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17/09/2017 - "Cobalt Colony" by jazzyB

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Nali Priest Nali Priest
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Subject: 17/09/2017 - "Cobalt Colony" by jazzyB

Post Posted: 17 Sep 2017, 12:34

Map Title: Cobalt Colony
Author: jazzyB
From: Project Xenome : Interloper
Filename: ONP-map11CobaltX.unr
Music Files: XbattleStations.umx, Xdanger.umx, Xfallen.umx, Xmournful.umx, XTarget.umx, XTreadingSoftly.umx

Synopsis: A huge Human-made settlement is now infested by a lots of bugs. Huge machinery ahead.


Pupae Pupae
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Subject: Re: 17/09/2017 - "Cobalt Colony" by jazzyB

Post Posted: 17 Sep 2017, 14:36

It gave me vibes of Ravenholm from Half Life 2.

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