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20/06/2016 - "The Darkening" by Eenocks

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Nali Priest Nali Priest
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Subject: 20/06/2016 - "The Darkening" by Eenocks

Post Posted: 20 Jun 2016, 16:16

Map Title: The Darkening
Author: Eenocks
From: Unreal
Filename: ExtremeDark.unr
Music Files: Unreal4.umx

Video Playthrough: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=riqvgqzYYYs

Sypnosis: The main power source is destroyed. Something is glowing in the dark. Prisoner 849 will shut down those lights too.


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Subject: Re: 20/06/2016 - "The Darkening" by Eenocks

Post Posted: 21 Jun 2016, 14:26

Great atmosphere and one of the more unique maps in Unreal. Not necessarily one of my favorites, but it has its place.
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Subject: Re: 20/06/2016 - "The Darkening" by Eenocks

Post Posted: 22 Jun 2016, 02:32

This level somewhat manages to justify the pretty confined structure of the mothership, as you realise most of it was interlinked all along (well, there's a chance you won't even a notice it's backtracking the first time with how different it feels), and it was all building up to this. The miniboss super-Iceskaarj is also kind of a surprise the first time.
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Subject: Re: 20/06/2016 - "The Darkening" by Eenocks

Post Posted: 22 Jun 2016, 22:02

I like how the Searchlight is called a flashlight if it depletes because the developers never expected you to be so stupid as to run out of searchlight energy.
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Subject: Re: 20/06/2016 - "The Darkening" by Eenocks

Post Posted: 27 Jun 2016, 11:25

One of the more iconic levels of the game. The Darkening is also the last fully-fledged level before the end (which is a transition level and the mandatory boss map).
It's interesting how the level plays out as a more open experience as opposed to a string of set pieces, which is what a lot of "horror" maps tend to favour (Vortex Rikers-style). I remember falling down a walkway here and wondering whether I was doomed for a while, before managing to find my way and eventually understand how the layout comes together.

Great stuff :tup:
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