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18/07/2016 - "Triskaden Station" by Mike "Hellscrag" Wilberforce

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Subject: 18/07/2016 - "Triskaden Station" by Mike "Hellscrag" Wilberforce

Post Posted: 18 Jul 2016, 19:24

Map Title: Triskaden Station
Author: Mike "Hellscrag" Wilberforce
From: Deja Vu 2
Filename: USP-12-Hellscrag.unr
Music Files: Crater.umx

Video Playthrough:

Synopsis: Juan Brie reaches an underground Skaarj section, in a cave that supposedly houses the Artifact.


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Subject: Re: 18/07/2016 - "Triskaden Station" by Mike "Hellscrag" Wilberforce

Post Posted: 19 Jul 2016, 01:01

Fun map and one of the more memorable from the pack. The lighting in upper right screenshot also isn't easy to pull off in UED 2.0 or earlier.
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Subject: Re: 18/07/2016 - "Triskaden Station" by Mike "Hellscrag" Wilberforce

Post Posted: 20 Jul 2016, 19:34

I like how you need to unlock rooms sequentially around a central hub. It feels larger than it actually is because of this. I understand why it's there (to keep you from camping) but I think a kicker would have been a good substitute for the hurty-wire. The elevators are also pretty dangerous. Especially the exit if a player below you fires a rocket at it :twisted: . Reminder to cover your shaft walls with invisible collision brushes if they aren't smooth.

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Subject: Re: 18/07/2016 - "Triskaden Station" by Mike "Hellscrag" Wilberforce

Post Posted: 23 Jul 2016, 23:49

I died in the playthrough but I was about a second away from the end so it didn't matter.

A good base map with some unique designs (like the glass tunnel and central area). Progression unravels in a nice way and it comes together well. I'm not too big a fan of the warehouse part though, between the repetitive visuals and backtracking trip out (the hyper-deadly elevators don't help), it does have some of the most challenging combat though.
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Subject: Re: 18/07/2016 - "Triskaden Station" by Mike "Hellscrag" Wilberforce

Post Posted: 25 Jul 2016, 02:21

Hellscrag's best contribution to the pack. And the most satisfying addition of v2 of Déjà Vu.

Everything is just really professional, from the build to the gameplay. The part in the lab with all the logs is cool, especially for providing an interesting idea for a custom pawn. The central hub is probably the defining feature of this map, and yes the upper right screenshot shows it off pretty well. On medium at least, I felt this map was not especially challenging, probably due to how well equipped you are at this point, but it is still quite hard. The warehouse part managed to provide some serious tension but with a bit more work it could have gone into scary territory... and the map which comes just before Triskaden Station did manage to be scary.

A great map by the founder of this site! :)
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Subject: Re: 18/07/2016 - "Triskaden Station" by Mike "Hellscrag" Wilberforce

Post Posted: 25 Jul 2016, 07:20

I found the repetitive visuals kind of interesting, as the Warehouse uses the same "semicircle" structure to finish off the walls, creating more a sense of a coherent place. Of course, as a PC player you just want variation all the time, and as a mapper I have followed that rule too excessively in the past. Nowadays, coherence is a part I consider strongly (not only in mapping, also in music) - it's not just lazy copying of older brushes. :P I must admit, I didn't remember too much about this level from my first playthrough (maybe because I enjoyed ancient styled maps more in general), but after seeing the playthrough, I saw that the map is really well executed. The already mentioned high points in design I don't have to mention again (now I did, anyway :D).
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