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13/10/2014 - "Vacillations of a Victorian Vagrant" by Hellscrag

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Subject: Re: 13/10/2014 - "Vacillations of a Victorian Vagrant" by Hellscrag

Post Posted: 17 Oct 2014, 20:34

Finally finished this thing now that I've fixed my brightness issue. It took me a few minutes to realize the skaarj at the end weren't going to stop coming, so I wasted a bunch of ammo. Guess I didn't see the teleporters at first.

I'll have to play through it again, as the end, while great looking, was a bit on the difficult side for my tastes, to the point of being more annoying than fun. But I'll fully admit that I'm probably pretty bad as a player, so for others it's probably fine. But it seemed I was just running around trying to find buttons while dodging skaarj running after me, which I guess to be fair is kinda what Unreal is anyway.

So architecturally and atmospherically, it's definitely one of my favorites, and gameplay was great for me till the end. But since it was my first time actually finishing it, maybe it will be better the next time through. Impressive build and design though, especially considering it was a speedmap.
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