spinners make load of dumb decisions: chasing you all of a sudden from afar with the objective of biting you to death instead of shooting; getting stuck in one place, or going back and forth in the same area; failing at launching acid orbs in the correct way, probably due to AI problem, or because there's an obstacle in the way of the arc trajectory and the Spinner can't do nothing about it.
  • Against fast enemies like the Skaarj or rocket-users like Brutes, Spinners barely stand a chance.
  • In water, Spinners attack less often and most of the time they are stuck, trying to do their best at swimming. Also, acid orbs shot underwater quickly fall to the ground.

Space Marines
Strong points:
  • The only Bot-like enemies found in the SP campaign of the retail game.
  • Working like Bots, Space Marines have pretty much every advantage of a player character: high mobility, strafe a lot, use normal weapons, have incredible accuracy, are hard to hit due to their low size and can pick up Items and other Weapons.
  • Space Marines aren't as fast as the player, have 80 HP, can't dodge, but they are still more threatening than Titans since they don't attack you alone, and their weapons cause huge damage.
  • Due to their human-like size and high mobility, Space Marines are better dealt with hitscan weapons only.
  • Space Marines use Terran weapons, mostly the CAR and the Rocket Launcher. They can kill opponents in seconds, since they almost never miss the targets.
  • Space Marines will be healed by the Health Packs they pick up.
  • Space Marines never retreat and will keep shooting their targets until death.
  • Attitude-wise, Space Marines ignore Scripted Pawns, unless they're bothered by them.
  • Other than Space Marines, there are Desert, Artic and Jungle marines. Only the armor color changes (Space Marines are blue, Jungle Marines are green, Desert Marines are brown, Arctic Marines are white).
  • Marines have infinite ammo.
Weak points:
  • They'll never appear with non-Terran Unreal weapons. Don't make them any weaker anyway.
  • Space Marines are Bots, so they lack most of the advantages that Scripted Pawns have, like almost-immunity against fall damage, resistance boosts, vulnerable to fatal Special Events, and more. Not really useful to know since you fight Space Marines one single time in the whole game, aside from the Space Marine DM mode.
  • Like the Bots and PlayerPawns, Space Marines have "Wuss" mode turned ON by default: they will be stunned after being hit by any projectile. The secondary fire of the Pulse Gun will stop Marines from firing weapons if they are hit continuously.
  • Space Marines have standard Human Mass. They are easily thrown away by explosive weapons, and heavily stunned by the secondary fire of the CAR (CAR is the best weapon against Marines).
  • With the Rifle, they can be killed in one single headshot. Can be done even with the Razorjack, but good luck hitting them with blades (or anything that isn't hitscan).
  • They have a very low Sight Radius.
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Subject: Re: Info, trivia and stuff about the Pawns

Post Posted: 13 Nov 2011, 04:48


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Subject: Re: Info, trivia and stuff about the Pawns

Post Posted: 13 Nov 2011, 05:45

This should be stickied for reference, as there is a lot of useful info in here for mappers.

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Subject: Re: Info, trivia and stuff about the Pawns

Post Posted: 13 Nov 2011, 13:27

Wow UB, you really spent a lot of time on that! I was surprised to see how impressively long that list was when I started to scroll down. I think this should be a featured article, or at least go into the level design section on the main site.
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Subject: Re: Info, trivia and stuff about the Pawns

Post Posted: 13 Nov 2011, 13:29

Thanks guys! :)
If it's going to be sticked or becoming a proper article I'll make various fixes.

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Subject: Re: Info, trivia and stuff about the Pawns

Post Posted: 13 Nov 2011, 19:51

Wow, nice piece of information there.
Are you planning on expanding that with similar info on other creatures (Manta, Devilfish, Squid, Slith, Krall, Mercenary, Skaarj and other I may have forgotten)?

edit: how come I missed that whole part? This makes it an even nicer piece mass of information. Now going to read it.

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Subject: Re: Info, trivia and stuff about the Pawns

Post Posted: 13 Nov 2011, 20:27

I covered all the retail pawns excluding Bots, Windwhirl Nali and Skaarj Pack Hunters.
I also wish this thread to be stickied, please.

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Subject: Re: Info, trivia and stuff about the Pawns

Post Posted: 14 Nov 2011, 14:00

Damn...good stuff. May want to mention Nali can become friendly again even after you kill one of them in the map, as long as the mapper as placed a "MakeNaliFriendly" actor and attached it to something...although it's kinda spotty.
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Subject: Re: Info, trivia and stuff about the Pawns

Post Posted: 14 Nov 2011, 14:31

I missed that. I'll update the list weekly since there may be more stuff that I haven't covered.

Is it possible to take control of Scripted Pawns' AI with some kind of hack? It can be done in many games, including UT2k4. Or Scripted Pawns just can't be controlled at all?

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Subject: Re: Info, trivia and stuff about the Pawns

Post Posted: 15 Nov 2011, 13:19

Nice work. I knew most of this, but there are some things that will be very useful to know in the future.

I don't think Scripted Pawns can be controlled, but I've never looked for anything like that in their code. If they can't be controlled, maybe code from the '97 tech demo could be used to implement it.

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Subject: Re: Info, trivia and stuff about the Pawns

Post Posted: 15 Nov 2011, 14:57

You can't probably straight-out play as Scripted Pawns like you do with Player Pawns (aka selecting them, starting a level with them, etc...), but probably take control of them in-game with the enemies found in the current map.
Like in UT2k4 (and the Unreal conversion, especially). Although UT2k3/4 has a different Pawn system...

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Subject: Re: Info, trivia and stuff about the Pawns

Post Posted: 16 Nov 2011, 02:41

AlCapowned wrote:Nice work. I knew most of this, but there are some things that will be very useful to know in the future.

I don't think Scripted Pawns can be controlled, but I've never looked for anything like that in their code. If they can't be controlled, maybe code from the '97 tech demo could be used to implement it.

according to dots, making a new PlayerController type class in UE2.X can work, but there's some issue with animation replication.

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Subject: Re: Info, trivia and stuff about the Pawns

Post Posted: 17 Nov 2011, 21:27

Of Tentacles...

When they are swimming, they won't attack anybody and will just wander around. They'll attack anything that will bump their collision with either harmless melees or with their teeth, then once the opponent will decide to stay back they'll roam without any reason again.

Tentacles can SWIM, now?
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Subject: Re: Info, trivia and stuff about the Pawns

Post Posted: 17 Nov 2011, 21:34

They always did. Bad swimming, though.


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