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[u1] Unreal Alpha and Beta version discussion

For gameplay advice and broader discussion of single-player Unreal including custom maps, mods and mutations that alter the game.

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Subject: Re: [u1] Unreal Alpha and Beta version discussion

Post Posted: 25 Oct 2017, 16:38

It happened before.... This kind of "sudden-leavin'" thingy.

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Subject: Re: [u1] Unreal Alpha and Beta version discussion

Post Posted: 14 Jun 2020, 16:07

LeoTCK has released an extremely early alpha build of Unreal 2. This particular build is actually based on UT99's engine.

Some interesting tidbits:
-It has early version of the Drakk homeworld, the Hell facility, the Atlantis, the CTF map that would eventually become XMP's Freefall, and more
-The whole thing is built with BSP because static meshes weren't supported yet, and some of the maps are really impressive for the time (check out AS-Purgatory in particular)
-It has working early versions of the assault rifle, energy rifle (u2weapons.weaponenergyrifle), and rocket launcher (u2 weapons.rocketlauncher)
-The particle salamander system was implemented in this build, and you can see it in action in Hell and a lot of the test levels
-The grappling hook is partially implemented (use with left ctrl)
-The izarians were originally aligned with the Drakk; they appear in Drakk level as defenders, and their energy rifle in this version has the same color scheme as some early Drakk meshes in the E3 alpha
-The few enemies there are mostly use placeholder models, but the medium araknids use the same model from the E3 build (with their size, speed, and model, they're scarier to me than the ones in the final game)

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Subject: Re: [u1] Unreal Alpha and Beta version discussion

Post Posted: 14 Jun 2020, 21:24

Oh ok so this is finally out for real.
Not mentioned above but there's Shian-related materials too - their starship textures and two drafts of what was going to be their Mission 7.


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